‘Will Trent’ Season 2 Expectations: What Can We Hope To See In The Next Season?

ABC’s crime drama Will Trent premiered its Season 1 finale this week on Tuesday night, and it was a bombastic finish, to say the least. Ramon Rodriguez has done an amazing job portraying the dyslexic yet brilliant detective with a keen sense of observation that aids him in apprehending criminals. Season 1 ended with Trent finding out the truth about himself and his girlfriend Angie, who was in the hospital with a spinal injury. The good news is that ABC has agreed to renew the show for a second season, and we may get it as early as July of this year. Here are the possible things we might have to look out for when Will Trent returns for its second season in a few months’ time.


Spoilers Ahead

Angie’s Fate 

The most important question anyone will be asking when Will Trent returns for the second season is what became of Angie after she was brought into the hospital with a possible spine injury. The last we saw of her in the Season 1 finale, Angie couldn’t move her toes, which points towards a problem in the spine, and although the doctor assured Trent that she was out of danger, he couldn’t rest easy. Will Angie be in a wheelchair the next time she returns to the screen, and will this be for a temporary period? What does this mean for her career as a detective? She can’t be a field agent if she’s bound to a wheelchair, so she might have to make do with a desk job until she heals. However, the sinister possibility looms in the background that she might never heal from the spinal injury, confining her to the wheelchair for the rest of her life. Given Angie’s need for independence, this might adversely affect her mental well-being and cause her to go back to her substance abuse phase. Finally, Angie’s kidnapping shows that, through thick and thin, Trent will be there for her, and if she’s in a wheelchair temporarily, he’ll not listen to any refusal to bring her home and take care of her. However, if Angie has to quit her life as a detective, this will spell disaster in the household because the relationship between Trent and Angie isn’t exactly the most non-problematic out there. Constant fights and arguments might cause Trent to have difficulty focusing on work and sour their relationship. So, we really hope Angie recovers at the earliest and that the spinal injury doesn’t have any long-lasting effects on her.


What Awaits Trent

Special agent Will Trent was handed his mother Lucy Morales’s necklace at the end of Season 1 by his boss Amanda Wagner, and now he knows about his identity but has no idea how to proceed forward. His mother died during childbirth, and the woman he’s known all his professional life as his superior has turned out to be the woman who gave him his name and a place until he was 3 weeks old. She cares for him immensely, as was revealed in Episode 7 after Trent survived being kidnapped, and she wiped away tears without anyone noticing. However, her position and the toughness that the job required made Amanda adopt a hard-hearted approach, which is why she can’t hug the man whom she has cared for like a son and thus has to suffice with tough love. Now that the reality has come out, Trent might end up making an effort to treat Amanda with a little more affection for all the ways she’s looked out for him.

In the professional field, Trent seems to have made quite a bit of progress with his colleagues, as opposed to the way people were antagonistic toward him at the start of the season. Both Faith Mitchell and Michael Ormewood care for Trent, and the latter is even more surprising, given how they don’t like each other. In the finale, during the stakeout with Detective Butch, Ormewood ordered food for both Trent and Faith. Back when Ormewood had been kidnapped, Trent faced down a psycho to save his girlfriend’s detective partner. Moreover, Faith no longer holds Trent responsible for driving her mother out of her position as the Captain of the APD and has come to care for him as well. Back when she was taken away by a supposed kidnapper, Trent was the leading man to hunt down clues and find his partner.


Given how well Trent has adjusted with his colleagues, it’s hard to assume that he’ll face any problems from them in Season 2 and will be able to ask for help from his department thanks to his recent string of successes in bringing down so many criminals. Perhaps the greatest detective work of Trent is pinning down the psycho from ’86 as the lawyer James Ulster, who’s now in a coma. Speaking of Ulster, it’s interesting to wonder if the showrunners will bring Ulster back to face justice for his myriad crimes. In any case, it might feel like a letdown if Ulster doesn’t face some real punishment for his monstrosities.

The Selantus Data Steal

The one mystery that has remained unsolved in Season 1 might have something more to add in the second, and it’s related to the data-stealing that the software company was doing. In episode 6, the GBI found out that the software company was selling the private data to the highest bidders and that one of Selantus top brass, Vince Arigotti, would murder any whistleblower. Although Arigoitti was arrested, the mole inside GBI remained and was never apprehended, so chances are that the case may make a return in the newest season, and Trent may end up exposing the mole who was selling valuable GBI data.


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