‘Will Trent’ Episode 11: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Happens To Will And Angie’s Relationship? 

ABC’s crime drama “Will Trent” is back after yet another hiatus, and this time, Trent is working undercover in a drug gang to seek out the kingpin. The last we saw of Trent and his girlfriend, Angie Pulaski, he’d rescued a child from his evil grandmother while Angie came face-to-face with her abuser, Lenny Broussard. After realizing he was still the same monster and she could do nothing to get to him, we saw her buying heroin. Was Angie going back to her habit of doing drugs? Here’s what happens in the new episode.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Bill Black?

In Macon, Georgia, two young street urchins are selling pills in a shady street when a man named Dante squares up to them and announces that C.K.’s crew operates in this area. As the two men start running, they’re knocked down by a man in a hoodie, who turns out to be Will Trent. However, Dante calls him Bill Black and says Bill is under his wing and they’re a part of C.K.’s gang. It becomes clear that Trent is undercover and is going by the name Bill Black. At the GBI, a DEA agent asks Trent’s boss Amanda Wagner for an update on the search for the drug-lord C.K. because it’s becoming tougher to keep the drugs off the streets, and additionally, a DEA agent Matthew Menaker has been made to disappear after he investigated the boss. Faith Mitchell visits Trent as his parole officer to gather an update on how far along the investigation is.


Trent, aka Black, has made himself comfortable in the community, and his partner Dante’s cousin Rosa has also taken a shine to him. As Black and Dante are walking to their respective apartments, Dante tells him that he’ll be taking Black to meet C.K. the following day because Dante has been saying good things about him. Black’s P.O. shows up for a routine check, and inside his apartment, Trent informs Faith about the tentative plan to finally meet C.K. the next day. Additionally, he asks about Angie, and we flashback to find out Trent had discovered the balloon of heroin that she’d purchased at the end of Episode 10. When he interrogated her about the balloon, she said it was not hers, but she couldn’t reveal anything more, and the two had a tiff.

Later, Black and Dante visit Rosa, where the new arrival to the neighborhood remembers to bring a loaf of bread, impressing the woman. However, the air becomes tense when her brother Gabriel comes out from the inside and says their sick father needs help. While eating, coughing noises are heard from the inside, and Rosa runs back in, and Black is about to follow when Gabriel says she can handle the old man.


The Shootout 

The next day, Dante and Black are headed to meet C.K. when a car zooms past them, emptying a magazine into Dante while his partner hides behind a gate. Black goes back to the neighborhood, where Rosa spots him and his leg wound and brings him to her apartment to do emergency first aid. After Black tells him that Dante has been killed, she says that if the cops come to know about him being near Dante when the shootout happened, his parole will be revoked, and he’ll be sent back to jail. Hence, she gives him the alibi that he was fixing her leaky faucet all morning as the cops show up, and she manages to kiss him before opening the door. When Black has to offer his undercover identity as a parolee, he’s immediately taken downtown for questioning, but he turns the tables on Sheriff Hagar by interrogating her about the investigation. Faith Mitchell is present in there as Black’s P.O. and Hagar leaves her with Black to go cool off after being asked to “do her damn job!” Faith says Black needs to be extracted now that his connection to C.K. is dead, but he suggests Rosa might know what Dante was up to. Just then, Hagar comes back and says Black is free to go because his lawyer has disclosed that Black is not important to this case anymore.

In his rented apartment, Trent recounts the events from the shootout and recalls how the bullets were planned exclusively for Dante because Trent had been well exposed, and the shooters could’ve easily riddled him full of holes too. Just then, Faith calls him to say that the lawyer who got him out is called Wallace Kim and is a big shot in Macon, and what’s more, he’d represented Rosa a couple of years back in a civil dispute. As Trent is heading out to talk to his neighbor, there’s a knock on the door, and when he opens it, three men cover his head, beat him up, and take him away. In an unknown location, two thugs land blows on Black as the driver from the morning’s shootout watches and then informs Black that Dante got killed because he was talking too much. This led to a DEA agent investigating Macon, so Dante had to be taken out, and the funny thing is, he didn’t even know Black was supposed to replace him. Black agrees to help C.K. but says he needs to meet the drug lord and takes out an attacker to demonstrate he’s ready for the job too.


Exposing C.K. 

At Rosa’s place, Black tries unearthing more information about Dante from her when he learns that her mother got pulled into the drug business while trying to help a friend, but she made enough money to put her children through college. When Black asks about the people Dante used to work for, Rosa is about to answer when the man begins coughing inside, and she gets irritated and heads in to give him a pill. Trent realizes that isn’t how she’d treat a family member, and he follows her until she finds a man zip-tied to a bed and asks for his name. This is DEA agent Menaker, and Black gives his real identity to him and promises to get him out when Rosa sneaks up behind him, gun at the ready. Thankfully, she doesn’t hear the conversation, and Black returns to the living room and identifies Rosa as C.K. She says that the man inside is a DEA agent that she had her men pick up when the organization started harassing them, and the DEA has been very quiet since then. Moreover, the agent has been able to offer a pool of information, which has helped C.K.’s drug ring. Just then, Gabriel comes in, and Black asks Rosa to trust him, so she wants him to prove himself, but it’s not by killing the DEA agent. Instead, he murders a girl Dante used to do coke with, and since he might’ve spilled a little too much about the organization, so she needs to die, but Black has to use a knife. She sends Gabriel with him and says she’ll be watching the girl’s live stream and also be giving a lethal dose to finish Menaker.

