‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did The Police Arrest Bambi And Her Mother?

The second episode of “Who Were We Running From” had the mother going into a full-on attacking mode when she kills the doctor who tried to molest Bambi. Bambi, a young teenage girl, is in shock at what just happened to her and is processing all the incidents that have transpired. After the murder, the mother-daughter duo again fled to another place, hoping nobody would catch up with them. But the police have already sniffed out that there is a serial killer in the area, and they know it’s a woman who is carrying out these killings. Will they find out more information about this woman?


Spoilers Ahead

To The Snowy Mountains

The mother and daughter reach the northern side of Turkey, where they are surrounded by snow and cold weather. The mother believes no one will catch them over here, and again they stay at a fancy hotel, occupying the most expensive room. The mother has not yet exhausted her money, and she is glad she has enough cash on her to survive. Bambi is also having a good time, enjoying the cold weather and the fact that her mother feels safe, happy, and content. Unfortunately for them, the police have now sent an alert everywhere in mainland Turkey about the mother-daughter duo and how they are suspects in not just two killings but many others outside of Turkey. According to the police, there are reports of the mother killing people in the United States and running away before the cops could catch her. Bambi has no inhibitions about her mother’s indulging in such crimes, and she finds a way to support her mother through it all. They have a good time in the colder place, where they are surrounded by nothing but cold winds and snow.


Again, in this place, they are bothered by a woman who constantly nags Bambi’s mother for being an irresponsible mother. They have no idea who this stranger is, but initially, they do not let her bother them. Bambi, though, gets hold of a dog  whom she is willing to take care of and to whom she feels attached. Her mother also agrees to take care of the animal, hoping that Bambi will take care of her just like her mother takes care of her. The police do, however, find out that the mother and her daughter don’t have a fixed home where they live. They move from hotel to hotel around the world. They have lived in India, the USA, and Europe, and now they have come back to their home country and are living off hotels. They also come to know of the money she is using, and they figure it is her inheritance money, which she has been utilizing for her expenses all these years. The mother and daughter are initially oblivious to all the police work going on to make sure they are arrested. They end up spending plenty of time in each other’s company, hoping this could be the place where they could stick around for a longer time and not be disturbed at all.

Did The Police Arrest Bambi And Her Mother?

As their stay in the mountainous, snowy hills becomes better, a lot of uncomfortable truths come out about Bambi’s mother. Up until this point, the protagonist’s mother’s name has not been revealed. The police are interrogating the people who were in close contact with the mother and daughter, and they dig up a lot of information about the lifestyles that both women led. The police are trying to get as much information as they can so that they can prepare to nab them. The police are keener on apprehending the mother than Bambi because, from whatever they have heard about Bambi and her mother, they feel the woman is keeping Bambi hostage, and they want to know what exactly the relationship is between the woman and Bambi. The police are not sure if the woman is her mother or if she is merely pretending to be.


Bambi, though, hears for the first time about her mother’s parents. She never thought they were good to her mother. The mother also indirectly reveals that her parents never cared about her, and that is the reason she makes sure Bambi stays close to her at all times. Bambi’s mother now has a reason put forward for her being protective of Bambi. The mother and daughter bond over Bambi, the novel and the mother gives reasons why she cannot be like Bambi’s mother from the story in the novel. She can never leave her daughter alone for danger to befall her. The mother and daughter decide to let go of the dog they rescued, so Bambi decides to take the dog to a cave. Bambi wants to make sure the dog meets his mother. But on the way to the cave, Bambi gets lost, and she overhears a couple talking about the serial killer woman murdering those staying at the hotel. Bambi realizes the couple is speaking of her mother, and the girl quite literally feels terrified. The news of the murders her mother perpetrated reaches the ears of the locals in Turkey.

Bambi feels this would mean the police will surely catch them, and she will be separated from her mother. She stops talking to her mother on her return, and the mother soon understands why her daughter is acting aloof. Bambi has every reason to be worried because, besides her mother, she has no family. She is a teenager who is not even attending any school; her mother made sure of that. Her only existence so far has been living off the money of her mother in luxurious hotels. Her mother understands her fear, and she tries to pacify her daughter, telling Bambi that she will not be rendered an orphan, not when her mother is still alive. It is during this conversation that the annoying lady again bothers Bambi and her mother. This makes Bambi’s mother lose her mind, and they end up in a verbal spat that draws a lot of attention at the resort where they are staying.


At the same time, the police on the mainland only a few days ago came across information from the CCTV footage of the mother and her daughter leaving for the northern part of Turkey. The police make sure to send a picture of the two of them to all the resorts and hotels in that area to identify them and inform the police about their presence. At the resort where the mother and Bambi live, they identify the duo and inform the police right away. Bambi’s mother understands there has been some escalation about them in the hotel as she sees the local security identifying them and making sure necessary steps are taken to reprimand them. The mother and Bambi soon realize trouble has reached their doorstep, and they will have to leave this resort as well and move to another part of Turkey, hoping not to get caught or followed. They leave and get into the first cab outside the resort, but the driver is informed of their identity, and Bambi’s mother senses the conversation is about them. She asks him to stop the car in the middle of nowhere, and they head to the airport instead of the bus depot. The police go to the bus station, hoping to apprehend them, only for them to realize she had misled them. They were at the airport, hid quite well, and managed to leave the town once and for all. Bambi and her mother cannot dream of living separately, especially the mother, because all this time, she has given life to Bambi, and she doesn’t want that to change at any point. She strongly believes she is not a murderer, since she committed those acts just to safeguard her only daughter.

The police again could not nab the duo because they were misled by them. They again have no clue where the mother and daughter are headed next, and for that, they will have to go back to the drawing board and find clues to figure out where they are currently located. They can only hope the third time’s a charm.


Final Thoughts

This episode was the perfect balance of good writing and pacing. The story moved forward as more shades were given to the mother. The viewers tend to get an idea of why the mother is behaving the way she does. But the message that is put across seems wrong, for the mother cannot deprive her child of education and blame it on her difficult childhood. The story, though, is now moving forward towards something where we will get to know more about what the mother is capable of and what her history is. The next four episodes should be a game-changer.

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