‘Wire Room’ Ending, Explained: Does Special Agent Justin Rosa Capture Eddie Flynn?

“Wire Room” doesn’t have anything new to offer other than giving us a tour of a wire room. Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon both try to keep their action egos in check in a film that, despite its interesting storyline, misfires due to stale execution. Even the crucial points in the plot are paid no heed to and are lackluster. Overall, Wire Room isn’t “wired” enough to be intercepted by the viewers.

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What Happens In The ‘Wire Room’ Film?

Special Agent Justin Rosa (Kevin Dillon) arrives for his wire room duty, where he meets Senior Special Agent Shane Mueller (Bruce Willis) and analyst Nour Holborow (Shelby Cobb). They are keeping an eye on Eddie Flynn (Oliver Trevena), who is the middleman for the infamous Baja cartel. The room provides CCTV coverage of Eddie’s compound inside and out and their own Federal building. The missing piece is Eddie’s “number two,” nicknamed “Junior”. The tracking program is on at all times, and any call is intercepted and can be played in real-time. The call is then stored for review and evidentiary purposes. So, everything is “agent-proof.” After Nour leaves and Justin takes over his shift, he reads the rules of the wire room from a file, one of which says to keep the target, i.e., Eddie, alive, no matter what.

After that, he tries to keep himself busy in one way or another, waiting to intercept his first call. He finally intercepts one from Eddie, who is talking to someone regarding babysitters and how badly he needs a new one. Justin also sees Eddie’s wife, Cindy (Amber Townsend), and her friends. Sometime later, Officer Mike Axum comes into the wire room to check on him. He is the guy who does security for the wire room. Justin asks Mike the way to the bathroom, and he shows him. Meanwhile, on the monitors, we see two SUVs arrive at Eddie’s compound. Well-equipped agents come out of the car and enter Eddie’s mansion. They kill Cindy’s two friends and take Cindy hostage. Eddie hears the sounds of the gunshots and realizes his house is under attack. He tries to contact Junior, but he isn’t picking up his phone.

Justin returns from the washroom and hears Eddie’s call for Junior. He then sees Cindy with the agents and Eddie hiding in his room. He calls Shane and tries to tell him what’s going on, but Shane hangs him up. He then calls Nour and tells her everything. She reveals that the reason why Shane wants Eddie to stay alive at all costs is that Eddie has a list of dirty cops who work for the cartel. And it is imperative for Shane to get hold of that list and take down the dirty cops and retire like a hero. The only problem is that the list is in Eddie’s head. So, Eddie has to stay alive. Nour tells Justin to tell Shane everything while she sets out to return to the wire room. Justin sends Shane a voicemail telling him about the armed men and asking him to come to the wire room as soon as possible.

Justin then sees Eddie kill one of the armed men with a gun. Eddie then realizes that it is his own men that have come to kill him. Justin notices that another agent is about to enter the room that Eddie is in and with no other options, calls Eddie, and warns him. Eddie kills the guy and asks Justin to identify himself, but Justin disconnects. He knows that the step he just took will cost him a lot. By calling a drug dealer who now has Justin’s number on his phone, Justin has compromised not only his whole career as well as his life. He calls the Sheriff’s office and tells a Sergeant Peter Roberts (Texas Battle) to send a unit to Eddie’s address (he doesn’t mention Eddie’s name) where the target of the investigation is under attack. The Sergeant complies. Justin then receives a voicemail from Eddie, who wants to talk to him, and he knows that he is bound to. Freaked out, Justin calls Shane and tells him everything. Shane tells him to call the Sheriff back and tells him that it was a false alarm. Meanwhile, Shane is on his way to the wire room.

Justin calls Roberts and tells him that there hadn’t been any attacks at the address mentioned earlier. But Roberts tells him that a team has already reached the scene. However, he tells Justin that his team did a routine check of Eddie’s house, and no one was home. On the contrary, Justin watches two officers from Roberts’ team arrive at the compound, come out of their car, talk to the armed agents and leave. The armed men return to the mansion. Justin disconnects Roberts’ call, realizing that Roberts’ men are also involved. He then receives a call from Eddie, who asks him why he helped him. While talking to him, Justin mistakenly reveals that he can see Eddie. Justin then cuts the call.

Eddie then calls Roberts, blaming him for the attack. He addresses Robert as Junior, which takes Justin, who has been listening, by surprise. Roberts is the missing piece of the puzzle. Roberts intends to kill Eddie because Eddie compromised the Baja cartel by allowing a police officer (under Shane) to infiltrate their organization, thereby giving the guy delicate intel that he wasn’t supposed to know. And now Roberts has to clean up all the mess it led to, including killing Eddie. Eddie, in turn, tells Roberts that his phone is being monitored by the feds. This freaks Roberts out, and he immediately disconnects the call. Back in the wire room, Justin’s worries are piling up.

