‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Luna In Her Childhood?

Previously in “Wolf Pack” episode 3, we saw Harlan, Luna, Everett, and Blake being taken into the police department for questioning regarding the arson, but Garrett stepped in to take them home. Garrett was briefed by Luna on Blake and Everett’s conditions. In the meantime, a hot-tempered policeman named Miller went to Garrett’s home to torture Harlan into making a confession, but the gigantic werewolf killed him instead. Harlan and Luna discovered silver bullets in Garrett’s stable. They confronted Garrett as to why he kept these bullets. In episode 4, we’ll find out whether Garrett intended to kill or protect Harlan and Luna.

Spoilers Ahead

What Did Austin See?

The fourth episode opens with Ramsey conducting another police interrogation. Everett’s classmate Austin was brought into the precinct, and Ramsey repeated the same question she had been asking Everett and Blake. But Austin told her of another gruesome event that he had personally witnessed. On the day the forest caught fire, Austin had seen a giant furry creature on the roadway. He remembered that the wolf had been preying on people, but he was reluctant to go into further detail for fear that Ramsey wouldn’t believe him. Ramsey, though, believed him; she referred to the creature as a ram, which Austin did not agree with. He saw that the department’s bulletin board was covered with drawings of wolves, and he reasoned that if he showed Ramsey the image of the animal, she might have a clear understanding. We still don’t learn anything about Connor or whether he’s still alive. Ramsey firmly believed that one of the schoolchildren was responsible for the fire, but she was blind to the bigger picture of why people started disappearing soon after the fire. While she was investigating in the middle of the night, she saw a ram crossing the roadway. The ram was horribly hurt, and a large claw wound was visible on his belly.

Garrett was trying to persuade Harlan and Luna that he didn’t want to kill them, but he had kept these bullets as a safety measure. He explained that he was a human who had rescued two wolf cubs and witnessed their transformation into humans. So he had no idea what Harlan and Luna might turn out to be later. Garrett left the house with Blake and Everett to take them home. Everett and Blake were unable to handle the entire werewolf thing, making it impossible for them to even get enough sleep at night.

The school reopened the following day. Everett overheard his mother’s conversation with his father while he was getting ready for school, and it was clear that she was genuinely unconcerned about his mental condition. She was aware that Everett had colic, but instead of attempting to reassure her son, it seemed like she couldn’t stand him. After returning to school, Austin approached Everett and told him that he would also need the sleeping drugs Everett was taking. Everett became extremely concerned when he realized Austin had seen the werewolf. But in addition to Everett’s anxiety, the other three members of their pack also started to suffer from panic attacks. Harlan, Luna, and Blake confronted Everett in the restroom and asked him to calm down, but he couldn’t. Harlan was so enraged, losing control, that he exploded on Everett, baring his wolf teeth. Both Blake and Everett panicked. With the exception of Luna, the other three started to fear one another and started to think they would be dangerous if they got together.

What Happened To Luna In Her Childhood?

Garrett, however, was attempting to assist Ramsey since he didn’t think any of the students had started the fire; rather, he thought it might have been the job of that creepy caller who kept contacting Everett and Blake to warn them of the danger. When he approached Ramsey, she showed Garrett the wounded ram, but she refused Garrett’s help in the investigation. Austin observed that Luna was a great painter, so he asked her if she would sketch the creature he had seen. Luna agreed and drew the werewolf to help Austin; later, Austin brought the sketch to Prisha and asked her to show it to Ramsey.

With reference to the transformation into werewolves and the use of the silver bullets, it is clear that Garrett and Prisha were keeping something from Harlan and Luna. But it was obvious that Harlan and Luna may at any point pose a threat to others. When Luna was a child, she once grew enraged on a full moon night. As she approached her favorite horse in the stable, the horse detected the bad energy and became scared. Additionally frightened, Luna whipped out her claws and savagely killed the horse. Luna wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but she was aware that the beast she carried inside had made her dangerous.

According to Garrett, he was the one who showed them how to calm the beast inside of them, and it had been effective. However, when Harlan and Luna matured and reached a turning point in their lives, they were unable to contain the seething emotions that were inside of them, which led to the beast also attempting to emerge. Harlan went out to the club despite being forbidden to do so, where he met a guy whose father was a firefighter. The guy bragged that he always carried a lighter in his pocket because sometimes only fire could fight the fire. Although it was too soon and abrupt to make an assumption, this man appeared to be the arsonist who may have been responsible for the fire for whatever reason.

Blake returned home, and her father asked her to keep an eye on her brother Danny, but she refused to as she was working part-time at the toll booth. When her father told her about the creepy phone call that Danny answered, Blake decided not to stay at home and instead went to the toll station. Blake went outside for five minutes while working there, locking Danny inside the booth, but when she returned, she couldn’t find him anywhere. We see that after Blake left, the werewolf approached Danny and may have attempted to attack him. After Danny was nowhere to be found, Blake got anxious and yelled his name from the roof. But when she arrived downstairs, she discovered Danny was being carried by Everett and appeared to be alive and well. Blake was relieved to see him, but she was perplexed as to how Everett had managed to hear her scream and arrive so quickly. Harlan and Luna arrived as well after hearing the scream. Blake was confused, but Luna explained that they heard her because she didn’t scream but howled.

The final scene of episode 4 shows Ramsey inspecting the area around Garrett’s home, where a massive pattern of blood splatter was found on a tree. Finally, we see the werewolf carrying Miller’s dead body while climbing the building and secretly gathering each of its victims’ dead bodies. Though we have seen how the wolf pack was created and what werewolf characteristics Everett and Blake are developing in their bodies, it is still unknown who set the fire and why. Did he aim to release the werewolf so it could hunt around the city? In forthcoming episodes, we hope to see if Officer Ramsey can use the wolf pack to find the perpetrator.

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