Saving The Day 

Downstairs, the girl is streaming to her fans when there’s a knock at the door, and the moment she opens it, Black attacks Gabriel with the door pane before barging in and disconnecting the girl’s computer. He introduces himself and then tells her that some thugs want her dead, but he’s not going to let that happen, but she has to provide him with rope to tie the unconscious Gabriel. He asks for Naloxone, used to reverse a drug overdose. He leaves her with the warning to sit tight and not make any noise and calls his partner, Faith Mitchell. Black goes back to find Rosa administering the lethal dose to Menaker and snuggles up to her just to grab her gun and tie her hands before using Naloxone on the agent to save his life. Trent is carrying the agent away when Rosa says she truly likes him, and he says he knew that, but he never reciprocated the feelings.

While trying to leave the area, Trent shoots one thug and batters the other’s head to knock him out before getting into a car of a neighbor, whom the streamer girl had convinced. The neighbor, who’d till then wanted Black not to bother him, becomes immediately helpful upon learning Trent is one of the good guys. At the GBI, Wagner says Bill Black is a useful undercover identity and can be used later, but as for C.K., with Menaker’s confession and raiding her storage, Rosa’s drug operation is finished.

Vengeance, The Pulaski Way

While Trent was busy going undercover, Angie Pulaski suddenly found Lenny Broussard’s step-daughter, Crystal, wandering into the APD. It’s the same teenager whom Angie had approached offering help, but her mother had made a scene at the station defending Lenny. Angie takes the crying, terrified little girl to a private office, where she reveals through tears that Lenny has started coming into her room at night and doing horrid things to her, like rubbing her legs, etc. She adds that her mother hasn’t believed Crystal, no matter how many times she’s tried telling her. Angie asks her to immediately head to a friend’s house and borrow clothes from them, but she does not step foot inside her home before Angie can look into it.


Angie later has another monologue with Trent’s pet dog Betty, telling her that Angie won’t let the molester, Lenny, ruin Crystal’s life, and she has to see it through. She adds that after that, she’ll let Trent go because she can’t keep hurting him, but she calls him one last time, and when he comes over, they have an intense lovemaking session. Later, Faith asks Michael Ormewood what’s up with Angie because she seems distracted, and she advises him to look into Angie.

Good Riddance 

When Angie shows up at Lenny’s place with the heroin balloon, she hears intense screams coming from inside as Crystal’s mother is shouting at Lenny and demanding that he leave immediately. Angie walks in to find Crystal curled into a ball, crying, as her mother says that she’d come home from work to find Lenny touching the child. As Angie and Crystal’s mom try consoling her, Lenny tries throwing Angie out, and she immediately retaliates by breaking the monster’s nose and then bringing him down on his knees and putting him under arrest, but Crystal rushes back out with a kitchen knife and stabs him in the carotid. The monster bleeds to death on the carpet before the horrified women. Good riddance!


Angie immediately takes charge and asks the mom to take her daughter to the mall and buy a ticket to the first movie that’s playing. She asks the mom and daughter to forget anything that happened here and takes the entire responsibility upon herself. After they leave, Angie heads into the kitchen, takes a rolling pin, and beats herself up with the promise that she’s not going to let the monster ruin Crystal’s life. When Ormewood shows up, Angie tells him how Lenny had attacked her, but he immediately pokes holes in the lackluster story and then says they need to organize it properly if they want to make it believable.

‘Will Trent’ Episode 11 Ending Explained: What Happens To Will & Angie’s Relationship?

When Trent arrives at the hospital, Angie is giving her testimony to a cop, and she requests a few moments with him. She tells Trent that when Angie went to Broussard’s place for a check-up on Crystal, he attacked her for no reason. Trent says that now he understands she purchased the heroin balloon by planting it at his place to bring him down, but it went down a different way. She then says she’ll pick up her stuff from his place and be out of his hair. Uncharacteristically, Trent asks her to do whatever she thinks is right and leaves. He doesn’t ask her to stay back with him, nor does he wait with her.


Trent and Angie’s relationship is one of the most toxic on recent T.V., and that’s because of both people’s trauma. Even though Trent might be able to work on his issues and be a better version of himself every day, Angie’s past keeps messing up her plans to get better, and because of her repeated issues, they’ve broken up several times in the past. This time, there wasn’t any fight or discord in particular, other than the fight five weeks back, but Angie had apologized for that later. However, Angie said she wouldn’t be bothering Trent anymore and will pick up her things, and probably Trent can see through her and knows she’ll be back again, which is why he doesn’t say anything. Although, if he’s truly done with Angie, he might want her gone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Either way, the latter episodes shall shed light on this matter in the coming weeks.

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