‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Lena Kill Erin?

In the fifth episode of Who Is Erin Carter?, we saw some turmoil between Erin and Jordi because she finally told him about Harper not being her daughter. Harper, on the other hand, is more accepting of the information, and although she had a hunch that Erin wasn’t her real mother, she knows she loves her, and that’s all she needs. Emilio was killed by Daniel because he wouldn’t give him the name of the woman who made it all happen. Daniel did see Erin, though, so now that he has his answer, what will his next step be? Lena has freed herself back in England and is probably on the lookout for Erin and Harper. Will she be able to get to them? We’ll find out in Who Is Erin Carter? episode 6.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Erin, Jordi, and Harper attend Emilio’s funeral. Jordi is devastated, and he gets even more frustrated when Emilio’s boss shows up. Erin advises Jordi to take Harper to his parents’ home for a bit so he can clear his head and Harper can have a change of environment, too. On the other hand, Erin tells the boss that Emilio mentioned the name Daniel Lang to her, but he tells her that a schoolteacher should mind her own business. It seems Daniel has an in with the police, too. Back at home, Harper realizes that something’s amiss between her parents. Erin tells Jordi that no matter what happens between them, Harper should be reassured that he’ll always be her dad.


When she gets back inside the house after they drive away, Daniel’s man is in her kitchen having cereal. Erin freaks out and immediately pulls out a knife, but he just walks away. In the guy’s presence, there was a warning from Daniel to Erin. In school, Erin tells Olivia that she knows it was she who told the school that she was not suitable for the job. Olivia admits that she had to give her honest opinion, but she still wants to be friends with Erin. It’s parent-teacher meeting day, and Daniel shows up across from Erin. She tells him she can’t talk to the killer of her friend, but he warns her that she needs to step away from all of this and pretend nothing happened. Daniel tells Erin that he, too, has people to answer to, which is why he had no choice but to kill Emilio. Erin backs up for just a moment and looks like she’s taking his advice seriously.

At home, she practices using a gun and then takes it to bed with her. She calls Jordi because she really wants to mend that relationship, but there’s no way she can tell him everything. Erin falls asleep with the gun in her hand, and the next day, Penelope shows up, knocking on the door. She tells Erin that it’s the fireworks festival, and Anna (Emilio’s wife) needs all the support she can get. Jordi had said he wanted to put the house on the market for Penelope, and she tells Erin that now’s really not a good time. Penelope is just showing her support to Erin, and she gives her a hug to say everything will be okay eventually. Erin finally has an actual friend in Penelope.


Olivia gets a visit from Lena, who pretends to be Kate Jones, an old friend of Erin’s. Olivia makes the mistake of inviting Lena into the house, and there, Lena threatens her children and scares Olivia. She tells Olivia to find out how she can get to Erin. Olivia has no choice but to call Erin so that she can get away from Lena. Erin, on the other hand, is at a bar with the women. They’re all dressed up in elaborate black gowns, and they even get their faces painted. Anna tells Erin that she’s super grateful for their support and Daniel’s too. She tells her that Daniel has offered to pay for their child’s schooling, and Erin tries to warn her against it. Erin finally picks up the phone, and Olivia apologizes to Erin for whatever she’s done and then finds out where she is. Erin tells her that it’s all fine, and maybe they can talk in person some other time.

Erin gets super mad about Daniel trying to pay off Emilio’s death and shows up at the place he is at for the fireworks festival. She has a proper fight with the guy who warned her at home, and it seems they’re a good match for each other. Ultimately, she’s able to defeat the man. Daniel can’t understand how she’s defeated an ex-special forces man and asks her the question, Who is she really? Erin pulls out the gun and shoots Daniel because she wants to avenge her friend’s death. Daniel tells her not to kill him because his son would find his dad dead when he came up there. He reminds Erin of her childhood and pokes at her sympathetic side because she was an abandoned child herself. Erin finally decides to walk away and throws her gun into a random bin on the street. Lena sees her there and follows her into a bar, where Erin gets herself cleaned up. Lena asks Erin where Harper is, and Erin tries to stall her as much as possible. Erin finally tells her Jordi’s parents’ home location, and Lena takes her to drive the car.


Did Lena Kill Erin?

Erin takes Lena to a different location than she was supposed to, and Lena notices. She asks where they’re going, and Erin says it’s where she buried the gold. Erin wants to try and get rid of Lena by giving her all the gold and keeping Harper for herself. She shows her the location and sincerely apologizes to Lena. After all, she thought she was dead, which is why she took Harper away to make sure she didn’t end up in the foster system. Erin tells Lena that she told Harper that she was her mother, and Lena is really unhappy.

Erin takes Lena on a hike to get the gold. Lena tells Erin that Margot and she both loved Erin and felt extremely betrayed. Erin admits that she felt bad for what happened to them, even though it was her job to get them caught. She tells Lena that the money from the gold would be so much that she could live a lavish life, but she should just leave Harper and her family alone. Erin tells Lena that she loves Harper more than anything in the world, but Lena shoots her in the gut right then. She leaves her to rot in the middle of nowhere and heads back to the car alone. Erin lies on the floor, abandoned all over again.

Erin is definitely not dead, and we’ve seen her go through a lot over the last six episodes. Erin is more loved than she imagines, and ultimately, we can imagine that Harper will choose her, and just maybe everybody she has become friends with along the way will be able to help save her.

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