Justin calls Eddie who tells him that Junior, AKA Roberts, will come after Justin and his evidence. And nothing can stop him, as even the security guys in the Federal building work for Junior. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, Mike Axum receives a phone call, after which he brings out a shotgun from a safe, kills his co-worker, and heads upstairs. Justin watches it all on screen. Mike is coming to kill him. Eddie tells Justin that one of the SUVs at his compound just left, and it is probably headed for the federal building too. Both Justin and Eddie are in the same position now. Eddie brings out more guns. While waiting for Mike to come to him, Justin decides to help Eddie make his way through the mansion to his wife. When Eddie asks why he is helping him, Justin tells him that, as corny as it sounds, it is because he took “an oath to protect and serve.”

Justin maneuvers Eddie and helps him kill the guards on the ground floor of his mansion. Justin then receives a call from Junior, who threatens to kill him unless he deletes all the evidence. His agents are coming to kill Justin, and they have the keys to the wire room. Junior then cuts the call. Justin tries to focus back on Eddie. He sees the guards threaten Eddie by making his wife, Cindy, call him. If he doesn’t come out, they will kill her. But when Eddie does reveal his position in the garage, they kill her. Eddie loses his cool completely, but Justin tells him to hide in the basement, which will give him some time. Justin, too, has to deal with Mike, who is about to enter the room. Mike comes in and tells Justin that there has been a breach and they have to go to a safe location. But when Justin tells him that he saw how he killed his friend, Mike pulls his gun at Justin. Justin manages to dodge. After a brief gunfight, Justin shoots and kills Mike. He then returns to the screens where he sees Eddie kill two more guards, disguised as a guard himself. For Eddie, he and Justin are working like a team. Justin, too, has a smile on his face for the first time inside the wire room.

A phone is ringing somewhere in the wire room. Justin realizes that it is Mike’s phone. He receives it only to hear Sergeant Roberts AKA Junior’s voice. Junior is under the impression that Eddie is dead. Justin keeps it that way and tells him that there is a new target, and that’s Junior himself. Justin cuts the call. Junior decides to take the matter into his own hands and leaves for the federal building. Justin calls Eddie back, who is wondering why the feds are willing to compromise an investigation just to save him. He then realizes that it is the list of dirty cops that they believe he has. It is then that he tells Justin that the list isn’t real. But Justin doesn’t care about the list anymore and wants to bring an end to it all. Eddie still has men to kill, and Justin is his eyes. Both have work to do.

‘Wire Room’ Ending Explained: Does Justin Rosa See An End To His First Wire Room Case?

One by one, Justin helps Eddie kill the agents on the ground floor where Cindy’s body is. He kisses Cindy a final goodbye and heads upstairs. This is when he tells Justin that it is time for his farewell and, disregarding Justin’s instructions, pulls the pin of a grenade he picked up from one of the agents and runs inside one of the rooms that has the remaining agents. An explosion follows, and the screen goes blank in front of Justin. Eddie killed himself.

Justin notices more agents heading to the wire room using the stairs. Meanwhile, Shane has also finally arrived at the building and is making his way upstairs using the elevator, access to which only those inside the wire room have. Naturally, he arrives at the wire room before the agents. Justin tells him that the reason the guards are trying to kill him is that they are Junior’s men. While Shane has no idea how Justin knows about Junior, Justin clearly states that he doesn’t have time to explain it. They take guns from a safe and get ready to receive company. The guards arrive, and a gunfight follows. The last of the guards throw a grenade, and Shane gets thrown away. Justin manages to take less of a hit. He pulls himself up and sees Shane down on the ground, unconscious. He goes to the door and closes it. The very next moment, Junior arrives outside the door with a gun to Nour’s forehead. If Justin doesn’t open the door, it will be the death of Nour.

Justin opens the door. Junior, AKA Sergeant Roberts, tells Justin and Nour to head to the table and delete all the evidence while having a gun pointed at them. Justin deletes the evidence with Junior’s gun at him while Nour is standing behind Justin. She tries to run, but before Junior can turn to shoot her, Justin pounces on him and manages to get the gun out of his hands. However, Junior gets the better of Justin and hits him back hard. Justin falls to the ground. Junior picks up his gun and is about to shoot Justin when a bullet hits him, and he falls dead. It is Nour. She managed to grab a gun from one of the dead guards, perhaps. Shane also regains consciousness. “Wire Room” ends with all three of them leaving the wire room together.

“Wire Room” feels incomplete in the way it addresses the Baja Cartel’s functioning. It also doesn’t justify Justin Rosa’s righteousness to protect and serve. “As for Shane, his visits to the bar turned out to be nothing, which is a complete let-down. It seemed that he was deliberately avoiding contact with Justin because he too was involved with the cartel. If the creators addressed all these points a little bit, the film would have been “wired” a lot better. Overall, “Wire Room” is just an option for those who want to waste their weekend binge-watching Bruce Willis, doing nothing. Unless they are fans of Kevin Dillon.

“Wire Room” is a 2022 Action Thriller film directed by Matt Eskandari.

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