‘Who Killed Our Father?’ Ending, Explained: Is Scott Dead? What Happens To Nora And Violet?

“Who Killed Our Father?” is a thriller-drama that follows the story of two sisters named Leila and Violet. The movie begins with a frantic phone call from Leila’s foster sister, telling Leila that someone was trying to kill her. When she arrived at her home, Leila saw her sister’s dead body on the floor. Suddenly, Leila’s attention fell on a boy with a knife in his hand. He tried to stab Leila, and they got into a scuffle. In the process, Leila accidentally stabbed him, and the boy died instantly. Fortunately, Leila informed her boyfriend, Brad, about the situation, and he disposed of the body before anyone found out.


Leila was heartbroken to lose her foster sister. So she tried to find her biological father and did a DNA test. She found out that Scott Hyatt, a well-known businessman who lived in Philadelphia, was her biological father. Leila didn’t want to be alone anymore, so she decided to visit him. Scott didn’t know about her because Leila had been born out of wedlock. When Leila was a little girl, she was taken away by Child Protective Services. Leila’s mother was a drug addict and died when Leila was in high school. Leila was looking forward to meeting her father, but Scott was murdered on the same day. Leila decided to meet her little sister Violet, but she got into a lot of trouble. She realized that someone else wanted to hurt her too.

Spoilers Ahead


What Happened To Scott Hyatt?

Scott Hyatt was a popular personality, and he was known in society for his charitable acts. But Scott struggled to have a good relationship with his daughter Violet. She loved her father but refused to spend time with him because he was with Nora. She was Violet’s stepmother, and Scott married Nora six months after Violet’s biological mother died. Violet couldn’t accept the marriage, and things weren’t going well in the family. Nevertheless, Scott decided to go to family therapy and failed miserably. The truth was, Violet was waiting for her father to stand up for her more. That same night, Detective Howard came to the Hyatts’ house and told them about his murder. Scott was out training for his big marathon when he was murdered. Violet was heartbroken and couldn’t accept her father’s death. She had lost her mother, and now her father was no longer alive to support her either. Investigators tried to find clues to the case but found nothing. Eventually, they found out that Scott had been having an extramarital affair with someone. Violet couldn’t believe it at first, but everything became clear when she found a receipt from a jewelry shop in his coat pocket.

The Secret Affair

Detective Howard managed to find some witnesses to Scott’s murder. Their statements would help the officers track down the real killer. These witnesses testified that Scott was seen with a woman on the night he was murdered. Even though they didn’t know who she was, these clues were enough for them to determine that a woman was involved in the murder. In the meantime, Nora tried to restore her relationship with Violet and asked her to pick out clothes for her father’s funeral. This helped Violet find the receipt, and she decided to get more information from the jewelry shop. The next morning, Violet visited the shop, but the receptionists weren’t allowed to give out any personal information. When the receptionist received a call, Violet managed to sneak up to the register and find out that her father had bought a diamond necklace with cash. Violet couldn’t understand the reason for this because Scott had never bought anything with cash before. Leila and Violet hid it from the police and decided to find out the truth themselves.


What Happened To Brad?

Brad and Leila had been a couple for a long time. But Leila decided to end the relationship because of Brad’s constant lying. Brad had racked up a gambling debt and had to pay more than $50,000. So Leila decided to leave him and spend some time with her sister Violet. Brad didn’t like this and tried to talk to her. She was the only person who could help him with his debts because Scott Hyatt was a rich man. But Leila refused to help and decided to go ahead with her plans. Days passed, and Leila noticed that she was constantly being followed by the debt collectors. Leila forced Brad to take care of it immediately and managed to offer him some money with Nora’s help. Brad didn’t like this and decided to steal from Scott’s house. Brad managed to pick the lock and sneak into the house, but it didn’t work because Nora shot him, and he was dead on the spot. Nora tried to protect herself and thought he was an intruder. But Leila was still heartbroken about his death because they had been together for a long time.

How Did Hazel Die?

