‘Who is Erin Carter?’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Erin Get To Keep Her Family Safe?

We’re at the seventh and last episode of Who Is Erin Carter? and now we know that Erin is a family girl. She’s always done everything in her power to keep her family safe since she brought Harper to Barcelona. Emilio’s death really shook her up, and she would do anything to make sure that nothing happened to Jordi and Harper. Previously, Lena found Erin and asked her to take her to Harper. Erin changed course and took her to where she hid the gold from the theft job. Erin never used the gold because she was scared it would harm Harper and her. She tries to bribe Lena with the gold so that she can continue to live with Harper and Jordi, but Lena shoots her in the gut and abandons her in the middle of nowhere instead.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Erin somehow manages to wake up in a pool of blood and find her way back to her home. On the other hand, Lena makes her way to the house to wait for Harper and Jordi. She finds pictures of their family and notices that they’re actually living like a regular family, unlike the life she could’ve given Harper. She rips up a picture of the family to keep Harper’s image to herself. Lena walks around the house until Jordi and Harper show up. She watches Harper secretly and heads back down, where two of Daniel’s men are waiting for her. They punch her unconscious and take her away. Erin hitchhikes her way home and shows up bloody and bruised with a gunshot wound. Jordi tries to convince her to go to the hospital, but she says the police would be involved then. Jordi finally puts her on the table and fixes her up himself. Erin tells him to take Harper somewhere safe because Lena is coming for her. Jordi is less surprised to hear that Lena is actually still alive because of everything he’s just witnessed.

Daniel has a word with Lena, and she reminds him that they’ve met before. Lena had dreamed of living in Barcelona because of Daniel’s house back in the day. Lena tells Daniel that Erin was the reason the Harwich project was ruined. She tells him that Erin was with the police back then, and she did an inside job on them. Daniel can’t believe his son’s school teacher did all of that, and he didn’t realize this the whole time. Lena says there’s nothing to worry about anymore because she left Erin to die in a deserted place, but Daniel gets a message that she’s come back home. Lena makes a deal with Daniel to give her Harper in return for the gold that Erin had hidden. Lena texts Harper, asking her where she is at an unknown number, and promises to help her mother. Harper tells her where she and Jordi are headed, which is Olivia’s house. Daniel, on the other hand, puts out a kill order on Erin. Erin injects herself with some adrenaline and gets ready to fight. She somehow manages to escape, and in the middle of the fight, she notices the torn photograph, learning that Lena has already been in the house.

Erin escapes the house and manages to get on the road. Lena tells Daniel that she knows where Harper is, so he should let her go now. Daniel lets her go but keeps an eye on her anyway. Erin keeps getting battered up by random people on the street and can’t find an escape until she walks onto the road in front of a car. It happens to be Penelope driving, and she gets herself out of immediate danger. Olivia welcomes Jordi and Harper home and sends Harper out to the backyard for some juice while talking to Jordi. She asks him if Erin is a drug dealer because of her experience with Lena. Jordi is confident she’s not, but he doesn’t say anything more. What they don’t know is that Lena has come to meet Harper outside. Harper hugs Lena back because she does remember her, but she wants her to help Erin. All she can think about is that Lena promised she would help Erin. Lena tells Harper that she is her mother, so she should prepare to come with her. They break a glass accidentally, and Jordi and Olivia come to see what’s wrong. Jordi gets Harper to come to his side, and he protects her like a real father. Jordi brings Harper to safety while Olivia talks back to Lena in a surge of confidence. Unfortunately, Daniel’s men are waiting outside, and they take Jordi and Harper, leaving Lena to find Erin.

Erin gets through to Jordi’s phone to find Lena on the other end. Lena tells her what’s happened, and they decide to meet at a birthday party that Penelope is taking Erin to. The woman is living in her own world. She’s decided to finally ask for a divorce, and she thanks Erin for giving her the confidence to do it. Lena meets Erin, and at first, Erin is all fists, but Lena tells her that they need to work together to save Jordi and Harper. Erin calms down, and they have a little chat. Erin and Lena come to a truce because they both love Harper, and Lena is grateful that Erin gave Harper the life that she had dreamed of for her. They make a plan to deal with Daniel for good.

Does Erin Get Jordi And Harper Back?

Lena pretends to beat up Erin in front of Daniel’s men. They checked both women to make sure they weren’t armed. The women have decided to work together, and when Daniel shows up, they pull a gun on him. There is an actual army on Daniel’s side, whereas Erin and Lena only have each other to rely on. Erin decides it’s time to sacrifice herself so that Lena and Harper can be happy. Lena finally realizes that Erin has done an excellent job raising her daughter and has given her the perfect life that she once dreamed of. Lena says Harper is better off with Erin and Jordi, so she decides to take the bullet herself. Erin cries when she sees Lena use her gun to shoot up an oil tank to get everybody to die in the process. It’s terribly hard for her to digest because she really loved Lena and wishes she hadn’t ruined her life.

On the other hand, Daniel keeps Jordi and Harper as collateral because Erin shot him. He can’t let her go free just like that, even if he’s bleeding to death. Jordi tells Daniel he can fix him up, but Daniel doesn’t want that. He just wants to kill Erin, the person who ruined everything for him. Erin finally shows up and makes sure Harper and Jordi are safe. Daniel pulls a gun on her and tries to shake her by saying he hopes her family will see her for what she really is (even though he doesn’t know what he’s talking about). Daniel tries to shoot Erin, but she shoots him in the head and gets out safely to her family.

A little while later, the family is on a little vacation, drinking martinis and basking in the sun. Jim finally shows up because Erin has left a trail with all the deaths. He tells her that he still has work for her and that she should consider it. Jim indicates that he will not arrest Erin, but instead, he has to work for her because she’s in trouble. Erin replies that she’s already got a job, and Harper shows up to take her back to her family. At the end of the show, Jordi tells Erin that he’s always known that she’s someone who would risk everything for her family, and that’s all that matters to him. Finally, after learning everything about Erin, Jordi asks her what he should call her, and she replies that she’s Erin Carter.

It’s possible that they want to leave the ending of Who Is Erin Carter? ambiguous so that, if need be, Erin Carter can return as a secret agent, thanks to Jim. Now, he’s got his eyes on her, but Erin just wants to live a normal life and be a teacher and family woman!

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