‘Will Trent’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Did Angie Relapse Into Drug Use? 

The tenth episode of ABC’s crime drama “Will Trent” dropped today, and with each episode, we not only find out more details about the eponymous detective and his life but also the ones around him. This episode is especially remarkable because it’s the first time we see Det. Faith Mitchell’s mother, Evelyn, whom we’ve only heard of since Episode 1, turn up to help her daughter. The last we saw of the young detective, she shot dead the corrupt officer Tate Grillo in “Will Trent” Episode 9, and she’s not in a good place mentally. We also learned that Angie Polaski’s abuser, Lenny Broussard, who pretended to be a good guy, hadn’t changed after all, and this really bothered her. Is Evelyn able to help her daughter when she’s refusing help of any kind, and have Angie’s greatest fears been proven true? Here’s what happens in the tenth episode of this detective drama series:

Spoilers Ahead

The Trailer Park Massacre

A few trailers with inhabitants is attacked by a speeding car, and someone from inside the car starts shooting at the people. A shootout ensues as the victims of this sudden attack fight back with guns, and the next thing we know, cops are walking around the scene of the crime, where a massacre has taken place. The APD isn’t very happy that Special Agent Will Trent is here with them, and he spots the body of the shooter and wonders if it’s the only shooter until he notices drops of blood heading towards a rock. He detects a second shooter hiding behind a large rock with an automatic rifle, who manages to injure an officer. Trent aims at the fleeing attacker and manages to bring him down with a precise shot in the leg. While recording the details about the scene of the crime on his tape recorder, Trent wonders whether the initial suspicion that it was a clash between two rival gangs over drugs is true or not when he hears a noise coming from one of the outhouses. He walks in to find a little kid hiding in the corner with dinosaur toys in his hand, and Trent immediately becomes very paternal and helps the kid be comfortable before he can carry him out to the police van.

The Aftermath Of A Shootout

After Faith Mitchell shoots dead the corrupt officer Tate Grillo in “Will Trent” Episode 9, she’s on disciplinary leave when the counselor asks her if she should talk to someone, because she might have a breakdown at any given minute. She refuses to seek help and walks into her unkempt and disheveled home and begins watching TV until repeated knocks on the door make her get up. She opens the door to find her mother, former officer Evelyn Mitchell, who was removed from her post because of Trent, and she has come to help her daughter deal with this difficult time. However, Faith refuses to speak about the incident with anyone, including her mother, who continuously tries to help her and wants to lend her three decades of experience as a police officer so that her daughter can make sense of the case before her. Trent informs his partner Faith of the developments about the trailer park shooting and their initial theory that it was a territorial skirmish between two rival gangs, but both stop at the question of what happened to the drugs if this was indeed a clash over the contraband. She asks if he could find out anything from the survivor, and Trent says he hasn’t spoken yet, but he’ll try to see if he can get anything out of the kid.

Trent And The Kid

Trent begins communicating with the kid, and even though he doesn’t speak to the detective immediately, he uses nods and various symbols to give Trent a picture of what had happened. He learns from the kid that he lived with the Elmsways, a family that died in the shootout, and that there were actually three men in the car. The third man was a tall, well-built person who wore black, and they were looking for something after they killed everyone in sight. As Amanda keeps the kid company with crayons, Trent learns that the two attackers had drug charges attached to their names, and one of the deceased Elmsway members was called Sean, who was known to supply drugs to some of his close associates. Trent also finds out from a suspect that there was a cousin named Kylie who used to live there, and she became pregnant some time ago, so it’s possible that the kid who survived might be her son. When a worker from Child Protection Services shows up and says that they’ve found a temporary foster home for the kid, Trent sends him away to get a snack and then asks the worker how much she knows about the family she plans to send the kid to. He then explains how in his last foster home, back in 1998, he had made the mistake of wearing an unironed shirt to Sunday school that apparently made “mommy” look bad, so when they got home, she ironed the shirt while Trent was wearing it. Realizing Trent was losing his temper, Amanda intervenes and says that the GBI will be using an alternate option for the kid’s temporary housing situation.

At night, Trent brings the kid to his place, and he finally speaks to the detective and asks him to tell him a story about pterodactyls. As Trent tells the kid a beautiful story, the kid says his name is Theo Davis, and he tells Trent that his mother is away from him and wonders if she’ll ever come back. The next morning, Evelyn prepares breakfast for her daughter Mitchell and accompanies her to her office, where Evelyn encounters Trent for the first time in the series, and it’s clear she holds a lot of resentment against him because she blames him for destroying her career. Evelyn leaves her daughter and Trent to go meet her long-time friend Amanda, and she lambasts Trent’s superior for the humiliation Evelyn was made to face. Amanda had learned from her friend that Evelyn’s department was corrupt, and she had asked for help cleaning it up. But when Amanda okayed the investigation, it was found that Evelyn was implicated in some ways. This led to officers coming into her office and ransacking it to find proof of her involvement, and she was finally fired from her position, a humiliation she was not able to let go of. Just then, Amanda’s assistant arrives and informs her that Theo’s grandmother has been located.

