‘With Love’ Season 1 Recap & Ending Before Season 2

Amazon Prime’s 2021 release With Love sets the perfect mood for love with its heart-melting plot and visually aesthetic cinematography. With Love takes viewers on a delightful journey, creating a story about the transformational power of love and the lasting relationships it forges. While many stories of romance and relationships focus on the art of letting go, With Love gracefully diverges from this well-trodden path. Instead, it skillfully deals with the complexities of love, demonstrating how two individuals can overcome obstacles and grow together, refusing to leave each other.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Happens In Season 1 Of ‘With Love’?

With Love revolves around the Diaz family, a Mexican family residing in Portland. The family patriarch, Jorge Diaz, and his wife, Beatriz, owned and operated their family restaurant. They were the pillars of the family, known for their vibrant personalities and love for festivities. Every Christmas, they would gather all their family members for a joyous celebration. But once, during Christmas time, Lily, the younger daughter of the Diaz family, was going through a difficult period after her breakup with Michael. Despite her personal struggles, she was happy to see her brother Jorge Jr.’s blossoming relationship with his dashing Filipino boyfriend, Henry. Although, while single, Lily had a casual fling moment with Jorge’s friend Nick, later breaking Nick’s heart, Lily made herself clear that she was never in love with him. Meanwhile, Sol, the grandchild of Beatriz’s parents, the Delgados, identified as genderqueer and worked as an oncologist. In the hospital, they met a fellow doctor, and a deep connection began to form between them. In the meantime, Sol was treating a patient whose son Santiago became a good friend of theirs. Santiago had recently lost his mother to cancer, but his father kept him company as they handled the grieving process.


As Lily tried to move on from her breakup, she unintentionally bumped into Santiago on multiple occasions. Although they had different perspectives and opinions, they couldn’t deny the magical and instant connection that sparked between them. They fell deeply in love, but as time went on, they encountered numerous challenges and experienced both highs and lows in their relationship, largely stemming from their contrasting viewpoints. At the same time, not only Lily but the other members of the Diaz family dealt with many challenges concerning their love lives. 

Did Charlie Accept Sol?

Sol found themselves falling in love with Dr. Murphy, but initially, fear held them back from pursuing a relationship. They tried to avoid Murphy but eventually realized that life was too short to suppress their feelings. Summoning the courage, they approached Murphy and they agreed to date each other. Despite the challenges of constantly changing shifts in the hospital, their relationship flowed smoothly and effortlessly. Sol and Murphy spent an ample amount of time together during their shifts, which brought them closer. For several months, Sol and Murphy enjoyed a loving relationship. However, one morning, Sol discovered that Murphy had a child whom he had never mentioned before. This revelation upset Sol, feeling as though Murphy had kept important information from them. Sulking for a while, Sol’s grandmother advised them to give Murphy a chance to explain why he hadn’t shared this detail earlier. Murphy revealed that his child, Charlie, was also nonbinary, and he had chosen not to disclose their existence to avoid any suspicion that he was using Sol’s assistance to get closer to Charlie. Sol understood his reasoning and agreed to meet Charlie in person. Initially, Charlie was resistant to meeting and conversing with a stranger. It took some time for them to warm up to Sol, but eventually, they formed a bond and became fast friends. On the Dia de los Muertos, Sol honored and remembered their deceased family members, but they also extended an invitation to Charlie and Murphy, welcoming them to be a part of their family. 


How Did Jorge Jr. And Henry Work Things Out?

Jorge Jr. and Henry were an ideal couple, deeply passionate about each other and with a strong foundation of mutual respect. While their relationship seemed to be going well, Henry received a promotion that required him to relocate to Los Angeles. The thought of being separated from his boyfriend was unbearable for Jorge, so he made the decision to move his newly opened food truck to LA. However, in the bustling new city, Jorge started to feel a sense of loneliness and longing for his home and family. Eventually, Jorge came to the realization that he wanted to return to his hometown. Henry couldn’t deny Jorge’s feelings, and they had a heartfelt conversation about their future. They had two choices: either Henry would leave his job in LA and return to Portland, or they would find a way to make a long-distance relationship work. In the end, they understood that where there is love, there are no excuses for not being together. They believed that if they had trust and love for each other, things would ultimately work out. 

