‘Without Sin’ Ending, Explained: Why Was Maisy Murdered? Who Had Killed Her?

“Without Sin” is no doubt a series that keeps you on edge. The story follows a grieving mother, Stella, who is on a journey to recover from her daughter’s murder. However, she does not have closure. Why was her daughter murdered? She wonders about it day and night for three years until a scheme comes around. With the help of this scheme, Charles, the suspected murderer who is in jail for murdering Maisy (Stella’s daughter), reaches out to Stella. In this scheme, the suspect talks to the victim’s family in order to help them cope with their loss, and apparently, the scheme helped a lot of families and was recommended to Stella by a mediator. Did Stella find the answers she was looking for? 

Spoilers Ahead

‘Without Sin’ Plot Synopsis: What Is The Story About?

“Without Sin” is about finding the truth about a murder. The story circles around Stella, who is a hardworking woman who drives a cab at night. Stella stands up for what she believes in. Her character is strong, but she has her ups and downs. It has been three years since Stella’s daughter died, but she is still trying to find answers. A scheme offers her a chance to talk to the suspected killer, Charles, face-to-face. At first, she is hesitant about meeting the person who killed her daughter, Maisy. What good could come out of meeting a person who has destroyed your world? However, after giving it some thought and talking about it with her ex-husband Paul, she decides to meet up with Charles alone. When she meets up with Charles at the beginning of their meeting, he seems like a normal person. There is a mediator between Charles and Stella who coordinates the whole meeting. She starts with Charles and asks him to tell Stella how he feels. This practice seems absurd at first, and there is just an awkward silence between the two, but soon, Charles starts saying he has been framed for Maisy’s murder. He even points out the fact that Stella must be feeling guilty over not being there for her daughter the night she was murdered. This upsets Stella, and she decides to never meet Charles again. But Charles has already said something that is stuck in her head. Apparently, there is a girl named Cleo who is missing, and according to Charles, the people who framed him could have hurt Cleo as well. From here, Stella’s guilt makes her want to find out where Cleo is. She wants to help a young girl in danger, thinking she cannot do the same for her daughter. Stella’s guilt over not being able to protect her daughter made her go to immense measures to find Cleo.

Who Is Cleo, And How Is She Connected To Maisy?

Well, the fact that there is a young girl in danger keeps Stella up at night. She digs for information on Cleo on the internet and finds out that Charles is right about her disappearance. However, the sad part is that nobody is looking for Cleo. Everyone, including her mother, has given up searching for Cleo. According to society, she is a runaway who is fed up with her life. But when Stella shares this information with her mother, Jessie, she finds out that Cleo had been a very good friend of Maisy’s. This comes as a surprise to Stella because she was never involved in her daughter’s life, and this was a burden that she was carrying within herself.

Anyway, Stella wonders if Cleo knew something about Maisy’s death because she starts believing that Charles did not kill her. Everyone around Stella worries about her mental health, but only she knows the thoughts she goes through every day and night. She starts looking for Cleo herself when her best friend Remy says he can’t help her without proper evidence. However, the accused murderer of Maisy, Charles, keeps giving Stella the information she needs from prison. He has a phone inside the prison and asks Stella to contact him through it. We see a kind of friendship growing between Charles and Stella, in reaction to which everyone starts thinking Stella is crazy. Meanwhile, Charles gets threatened by the goon family, the McKellers, for whom he worked.

Who Are The McKellers?

The McKellers are a powerful family in “Without Sin.” They sell drugs, and it is very evident that in Stella’s town, everyone is aware of the power the family holds. Amid the chaos, Stella finds out that Maisy had a boyfriend who calls her “Misty.” She starts wondering who this mysterious guy is and why her daughter had to hide the fact that she was seeing guys. She keeps looking for answers and asks Paul if he knows about her secrets. He says that Maisy did get in trouble at school because she was acting up, but he knew nothing about her bad habits.