Hazel was the housekeeper and personal assistant to Nora Hyatt. After Violet’s mother died, she was appointed to look after Violet. Hazel had supported Violet all her life, tutoring her whenever she needed extra attention. After Scott’s death, Hazel looked like she was worried. But she kept visiting Nora and Violet. When Hazel didn’t come to see them for a few days, Nora got worried. They decided to check on her and visit her house. Luckily, Violet had a spare key to the flat. They quickly entered her house and found her body upstairs. Violet noticed that Hazel was wearing a diamond necklace. Suddenly, Nora found a suicide note in which she confessed to killing Scott. Apparently, Scott had broken up with her a few days ago. To punish him, Hazel had planned to kill him. Hazel apologized in the letter for her mistakes. In the end, Nora and Violet called the police. When Violet came back, she told Leila everything. Besides, Violet was sure that Hazel wasn’t the murderer because she’d never been one to hurt anyone.


The following night, Violet and Leila visited Hazel’s house to look for more clues. While Leila was waiting for them downstairs, Violet stumbled across a strange pill. She decided to check her records and found a card for Devrow Pharmacy. She decided to call there and found that the pharmacy had no record of Hazel’s prescription. At first, Leila and Violet couldn’t understand why Hazel would overdose on a medicine she had never taken before. But when they discovered Faith’s (Nora’s sister) medication in the guest room, everything became clear to them.

Who Is Maya? How Did She Help With Scott’s Murder?

Maya and Scott started dating after Violet’s mother died. But Scott decided to marry Nora instead of her. As for Nora, she didn’t like Maya because of their affair. To this day, Maya could not understand why Scott married Nora. Leila and Maya met during their morning walks, and she invited Leila to her house. Leila decided to get to the bottom of it and get her side of the story. She asked for the recordings from her CCTV camera and made a shocking discovery. The footage showed that Faith wasn’t at home when Scott was murdered. But Leila couldn’t understand this because Faith and Nora were watching a film together. Leila and Faith met and talked about Scott’s death. At first, Leila was uncomfortable talking to her, but then she revealed that she had to stop by Nora’s house to get her medication. Leila told her about the medication, and then it all became clear to her. As Faith drove away from Nora’s house, she noticed that the things in her car had been moved. She didn’t give it much thought until Leila told her about the missing medication.


‘Who Killed Our Father?’ Ending Explained – Who Is The Real Murderer?

Faith was shocked, and she realized immediately that Nora had set her up. She decided to testify against Nora and agreed to Leila’s plan. Meanwhile, Violet was confused because Nora was rushing to have the will read. When Leila returned, she revealed that Nora was the real killer. Faith was the best alibi for Nora. Her presence made it easier for Nora to prove her innocence. When Scott was alone in the woods, Nora attacked him. Nora wanted to claim ownership of the property. She framed Hazel to distract the detectives and used Faith’s drugs to kill her. But when Nora understood that Scott had left all the money for Violet, she was heartbroken and decided to flee the house. Leila managed to stop her, but Nora had a knife with her. Faith tried to talk to Nora and questioned her about Scott’s murder. Nora revealed that Scott had tried to throw her out and that killing him was the only option. In the end, Nora was arrested for her crimes. Eventually, Leila and Violet moved on with their lives. The sisters grew closer over time and dreamed of opening a real estate business like their father.

Leila’s involvement in Violet’s life was one of the best things for her because, had she not been involved, Nora would have killed her the same way. Nora wanted all the property for herself, and Scott must have found out about her intentions. So, he planned to leave her before things got any worse. Nora couldn’t accept this and decided to end things her way. She put on the pained face of a widow, while the whole world believed that Nora was the victim all along. It was clear that Nora had suffered a lot in her childhood. She inflicted her pain and suffering by hurting those who had wronged her. Nora must have had many financial problems in the past, and perhaps she attracted Scott for the same reason. The film shows how Nora tried to send Violet away but couldn’t. Scott loved Violet more than anything in the world, and he’d never hurt his daughter over a woman. If Nora had been a good mother to Violet, Scott would have given her everything she needed. In the end, Nora was arrested for her crimes. She made the wrong decision and lost everything she had.


Things would have been different if Scott and Hazel were really in a relationship. Violet had a great relationship with her. If Nora hadn’t murdered them, they’d have been great parents to Violet and Leila. Nora tried to win the hearts of Leila and Violet just to make them think she was a nice person. However, the film is incomplete and doesn’t reveal why Leila’s foster sister died. Also, there was no connection between Brad’s death and the film. It was completely out of place. The film could have been better if they had placed the sequences properly and explained everything with the right reasoning. It was kind of surprising that the investigators couldn’t find any information about the case, even though it was pretty easy to understand that Nora was the killer. Apart from that, the film was a good portrayal of two sisters who love each other and want to carry their father’s legacy for the rest of their lives.

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