‘Will Trent’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Can Will Solve The Case Of A Shootout Outside a Club?

ABC’s crime-drama series “Will Trent” aired its fifth episode that saw Trent getting confident with his abilities and placing a bet on it. Thanks to his keen observational powers and fantastic deduction capacities, the dyslexic agent keeps awing his peers and superiors. The last time we saw Trent and Angie Polaski, they were together, but given how confusing their relationship is, there’s no telling when the relationship might fall flat, and they’ll be separated yet again. However, Trent’s work relationship with detective Faith has been improving with each episode, and they might finally be a proper team by now. Find out all that happens in the fifth episode here.

The episode opens up with an argument between the unlikely couple Angie Polaski and Will Trent, who’s mad at her because she left the door open while leaving, so Betty, his dog, must’ve escaped. After making a big scene about it, Trent finds Betty at home, and the argument just boils down to how Angie and Trent aren’t good for each other, and she leaves again. Frustrated, Will bangs on the drywall with Betty’s collar, leaving a dent.

Chis Conlan, a former pro-football player, is leaving his club with his wife, Brooke, and people line up around him to get pictures and autographs. Brooke climbs into their car, and Chris is showing off his chain when a masked intruder lunges in and grabs Chris’s chain, but Brooke jumps the snatcher. He tries shaking her off and finally shoots her in the stomach, and flees. In Trent’s office, he’s driven nuts by the constant clacking of his partner, Faith’s laptop until she gets a call from Atlanta PD about her son, Jeremy. Trent tags along with her to Conlan’s club, and Faith finds Jeremy with a cast on his arm because of the stampede after the shooting. She chides him for being in a club at 18, and he retorts back, saying at his age, she got pregnant with him, so she shouldn’t be taking the moral high ground. Outside, Trent learns that the hit was carried out by a stick-up gang, and a cop tries asking Conlan for the shooter’s description, but his manager Lucas asks Conlan to be left alone. When Trent concurs with Lucas, the officer is annoyed at him, but the special agent says that the attacker, who arrived in a gray sedan half a minute before the Conlans exited the club, was tipped off by someone on the inside. He advises them to search for the ‘look out,’ and the shooter will be revealed, and when the officer is incredulous, Trent bets him that he can solve the case before sunrise. Trent explains to Faith that the lookout has helped the gang hit all the major areas in the town, so the lookout must have eyes everywhere. Jeremy suggests an Instagram account called “Deux Peches” that posts pictures of all the famous clubs and parties. Trent finds a photo of Chris and his wife on the account, and he starts going around the club trying to locate the place the photo was taken, finally asks for CCTV footage and credit card receipts when he’s satisfied. The lookout is discovered to be the 31-year-old Ava Green, booked for juvenile petty theft, and her car matches the getaway vehicle’s description – Trent might win the bet with the cop. The police quickly arrest two men with firearms and stolen goods from multiple stick-ups while Trent finds Ava, but she denies having been the lookout at Conlan’s club. The special agent asks a cop to check if the car outside’s engine is warm or not, and Ava is proven to be truthful when the car checks out to be cold.

Back at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Faith lists Conlan’s stats and how he earned the Rookie of the Year award before injuring his knee. Suddenly, Trent is asked for in the holding cell because Ava has information about the shooter. She wants to cut a deal where she provides information about her involvement in multiple armed robberies, but it’s not related to the current case, so Trent leaves. He and Faith meet Pudge, the GM at Conlan’s club, who paints the owner as a saint who saved Pudge by giving him the job because he couldn’t go to the Pros like Conlan. Trent then heads to where Brooke is hospitalized and talks about all the great things Pudge said about Conlan, but Trent puts the thought in Conlan’s head that Pudge could’ve had something to do with the shooting. Faith hints that Ava has a crush on Trent as they’re making their way to meet Pudge at his place when the GM’s body crashes into a car next to the agents, having apparently fallen out of his apartment window. At GBI, Trent tells his boss Amanda that searching Pudge’s house revealed the stolen chain and a gun, but according to forensics, the stolen chain is said to be a fake, and Faith learns from the mortician that Pudge died from asphyxiation and then fell from the apartment, making his death a murder.

