‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained: Did Bambi’s Mother Find The Cash?

Episode four of “Who Were We Running From” also has the mother and daughter coming very close to being apprehended by the police, but Bambi and her mother make a clever escape from the hotel without creating any suspicion among the police. The police realize the mother is an intelligent person here, and they will have to wait for her to make a mistake to nab her.


Spoilers Ahead

For The Money

Bambi’s mother’s only way out of this mess is to move to an island where they can build a home for themselves with the money she has. The mother knows she has enough money in her bank account to help her rebuild a life from scratch in another country on an island. The mother finally understands the importance of having a home, and she also makes Bambi understand that maybe having a home is not a bad idea after all. A home would bring them stability, and would keep them from burning through the rest of the money for themselves.


Her mother does not want to leave her daughter empty-handed if she ever passes away, so having a home would help Bambi have an asset that she would inherit. Bambi, too, is keen to understand what her mother is trying to convey. To see the way her mother is living right now, Bambi takes it up as an inspiration, and she too starts having a dream of continuing to live how her mother lives, always on the edge but finally settling down on an island where they can probably own a home. Bambi thinks her mother can do no wrong, and she has nobody to make her understand her mother’s way of living might not be right. But since Bambi has only been around her mother, she has always felt the mothership is right, and she would only think about carrying out things the way her mother has carried out their lives since she was born.

The police interrogation, on the other hand, has reached a dead end where the name of the mother has still not been revealed, but they get to someone related to Bambi’s mother, and the woman starts spilling secrets about how unholy it was for the woman to have a child out of wedlock. The police do not get much information from this woman, but the security head who tipped off the mother and Bambi eventually reveals that Bambi probably suffered from Stockholm syndrome, and that is probably the only reason why the girl feels a lot more attached to her mother than any other girl.


Did Bambi’s Mother Find The Cash Meant For Her?

Bambi and her mother plan to go to the island of paradise, where they can finally have a home of their own. To manifest that, they would have to utilize the money that Bambi’s mother has. Being from a rich family, Bambi’s mother has plenty of inheritance money that was left for her, and she uses it to make sure she and her daughter remain safe. The mother always relied on the money she had, for she knows the fact that money speaks, given that is how she was raised. She wants the same for her daughter: to be surrounded by wealth because money will make sure Bambi remains protected all the time. The mother plans to withdraw all the money left for her in the bank account in the hope that it will help her kickstart the dream of owning a home on an island.

Bambi and her mother visit the bank to let them know her intention of withdrawing the money. The bank initially slows the process down to get Bambi and her mother to change their minds about taking out all the money. But her mother is adamant, and she puts it across rather sternly that the money belongs to her and that it is her will to encash the entire amount, and that the bank must oblige to do the same. The bank manager also tries to stall the process, but Bambi’s mother, being an adamant woman, makes sure the bank manager agrees to her demands. As a large amount is now ready to be withdrawn, the bank manager informs her subordinate to inform the police that the mother and daughter they have been hunting for are at their bank. The security people ask Bambi to stay out, and the bank manager intentionally traps the mother inside her office, trying to stall her till the police come. Bambi’s mother now senses danger, and she knows it is a now-or-never situation for her. With the bank manager withdrawing all the money, she helps her stash the money into a huge bag. But the mother gets it that this is the plan hatched by the bank manager to make her wait in the bank so that the police can come and arrest her. The security does not allow Bambi to enter the bank; they have been warned to keep the kid out.


Bambi’s mother is helpless, and she has no way out but to kill the bank manager for not just betraying her but also attempting to stall her. All Bambi and her mother wanted to do was collect their money and leave. They were not stealing it, but she was sure that once the police arrested them, they would file a case of theft against them as well. The bank manager is killed, and Bambi’s mother tries to stuff as much money as she can into a trash bag, but she can only gather so much, as the police happen to be close by. She somehow managed to escape from the office, grab Bambi, and run towards the coast. They run as far away as they can and as fast as they can. The police and the duo have a chase, and the police again close in on them in pursuit of not just them but the money as well. Bambi and her mother reach a point where they either jump from there to survive or get caught by the police and live the rest of their lives separately. Bambi, who at this point is super impressed at what her mother was able to achieve, agrees to jump into the pristine blue sea with the money. The duo jump and the money they had sadly gets scattered. Bambi and her mother lose not only the money but also the dream of moving to their island to build a home. There is no looking back from that jump because it was a leap of faith they carried to make them remain together.

Final Thoughts

The fifth episode was all about clinging to the suspension of disbelief because there are crimes that the mother carries out; she knows there is no way she will get out of jail for this for years, but she still carries them out to save herself and her daughter. If all of these actions were written in a way that there could be a fragment of believability in them, this episode would have made for a more interesting and engaging watch. The fact is that the mother’s intention of saving herself and the daughter’s plot point is being used and overused, and at this point, it feels like the writer should have explored her desperation more. This episode could not live up to expectations.


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