The Evil Grandma

Trent meets Theo’s grandmother, Kathleen Merrigold, in a conference room, where the elderly woman tells the detective that her son Joey is in prison, and while she knew that he and Kylie dated for a while, she didn’t know that they had a kid together. She adds that Kylie got mixed up with the wrong crowd and became a drug addict, and she can’t wait to take her grandson back to their large house and the hardware store that Theo will surely love. When Trent reports back to Amanda, Faith arrives to inform her that the second shooter is conscious, and their superior once again reminds Faith to seek help. Evelyn tags along with them as they head to the hospital, where the shooter says the third man was someone called ‘Johnny Cash’ and that he wore black. Trent realizes Theo was right and also tells Evelyn a little curtly that she needs to stop interjecting with her condescending quips and she should only contribute if she has something to add to the case. Later, Trent drives Theo, along with the detective’s pet Chihuahua Betty, to his grandmother’s hardware store in a rented van, where his grandmother introduces them to his uncles Aaron and Deacon, who are locking the store down. The moment Theo looks at Deacon, he realizes it’s the third man who shot down the people at the trailer park and begins tugging at Trent’s wrist, who gets the signal and takes the kid to the washroom. On the way, Theo tells Trent that Deacon was the guy he saw, and the detective alerts the GBI to send backup to the hardware store as they’re pinned down and the suspects are armed.

Back at the GBI, Theo’s mother, Kylie, bursts in asking for her son, so Faith sits her down and asks her why she had left. She says that she found a job as a nurse in a different city, and it paid well, but she hardly had any time, so Theo lived with her cousins. When Faith tells her that the kid has been taken to his grandmother’s, Kylie is immediately terrified and tells the detective that his grandmother was the one who had tried to snatch the kid away from her for a year and even called the CPS on her, telling them that the mom used to take drugs. Meanwhile, Trent sends Theo and Betty up the air duct and then steps out to encounter Kathleen and her two angry sons. As Aaron breaks into the washroom, he doesn’t find the kid there but can hear Betty’s barks while Trent hits Deacon on the head with a wrench and runs. He brings Aaron down by tripping him over and hitting him on the face with a shovel, while he incapacitates Deacon by hitting him on the head with a drill machine. Finally, Kathleen finds him with the drill gun in hand while she aims a shotgun at him, so he pretends to put down the drill slowly, only to grab his gun and shoot her index finger off. He then zips them both up and helps Theo and Betty down just as the cops arrive.

The Happy Ending

As it’s time for Theo to go home, Trent packs the kid’s clothes for him, gives him some tips on how to take care of his clothes, and even gives him a handkerchief, which Trent uses every time he is stressed. The two become friends, and before leaving, Theo hugs his new friend tightly. At the Mitchell residence, the mother and daughter are watching TV when Evelyn says she’ll get Faith a glass of milk, but Faith agrees to get it herself, when all of a sudden something snaps in her, and she goes into a headspace where she’s lost touch with reality. Her mother rushes to her aid, helps her snap out of it, and then gives her a loving talk about how it’s okay to feel guilty for killing a man because everyone is someone’s child first, but Faith was just doing her duty. The veteran cop adds that her daughter did the right thing in taking down the corrupt sociopath Tate Grillo because that’s her job and that this is what she has to remember, being a black female detective. Evelyn helps her daughter out of the funk she had been in for a while, using the experiences she had gathered over a lifetime as an officer, so ultimately, the arrival of Evelyn proved helpful for Faith.

And More Tragedy For Angela

While all of this was happening at the GBI, Angie Polaski was approached by her partner, Michael Ormewood, who asked her what became of the creep she had detained the previous week. Polaski said she had to let go of Lenny Broussard, but in her heart, she knew he had some designs on the 15-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, so Ormewood suggested they start investigating the matter. While waiting outside the daughter’s school, Angie meets the teenager and asks if she has ever been made to feel uncomfortable by Lenny, but obviously, she refuses to answer. Angie gives the girl her card, which has her name and contact number on it, and asks her to call Angie any time she wants to share something.

Lenny’s girlfriend barges into the APD soon after and demands to meet the officer named Angie, who gave her daughter a card, and she says her fiancée Lenny is a good man who has suffered enough and has changed. Angie tries to make the woman see that the man is a monster who might hurt her daughter, but the girlfriend will not listen to anything the detective has to say because she wholeheartedly trusts that Lenny is a good man, exhibiting just how gullible the woman is. As Angie starts getting more and more worked up, the counselor takes her to a different room and asks her to calm herself, but Angie says she’s terrified that Lenny will hurt the girl, just like he raped her when she was 15.

Angie waits outside Lenny’s home, and the man spots her and approaches her to sit next to his victim. He then exposes himself as being just as diabolical as he was back then and blames Angie for what happened to her, saying he sexually assaulted her because of the way she dressed and talked, and that she deserved what happened to her. Angie then asks him to go enjoy his day because she vows to kill him someday. That night, Angie drives to a shady area and buys drugs from a dealer, as she’s unable to handle her rage and anger, while Trent’s call keeps ringing in the background.

‘Will Trent’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Why Did Angie Relapse Into Drug Use?

The Angie Polaski we’ve come to know over these few months is one who has struggled with drug use for years until she finally achieved sobriety, and in the previous episode, she told her AA group that she’d managed to stay sober for almost three months. However, her trauma, which started when she was raped by her foster parent Lenny Broussard when she was 15, resurfaced when she spotted the man, and she tried extremely hard to believe that the man had rectified his ways. However, this week, the evil incarnate sat next to her and revealed that he didn’t regret his actions one bit, and whatever happened to Angie was her own fault. She also realized that the monster might ruin the life of his fiancée’s teenage daughter as well because her mother is too blind to see just how much of a pervert her betrothed is. Although Angie vows to kill the sick scumbag who ruined her life, she’s unable to do that just yet, and she’s forced to relapse.

Angie had started using drugs because she wanted to forget the trauma that her rapist had caused her, and when he resurfaces before her again, and she realizes she can’t do anything immediately, she feels too helpless. The traumas start swirling back, and she needs something to numb herself, so she turns to drugs. Angie breaks her several-month-long sobriety because she’s unable to shoot her rapist dead immediately, but we hope she finds justice or vengeance soon and rids the earth of a vermin like Lenny Broussard before “Will Trent” Season 1 closes.

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