To find the truth, Stella then goes to the McKellers’ house, where she meets Lee McKeller, Roman McKeller’s son. She finds out that it is Lee who called her daughter “Misty,” and her suspicion grows. She starts suspecting Lee as the real killer of her daughter and tells the same to Charles. However, Charles is now scared to talk to her because he has been threatened and his family is in danger. Additionally, his son, Teddy, knew a “Misty,” too. Lee belongs to a family of goons, so he has strong connections. When Roman McKeller gets to know that Charles is talking to Stella, he sends one of his men inside the prison to show that he has eyes on him. The McKellers are the villains who sold drugs in the town and also committed petty crimes like stealing cars and sending men to rob houses. They had a lot of things to hide.

‘Without Sin’ Ending Explained: Why Was Maisy Murdered? Who Had Killed Her?

Due to her growing suspicion of Lee, Stella starts stalking him. She follows Lee’s car one night when he goes to a party. While he is busy with his friends at the party, Stella breaks into his car and steals his bag. Before he could catch her, she fled. She finds a burner phone and reads the texts on it. She finds out that Lee has an address on the phone, and Stella thinks it might be where Cleo is. She informs her best friend, Remy, about it, who is a police officer. Despite being an officer, there is not much he could have done, so he simply asks her to stop. He says he will help Cleo out when he gets proper evidence. His hands are also tied, and we cannot blame him for doing his job properly. If he had arrested Lee, he would have put his job in jeopardy. Also, it was Stella who broke into Lee’s car, so it would not have looked good for her. Remy decided to protect Stella and her image. However, we know Stella; she had come so far that she would not back out now. She decides to go to the address herself. She finds kids drugged out in the hall, and the place seems very sketchy. Not only was it a place that wasn’t safe, but it also looked illegal.

Stella finds out that Cleo is indeed there, and she saves her. She takes Cleo back to her place, where she gives her warm clothes. Cleo starts feeling guilty suddenly and says she does not deserve the good treatment she is getting. Confused and anxious, Stella asks Cleo why she is saying such absurd things. Now the plot gets thicker; here, we find out that Teddy, Cleo, Lee, and Maisy were doing drugs together. Because of her guilt, Cleo spits out the truth. She was the one who killed Maisy. Apparently, Teddy and Maisy were dating, but Teddy was cheating on Maisy with Cleo. When Maisy found out about it, she started saying mean things about Teddy and Cleo. In a fit of rage, Cleo hit Maisy’s head with a showpiece, and Maisy died on the spot. Upon hearing this, Stella gets furious.

Meanwhile, in jail, Charles gets attacked by his cellmate. His cellmate, Jamal, had become a friend of his, but because of the McKellers, he had to attack Charles. One of McKellers’ men in the prison had threatened to kill Jamal if he didn’t attack Charles. We see Charles bleeding in his cell, but he is taken to a hospital immediately. In the hospital, he meets his son, who confesses that he knew who killed Misty but let his father take the fall. This deeply hurts Charles, and he starts crying. To justify his actions and make things worse, Teddy says he let his father be in jail because he never wanted the life his father was living. He thought his father was strong enough for jail, but he was not, so he let Lee’s father cover up the whole crime and blamed Charles. At the end of “Without Sin,” Cleo is put in prison, and she also signs up for the scheme. We see that Stella and Cleo sit face to face, and the same mediator asks questions to Stella. Now, Stella has come to terms with her daughter’s death and is slowly moving on. She later meets up with Charles, who informs her that he is soon leaving town for his own good.

Final Thoughts

“Without Sin” successfully shows us the different emotions a person goes through while grieving. They sometimes behave erratically, and Stella has ways to cope with her daughter’s death, which includes the intake of weed. We also see themes of betrayal in the families and how natural the series’ creators made the story look. “Without Sin” is an interesting watch for people who are into drama and mystery. It does a fine job of building the story to a point where the audience keeps wondering who the actual killer is, and when the killer is revealed, it does come as a shocker; we never imagined the killer to be one of Maisy’s friends! So, the series was not predictable like a lot of mystery thrillers. The four-part series showcases strong acting and a good storyline worth binge-watching.

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