Trent goes home and begins cooking, but the case keeps bugging him, so he accidentally burns his hand touching the hot plate and then finds the dent on the drywall from earlier. So, he starts smashing it with a sledgehammer until Angie rushes in and stops him. She was here to pick up a cream but comments about Ava’s file until the two start kissing in a burst of passion. However, Angie stops midway and leaves, and Trent heads back to the office. While listening to music with Faith, he discovers that Conlan isn’t the victim because surveillance cameras outside Pudge’s apartment show Conlan leaving. Trent propounds that Conlan knew the agents would talk to Pudge, so he killed him beforehand, and Faith surmises that the football player’s finances were messy, so he had the chains insured and got Pudge to steal them for the insurance money, but Brooke attacked Pudge. After the gun went off, Pudge might’ve talked, so Conlan killed him, the two agents theorize. They question Conlan, who says that he told Pudge repeatedly to use an unloaded gun, but Brooke ended up being shot, so he headed to Pudge to learn the truth. He swore that he didn’t kill Pudge, and instead, when unable to find a solution, he called Lucas, his manager. The trusted advisor asked Conlan to go home, so he left. Trent and Faith quickly deduced that the gun that Pudge used had to have been given to him by someone else, and Lucas was the only other person to know about the plan—and his goal was to have Conlan removed.

Elsewhere, Angie and her partner Michael Ormewood investigate the murder of Sean Hinchcliffe, a broker who was found dead inside one of the houses he was selling. However, outside, they learn from another broker that Hinchcliffe wasn’t a proper realtor, but he’d just buy homes and then sell them at a 0% down payment. The agents gather Hinchcliffe’s employees, and they inform them that the broker dealt with the payments personally and the payments would be stored in an escrow wallet within a block-chain, so now that he’s dead, all the payments are frozen. Ormewood notices an employee fidgeting, so he takes him to the side and strong-arms him to reveal that he knows about some recent activity in the wallet—the money is being moved. Ormewood later brings in a chart from which he has deduced that Hinchcliffe and his previous partner, Gregory Pardee, made $20 million through Bitcoin, and then Hinchcliffe sold the company and denied his partner his share. So, after the murder, the money from the account was removed and now belonged to none other than Gregory Pardee. Angie and Ormewood arrive at Pardee’s luxurious house, and the suspect’s rude behavior earns him a punch in the face from Ormewood. Angie finds a girl inside, whom she believes to be an escort until she sees a tattoo on the girl’s wrist and confirms that the girl was sold to Pardee and offers to help. Later, she tells Ormewood that the girl was sold by Zero Mile, a trafficking ring that Vice has been trying to apprehend for several years, as has Angie. She might be able to turn the rescued girl into a witness against the inhumane organization.

Trent speaks to Ava, who’s in jail, and she says that Lucas was a lecherous man and takes the agent to her home to show the party photo archives she has. While going through the photos, Trent finds a picture of Lucas kissing Conlan’s wife, Brooke. Back at the holding cell, Trent and Faith show Conlan the picture, and he says that if he knew, he’d have let Brooke go willingly. However, the agents remind him that because of his prenuptial agreement, Conlan needed to die for Brooke to inherit everything, but even more than that, Lucas wanted to have the life that Conlan enjoyed. The footballer takes them back to his club, where the gun is stored in a locker that Conlan, Lucas, and Pudge shared, but the locker doesn’t open, so he believes that Lucas must’ve changed the fingerprint. Trent has Conlan call Lucas to the club, where he shall be arrested as the agents wait inside. While waiting, Trent notices a barmaid use her index finger to open a safe, so he realizes Conlan’s plan. As Lucas walks in, Conlan attacks him, and a fight ensues. And just as he’s about to shoot the manager, Trent arrives, gun at hand, to arrest them. At the GBI, Ava asks for a date with Trent, but he turns her down because he’s going through a breakup, although Ava asks him to keep an open mind. Back home, Angie returns and wants to share details about her day with him, and he agrees.

‘Will Trent’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Can Will Trent Solve The Simple Case Of A Shootout Outside a Club?

Trent and Faith are a complete team now, and they’re able to mutually arrive at the conclusion that the main suspect in the death of Pudge is Lucas because he was the only one other than Conlan and the victim who knew of the plan. Lucas had an affair with Conlan’s wife, Brooke, and wanted to live the life of the famous footballer, so he wanted Conlan gone. Trent arrived in time and told Conlan to bring Lucas to the club, where he’d then be arrested. Conlan makes the agents think that Lucas changed the fingerprint by using his thumb on the sensor, but these safes were programmed to respond to index fingers, so Conlan tricks the agents into getting vengeance on Lucas himself. However, spotting a barmaid opening the safe with her index finger gave Trent a clue he needed to rush to Conlan and apprehend him before Lucas bit the bullet. On the other hand, Angie got a big lead about the human trafficking ring that she had been tracking for a while, and given her sad history of being sold to older men as a child by her drug-addict mother, this mission means a lot more to her.

The episode doesn’t answer what happens to Trent and Angie’s relationship or if they’ll be able to come to terms with each other being unfit for each other. The constant fights peppered with moments of passion are a destructive relationship that hurts them both, but neither is ready to let go. To find out what happens to the special agent and his relationship with Angie Polaski we’ll need to keep tuning into the series for a while now.

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