‘Wild Wild Punjab’ Movie Spoilers And Summary Explained: Did Khanna Get His Closure?

There are all kinds of stories coming out of Punjab these days, as mentioned in several articles before. Kohrra, Tabbar, CAT, Chamak, and the latest one, which received audience acclaim, Amar Singh Chamkila. These stories do not wish to romanticize the luscious farms of the state and the people who would, if you went by Hindi films, begin dancing at the drop of the beat. Wild Wild Punjab, directed by Simarpreet Singh, is the story of four friends who, on the way to confront the ex-girlfriend of one of them, find themselves in a lot of trouble. 


Spoilers Ahead

Was Gaurav afraid of his father?

The movie begins with Maan Arora, a womanizer, trying to get intimate with his girlfriend. All of this was happening while he was in his best friend Gaurav Jain’s car. Gaurav was from a rich family but had an emotionally abusive father who controlled his life. Gaurav had been afraid of him from childhood, as his father made all the decisions for him. Only a while back, he was forced to get engaged to a woman of his father’s choice because her family was willing to give a hefty dowry. It was not established how long Maan and Gaurav had been friends.


Why was Khanna upset?

Rajesh Khanna, aka Khanna, was on the verge of committing suicide. Maan and Gaurav played reverse psychology, which forced Khanna to give up on the idea of killing himself. Khanna was heartbroken over his ex-girlfriend Vaishali’s marriage to her boss. Khanna was deeply in love with her and was disturbed by how she treated him, and she unceremoniously asked him to stay out of her life after the breakup. Gaurav and Maan were trying their level best to help him control his anger, but all of it went in vain. 

Who made the plan to visit Pathankot?

They were joined by Honey Singh, a successful businessman who was irritated with Khanna for not moving on from a woman who’d cheated on him. It was Maan who suggested they visit Pathankot, the place where Vaishali was supposed to get married. They encouraged Khanna to muster up the courage and let her know that he was over her. All of them were partially drunk when this decision was made and they started their journey to help Khanna get his closure. 


Who got married accidentally?

On their way to Pathankot, the men in the car ran out of alcohol. Since they were already drunk and wanted to get their hands on more alcohol, they decided to gatecrash a wedding. As the four men enjoyed the hospitality and got severely drunk, all of them woke up the next day to find out Gaurav had married the bride Radha instead when the groom and his family walked out, citing the low dowry from the father of the bride. A drunk Gaurav stood up to the social evil and decided to marry Radha instead. The next day, a hungover bunch of friends were unable to come to terms with what happened the previous night under the influence of alcohol. They tried to escape the situation by abandoning Radha, but all of them were overwhelmed by her overprotective family. Gaurav was petrified as his marriage was already fixed by his father, and he was in no position to inform him about Radha, his newlywed wife. 

How did all of them meet Meera?

All of them continued their journey to Pathankot, but this time they were joined by Radha, who was far cooler than any of them anticipated. However, she was keen on being with Gaurav, who was her husband now. Gaurav tried hard to keep her at bay to avoid getting too attached to her. Radha, on learning of Khanna’s dilemma, suggested he take a girl pretending to be his girlfriend to Vaishali’s wedding. She suggested the name of a friend who was at a university festival. As the men took a detour to reach the university, their plan to take Radha’s friend flopped. Maan was attracted to Meera, a boisterous woman who soon agreed to play Khanna’s girlfriend and decided to join them on the journey. Everybody in the car was suspicious of her except Maan, who had developed a major crush on Meera. 


Was Meera a drug dealer?

Honey Singh got into trouble with a police officer, and this forced them to spend time in jail. Meera, who had joined them on the trip, was worried that police involvement would land her in prison as she was carrying a bunch of narcotics. After dealing with the police, Meera took them to the den of the two drug dealers, Daljeet and Dalbir, to sell the drugs in exchange for money. Daljeet and Dalbir were the brothers who ran a drug cartel with a poultry farm as a front for their business. They refused to pay Meera what they owed her, which forced her to threaten Daljeet by pointing the gun, and she stole a large chunk of money. She forced all the men and Radha to get in the car to escape from the town. This was followed by a car chase in which Khanna was shot in the buttocks.

Why was Radha kept hostage?

