‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Where Did Bambi And Her Mother Hide?

Episode three of “Who Were We Running From” had the police coming very close to apprehending the mother for multiple murders, but she is a street-smart woman, and was successful in keeping herself and her daughter from being cornered by the police. The police were hopeful of getting her name after the arrest, but she misled them, which brought them back to square one, where there is insufficient information about their whereabouts. What will the police do, and how do Bambi and the mother make sure to stay ten steps ahead of them?


Spoilers Ahead

Yet Another Hotel To Stay In And Hide Under The Radar

The mother and daughter duo flew to another city and moved into another 5-star hotel. Again, the mother and daughter indulge in bonding with each other by making tiaras out of daisies. The mother reveals that she was taught to do this by her grandmother. Bambi is intrigued to learn about her mother’s grandmother. The mother also reveals that her grandmother was her only friend in the house, and no one bothered to be there for her when she was growing up. Bambi also wanted to be close to her grandmother, but it is revealed she is no more, and her mother is more than happy for Bambi not to be around to mingle with this woman, whom she referred to as the Ice Queen.


She referred to her as the “Ice Queen” because her mother had never had any motherly feelings towards her daughter and always made sure to criticize and put her down with her harsh words. Bambi’s grandmother was the epitome of someone who emotionally abused her mother growing up. Bambi’s mother was raised in a rich household where there was no shortage of money around, but what she lacked was the love and care she was seeking from her parents. Her parents were building a reputation, but they forgot to raise a child with care and love. Every action she took was criticized, and she was punished for it. Her father also did not stop her mother from verbally abusing his daughter. This festered into a never-ending hatred in her for her parents. In that process, her mother managed to kill her pet dog, who was her best friend. That’s why Bambi’s mother got attached to the dog they rescued at the resort in the mountains.

This story puts Bambi in a weird mood, and all she wants to do is make her mother cheery and happy. Bambi, being the only companion of her mother, realizes that her mother has been put through a lot, which makes her want to be there for her. Bambi also understands why her mother wants her around all the time, because she wants to shower love on her, which she never got as a child from her mother.


Why Does The Hotel Staff Inform The Mother Of The Police’s Arrival?

With the police increasing the scale of their search, they are sending out photos of Bambi and her mother all around the country to make sure some hotels recognize them and inform the police about it. Meanwhile, Bambi offers a handmade daisy tiara to the security head of the hotel, and the said woman feels touched by Bambi’s gesture. She converses with Bambi about why she offered her this thoughtful gift, to which Bambi responds that she sees a parent figure in her, and that is what made her offer her the tiara. The woman is the only person in the hotel who is not suspicious of the mother and daughter and their capacity to afford to stay in such a fancy hotel.

It is also revealed that when Bambi’s mother got pregnant with her, her parents shamed her continuously for publicly humiliating her family. They were keen on her getting an abortion, but she’d refused to abort the child. The anger grew into hatred, and she removed the brake system of the car in which her parents would be traveling for a party. She was successful in doing so, and it is implied that her parents died in the car crash caused by Bambi’s mother herself. Bambi’s mother could not stand the sight of her parents and the fact they would not stay by her side during her pregnancy. She fixated on the fact that they wanted her to be kept at home itself, away from people, so that they wouldn’t grow aware of the shame she caused.


But the other staff have already informed the police about the presence of the mother and daughter on their property as per the alert sent by them, which included their sketched-out picture of the duo. The security, after being touched by Bambi’s gesture, is in no mood to entertain the police’s intention to walk by the hotel’s door and arrest the mother. The woman is not keen on handing over the duo to the police because she somehow feels it is not the right thing to do, especially keeping in mind how young Bambi is and that it is not the right age for her to separate from her mother. Bambi is hurt to know her mother went through such turbulent times to make sure Bambi was not aborted.

The police are on their way to raid the hotel, and that’s when the security head of the hotel informs the mother that police are coming by the hotel to arrest her. This was the first scene of the show. The mother wakes up Bambi and asks her to move out of the hotel room as fast as they can. With the police almost reaching the hotel, the mother and daughter duo head out of the hotel using every trick they know of. Bambi’s mother, by now, has made sure to have mastered the art of exiting any hotel. She always makes sure to mark an exit, hoping they can make use of it. As the police reach the room, they are nowhere to be found, and now they head towards all the exit points of the city, which are the railway station, bus station, and airport, to check if they left the city through those means. The police dedicate all their time to finding out where the mother and daughter are headed. They find no proof of them exiting the city at all at that time, and they are again baffled as to how they managed to pull it off.


The next day, the police figured out that the mother and daughter never left the hotel and instead hid inside the building until the police reduced the intensity of their raid. The mother knew the police would check public transportation to see if they had left the city or not, and to give them time, she kept a buffer. Once the buffer time was over, the police spotted the mother and Bambi on the CCTV after the raid was over, and since the police were far away from the premises, they left the hotel premises in a cab. Bambi’s mother turned out to be smarter than all the investigating police combined because she managed to not just slip under their radar but also remain ten steps ahead of them. Bambi’s mother can only hope that they stay away from the police throughout their journey. Bambi, on the other hand, is finding this life exciting, and she is making sure to follow in the footsteps of her mother, an intelligent woman who would want to remain far and away from the police.

Final Thoughts

This episode stretched way too much when it came to talking about Bambi’s mother’s past. It has been established that her parents did not give her the love and attention their only child required, but it felt like the writers beat around the bush and forgot to talk about the core of the conflict. The parents hating their child seems like a very flat approach to creating a conflict. The writer could have delved deeper into the conflict to make it more empathetic. Hoping the last few episodes will serve this purpose.


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