‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Emilio Dead?

In the last episode of Who Is Erin Carter?, we found out all about Erin’s past. We learned that Harper isn’t really her daughter, but the daughter of a criminal named Lena. Erin was a secret agent until she decided to run away with Harper because she realized she was just disposable to the English police. Erin cares so deeply for Harper because she herself was abandoned as a child, and she wants to give Harper the life she wishes she had. Unfortunately for her, Lena is actually still alive, so Erin will have to, at some point, give Harper away or “get rid” of Lena. Let’s find out what happens in episode 5 of Who Is Erin Carter?

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Erin wakes up in a hospital somewhere far away from the main city. She’s unable to get in touch with Jordi because her phone has died. It’s been one night since she last made contact. At home, Harper knows something is wrong, so she gives Jordi a hard time because he won’t tell her the truth. Erin is able to charge her phone, and she calls Emilio first so he can help her get out of the situation she’s in. The cops were in the hospital by then because there was a situation with guns at a motel the previous night. Erin changes into a nurse’s uniform and tries to escape the hospital. One of the cops realizes she’s in disguise, and she escapes narrowly by jumping out of a window. Back at the police station, Olivia acts shady and gives Emilio insight into the fact that Margot Muller was in the school building the day she died. She also tells him that she knows that Erin and Emilio left the musical well before the end. That’s when Erin calls Emilio for help, and Olivia gets out of his hair.

On the other hand, Erin ends up stealing a police car to escape the police. She manages to use her excellent driving skills after all those years to escape the police. Emilio meets her somewhere and brings her back to the motel where she parked her car. Emilio tells Erin not to tell Jordi the truth because he will leave her. Erin says she’s tired of lying and thinks it’s high time he knew the truth because he deserves better. But, instead, when she reaches him, she tells him the lie that Emilio himself fabricated for her. She’s an alcoholic, and the supermarket incident is the reason she’s gone back to her terrible drinking habits. She asks for his help, and he sends her to a meeting. Harper tells Erin that she thought she was not going to come back, and Erin promises that will never happen. Harper tells Erin to help with her family tree assignment, and to her surprise, Harper has included her “aunt Lena. In England, Lena is told she will not be allowed to work anymore because of the assault. Erin tells Harper that her aunt passed away, and that’s why they’re not in touch anymore.

Emilio is doing great at work and manages to bust some big organizations. He thinks he’s doing a great job until his boss asks for his source. Emilio says he promised to keep them safe, so there’s nothing he can tell them, but he knows they’re going to be in trouble soon enough. In the meeting, the counselor is sure that Erin is lying and asks her for 60 seconds of honesty. Erin says she’s worried Jordi will leave her if he knows who she really is, but the counselor argues that Erin wouldn’t want to be with a guy who doesn’t like her true self. Emilio tells Erin that he’s going to get to Agustin’s boss, but Erin reminds him that everything will lead the police back to her and the hit-and-run case. She tells Emilio not to do anything foolish, but it seems he’s already set his mind to it. At home, Harper says a kid named Antonio has invited her to the prom, and Erin and Jordi react in parenthetical ways that Harper finds strange. Erin sees a drawing that Harper has made of all the masked people and freaks out again. Harper knows more than Erin thinks she does, and this is going to come back to bite her. 

Erin coaches Daniel’s son at home after school hours and progresses with him. He tells her that he’s put in a good word for her at school so that it can nullify Olivia’s bad representation of her. Erin tells Daniel that Olivia is her friend and wouldn’t do such a thing, but Daniel says that you should be most wary of your friends. Emilio has leads for a big bust, but he can’t get a warrant because the information hasn’t been obtained legally. He tells Erin that he’s going to go in on his own and needs Erin to keep an eye out for him. Erin refuses, and he calls her Kate to threaten her. That’s when Harper saw them arguing. Erin tells Emilio that he should stop this funny business and forget all about it. At home, Harper confronts Erin and asks her if she’s her real mom. Erin tells her the truth, and Harper asks if she loves her. Harper knows Erin loves her, so that’s all that matters, but she says Jordi should know about it, too. They drop off Harper for the prom, and Erin takes Jordi out to dinner. She tells him he can ask her anything for 60 seconds, and he asks her what the one thing she’s hiding from him is. Erin tells him that Harper is not her child and that she was not legally adopted. Jordi is petrified and leaves, but somehow he manages to be civil.

Is Emilio Dead?

Lena is being transferred to another prison when she manages to escape by killing her guard and the driver of the bus. Back in Barcelona, things have calmed down, and Jordi and Erin watch some people dance at the bar. They remember their first meeting there and decide to dance again for old time’s sake. Erin thinks everything is finally okay, and Jordi puts his head against hers in the middle of the dancers and then walks away. Erin wonders what’s wrong, and Jordi says he can never trust her again. He tells Erin that everything they’ve had has been a lie, and Erin walks away from him, saying that’s not fair. She doesn’t turn back and then calls Emilio because she doesn’t really have any friends. Emilio tells her that he’s essentially walked into the lion’s den. Erin tells him that Jordi has decided to leave her, and Emilio says he’d never actually do that. The conversation is interrupted when Emilio is beaten up by a guy. Erin realizes he’s in trouble and goes to where he is.

The man stabs Emilio in the shoulder, and the person who removes the blade is none other than Daniel. Agustin’s boss was Daniel, and all he wanted was Erin’s name from Emilio. He wants the person who ruined his operations. Erin shows up at the abandoned stadium at that time, but by the time she reaches the main field, Emilio makes sure to tell Daniel that he’s never going to share the name. Erin watches Daniel stab Emilio and scream her lungs out. Emilio tells her to run, and everyone follows her. Emilio lies motionless in the middle of the field, and Daniel catches Erin for a second before she escapes.

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