The bullet was successfully removed by a veterinarian doctor, as all of them were in a rural area of Punjab. They were soon surrounded by Daljeet and Dalbir, who wanted Meera and the money. To their horror, Meera had taken off with Honey’s beloved car, which he had named ‘Paro,’ along with the drugs she had on her and the money she stole. This forced Honey to mobilize the truck drivers who worked for him to locate ‘Paro’ and Meera. Daljeet and Dalbir had kept Radha a hostage until Meera was brought back to them. Honey took this task seriously and forced Meera to come back in the hope that Radha remained harmless. 

How did all of them reach Vaishali’s wedding venue?

Gaurav has so far not felt right about the wedding that happened without the knowledge of his father. He was unable to converse with Radha, and the wife assumed this was his nature as a person. Gaurav had given up on the thought of rescuing Radha when she was kept hostage. He eventually decided to give up on what his father wanted and to do what he wanted instead, which was to rescue Radha and live happily with her going forward as a married couple. He walked in pretending to be an exterminator and rescued everyone from the poultry farm. 

Gaurav was worried all this time about his emotionally distant and abusive father, who was not happy with the way his son had taken off. As a son, he wanted some freedom, which his father had never given him since childhood. He wanted to make this decision without his father influencing or emotionally blackmailing him. Gaurav had begun to like Radha, and he wanted to save her and prove he would never live his life based on his father’s ideas of what his life should be. 


As Gaurav rescued them from the poultry farm, they realized there was a wedding happening at a resort adjacent to the Daljeet and Dalbir properties. To their surprise, it was Vaishali’s wedding that was happening at the property, and Khanna had to go ahead with the plan even though Honey, Maan, and Gaurav asked him to forget about her.

Did Khanna get his closure?

Khanna was excited to be at the wedding celebrations, but Vaishali was not, as she had begged him to stay away from her life. While Khanna was having his conversation, Daljeet and Dalbir were after Maan, Meera, Honey, Gaurav, and Radha for destroying their narcotics and keeping the money Meera had stolen from them. Khanna was keen on getting his closure because he wanted to move on after making a statement to her. 


Khanna was not naïve, and he was aware of what had happened between Vaishali and her boss even though she’d kept the affair under wraps. Vaishali was selfish who kept Khanna around as her backup plan while she continued having her affair with her boss. Khanna wanted to let her know he would never desperately follow her again, as there was no love left in him for her. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang was hoping not to get killed by Daljeet and Dalbir. The two brothers were dangerous, and they wouldn’t hesitate to escalate things to murder. The showdown between the gang and the brothers ended with Honey informing the police of the drug peddlers, and they were taken away. This was the same police officer who had arrested Honey and the boys. He finally came to their rescue as Daljeet and Dalbir were escorted out.


Once that scenario was sorted out, everyone watched a teary-eyed Vaishali walk out of her room after finding out her fiance was cheating on her. Everyone, including the gang and especially Khanna, was a witness to the showdown. This indicated that Vaishali paid for the mistake she made and wanted to rectify it by marrying Khanna. Khanna would have been more than happy to oblige, but he also never wanted to agree to marry her in the current circumstances, given she had treated him like her second option. 

Even in times of adversity, she chose to keep Khanna as her safety option and hoped he would agree to her wishes. Khanna had the last laugh as he finally uttered those words he had been planning since the beginning of the trip. Khanna loudly said he was over her, and there was nothing more satisfying than this moment. All the madness that happened during their journey, and the culmination of it, was the sweet revenge he got by uttering those words and rejecting her plan to marry him. 


Vaishali was as heartbroken as she should be, and the gang walked out feeling vindicated. Everyone expected Khanna would fall for her again, but he chose to move on instead. He knew that if he married her, the cycle of her pitying him and having a steamy affair with someone else would continue.

Wild Wild Punjab ended with all of them heading back to their hometowns and Gaurav finally coming to his own by accepting Radha as his wife. Gaurav was all ready to face his father. Maan and Meera had kissed by the end of the movie. It was not clear how they would find a middle ground, as she was a drug peddler. Honey also got his closure, as his only plan was to get Khanna out of the mess he was in. Honey was happy his car ‘Paro’ was back in his possession, and it seemed likely he’d never let it out of his sight again.


Smriti Kannan
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