Did Jorge Sr. And Beatriz Reconcile?

Beatriz and Jorge Sr. were actually going through a challenging time in their relationship. As Jorge aged and his workload increased, he became increasingly tired and unenthusiastic when it came to intimacy with his wife, leaving Beatriz feeling lonely. Beatriz sought solace in fitness activities, and it was in a running club that she encountered a handsome man named Leo, who showed a keen interest in her. Unfortunately, Leo made a mistake by surprising Beatriz on Valentine’s Day and expressing his love for her in front of Jorge. This event triggered a deep-seated feeling in Jorge that his wife may have had an affair with Leo during his absence. Although Beatriz was not at all a bad person, given her loneliness even within her marriage, it was very natural for her to get distracted. However, she felt guilty for the situation. She apologized to Jorge, but he stubbornly refused to forgive her, holding onto his suspicion and preventing himself from fully opening up to her. 


Jorge made numerous attempts to salvage their relationship, including couple therapy and trying adult games, etc. However, his skepticism continued to linger in his mind. Eventually, with the help of the Delgado family’s plan, Jorge and Beatriz were locked in a store room together. The intention was for them to spend time with each other and express their feelings. However, during this emotional venting, Jorge suffered a heart attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Both families gathered anxiously, waiting for positive news. Finally, Jorge regained consciousness, and Beatriz was able to meet him. However, before she could apologize again, Jorge took responsibility for his stubbornness, recognizing that it had led to his serious health issue. He realized that they still loved each other intensely and couldn’t imagine a life without one another. Determined to give their relationship another chance, they reconciled, realizing that they were still a perfect couple deep down. With their renewed commitment and love, Jorge and Beatriz managed to overcome their past struggles and reunite as a strong couple.

How Did Santiago And Lily Reconcile?

Lily, a vivacious and a charming spirit, had always dreamt of having a perfect love life like her parents. Little did she know that her parents had also experienced their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship. As Lily coincidentally encountered Santiago multiple times, they both began to believe there’s a magical connection between them. This led to their pursuit of a relationship, and they became a genuinely happy couple. They decided to take their relationship to the next level and moved in together. However, soon after moving in, Lily realized that they had different aspirations and desires in life. While she lived in a bubble of a fairy tale romance, Santiago was more practical and introverted. He found parties and gatherings meaningless and had reservations about the concept of marriage, considering it just a piece of paper. This divergence in their viewpoints became a significant point of contention for them. Lily vehemently opposed Santiago’s perspective but couldn’t entirely dismiss the validity of his arguments against traditional conventions.


Although the exact details were not mentioned why Lily and Santiago ultimately broke up, it’s likely due to Santiago’s practical reasoning and his reluctance to get married. As Lily tried to gather herself and move on, she realized that it was challenging because she had never experienced love in the same way she did with Santiago. Her bubble burst even further upon learning from her mother that their parents’ relationship had its imperfections too. Meanwhile, Santiago also recognized that he was missing the love of his life. Without wasting any more time, they confronted each other and bared their souls, revealing that they couldn’t imagine a life without each other. Their deep connection and love for one another compelled them to give their relationship another chance.


On the following Christmas, the Diaz family appeared to be complete and happy. Jorge Sr. and Beatriz had reconciled, and their children were content in their relationships. However, an intriguing plot twist occurred when Beatriz and her sisters discovered an engagement ring. This led them to speculate that one of the three couples—Jorge Jr. and Henry, Lily and Santiago, or Murphy and Sol—was planning to propose.


With Love Season 1 ended without revealing which couple was planning to take their relationship to the next level, leaving the audience to speculate and wonder. It could have been Henry or Jorge Jr, who were both ready to commit and give their relationship a new label. Alternatively, Murphy might have been planning to propose to Sol, solidifying their bond. As a surprise twist, it could have been Santiago, who realized how deeply he loved Lily and decided to compromise his ideals about marriage in order to bring a smile to her face. Ultimately, the answer to this question was left open-ended, building anticipation for a potential second season of With Love where the audience might finally discover who was planning to propose.

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