‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Do Mother-Daughter Plan To Survive?

Episode five of “Who Were We Running From” had all the drama, where again, the mother and daughter barely escaped from the hands of the police and managed to take the leap of faith so that they could remain together, not wanting to be separated by anybody. The mother wanted all her money from the bank, but she was prevented from collecting the enormous amount of cash when the bank informed the police about her presence. The mother had to resort to another killing to survive. But the mother and the daughter lose almost all their cash due to the jump they make. The question remains how will Bambi and her mother manage to make ends meet with their cash inflow depleting?


Spoilers Ahead

Finding Ways To Survive

Bambi’s voiceover begins by saying they have moved to an island, and she and her mother feel safe, but someone will catch up with them in no time. They are now far away from Turkey, in another country altogether. Where they live is close to the island, which they both love and have always wanted to move to. As Bambi and her mother talk about what the game plan is from here on, the mother reveals she has never worked a day in her life, and now it looks like that is what she will have to do to make sure she and her daughter survive.


Bambi tries to pacify her and make her realize that it won’t be so hard from here, for they are together. Her mother is looking for options to get money. Bambi’s mother had an heirloom on her: her grandmother’s ring. She had to sell it off to fund their stay at the hotel they are now staying in. The mother is thinking about finding out what would help her find a practical solution to her problem.

The interrogation of people who have seen the mother and the daughter leads the police nowhere, for yet again, they lose the mother-and-daughter duo. The interrogation of the woman related to the mother once again yields results, but the police are in no mood to reveal it in the public so that the mother and daughter don’t get any inkling of what the police are up to. The interrogation of the extended family member leads to the police finding out that the car accident that killed Bambi’s grandmother also killed the driver of the car. Her grandfather did not die in the crash, and the man is still very much alive. The woman also goes on to talk about how the girl was ungrateful and did not deserve the life she is leading right now.


What Are The Mother And The Daughter’s Plans To Survive? 

The mother and the daughter go for a walk just to cool themselves down. Bambi thought her mother was hyperventilating and hoped that this walk on the cliff would help her find a better perspective on how to go ahead from here and sustain their lives. The mother has been used to living a certain way since childhood, and she does not know any other way to live. She was surrounded by money, and despite there being no relationship between the mother and her parents, she was given a generous amount as inheritance money, and she has lived off that ever since. She always thought money could help her stay away from her real family, except for Bambi. With Bambi around, her mother made sure to surround the child with all things luxurious as compensation for what her childhood had been. The mother fails to recognize that love is love, and nothing replaces it, not even money. The mother cares for and adores her daughter, but she knows without money, they are broke.

The mother suddenly remembers that her mother has a property just like the cliff they are on, which is sea-facing. The property, as she recalls, is worth a lot, and selling it will help her get the money she wants, and the duo can live off that money. They both formulate a plan to make sure the land is sold as soon as possible with the hope the sale would help them live their dreams out. The mother cannot believe she forgot about this piece of land before, and she is keen on getting rid of the last reminder of her mother. Bambi is thrilled because she has started idolizing her mother. Both contact prospective realtors to get in touch with buyers, and one of them comes across a rich buyer who is willing to buy.


The buyer turns out to be her father, who she had not seen in years. The mother does not know at this point that the buyer is her father, who has been planted during a business transaction by the police in the hope of apprehending her red-handed. As the mother and the daughter get ready to meet the buyer, they both end up spending time in an ancient town. The mother finds herself wanting to spend as much time as possible with Bambi, for she has an intuition that something will go wrong. For the first time in years, her mother wants to take pictures of Bambi. The mother had never taken pictures of her daughter, but this time around, she felt like getting out of her comfort zone to do it. As both are waiting for the sale to happen, the mother notices the black Mercedes she always dreaded. Bambi does not notice it initially, but she sees that what her mother is claiming is probably true. Both of them realize from the realtor that the business transaction was a trap, and the realtor is working with the police to nab her. The mother is also shocked to know the buyer is none other than her father.

The mother cannot believe her father got involved with the police just to get his daughter arrested. She makes sure not to be part of the transaction by not showing up at all. She wants to now confront her father rather directly and make him pay the money he owes for the childhood he did not give her. She confronts the man at his home, and she also takes Bambi with her. A verbal spat ensues, in which the father repeatedly tells her she ruined his and her mother’s lives, and they never loved her per se. But he is willing to give her the money he owes for the property, and she agrees to move away from his life, possibly forever. The mother never understood what she did for her parents to hate their only child this much. The money she gets, she realizes, is marked money, and there is a tracker in the suitcase that will help the police follow the mother and Bambi after they leave her father’s mansion. She also overhears her father conversing with the police to arrest his daughter, for he wants custody of Bambi. There is no point trying to figure out why the father hates his daughter, and there is no incident from the past that is put across for the viewers to understand why there is such animosity between the father and the daughter. 


On hearing the conversation, the mother attacks her father, and Bambi notices her mother being hit relentlessly by her grandfather as an act of retaliation; she kills her grandfather by stabbing his eyes with the pen kept on his table. The mother did not want blood on Bambi’s hands, but her daughter acted to save the only family she’s ever known, the reason for her existence. Bambi knew if her mother died, her grandfather would force her to live with him, and it would be the end of the life she always wanted. In her own idea of self-defense, she killed the man. Now with this, she has also become a murderer, and this is not something the mother wanted for her only daughter. They throw away the marked bills with GPS trackers on them to confuse the police, and the mother and the daughter go away to another city, likely to save themselves somehow and not get arrested. The police are again unable to arrest them, and they finally seem clueless about how to close this case.

Final Thoughts

This episode was directed and written very haphazardly, and the viewing experience felt like it was rushed to club in all the important points which the writer forgot to include in the previous episodes. The conflict with the parent, the story of the conflict, and the reasons why the parent–daughter relationship got estranged felt rushed, and there was no concrete answer to what went wrong. The writers should have indulged in that story to understand why Bambi’s mother is the way she is. The episode did not serve the purpose of a penultimate episode.


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