‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Kate?

Previously in Who Is Erin Carter?, Erin ended up falling off a truck and lying unconscious in the middle of nowhere. She was successful in deleting her picture, but in episode 4, we finally find out why she’s on the run. Who Is Erin Carter? Episode 4 is a full flashback episode and shows us a glimpse into Erin’s past and how she came to be such a good fighter. In episode 3, Harper started questioning her relationship with Erin and why she was having those memories with the masked figure. Now we have all the answers. Let’s quickly get into who Kate is and possibly who Erin Carter is.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

When Erin sees the masked figure before falling unconscious, she has a vision of the past with the blonde woman and Harper. Both women are wearing these animal masks while playing with Harper, but it also looks like something went horribly wrong in the middle somewhere. When Erin was 6, her mother didn’t die, but she did abandon her for good. When Erin grew up, she decided to become a police officer. She’s excellent in training and one of the best, but she gets bullied because of the color of her skin.


Erin decides to fight back and accidentally breaks a man’s nose in the process. She’s kicked out of the academy because of that, but a man named Jim, who is part of some kind of secret service, takes her in. He wants her to be a detective in disguise and get in on a criminal organization that does robberies. Erin decides to take him on because she wouldn’t have anything else to do. Erin is different and can give off “criminal vibes,” so she’s perfect for this job. Jim trains Erin so she can be the best in the field. The criminal team is looking for a driver, and Erin receives the best training in that area. Jim gets Erin to change her name, and she chooses the name of a deceased kid: Kate Jones. Erin is an excellent driver, and Margot and her friend are impressed but don’t call her back for about 2 weeks.

Kate loses patience, and she wants another chance. She proves to Jim that she’s a very good liar and, at the same time, gets a text from Margot to finally come meet everyone else. The operation is run by a man named Thomas Ramsey, and he hopes to steal some big gold. Thomas is one of the big guns and has done some high-profile robberies. Erin has to be really careful with him because he has never been caught before. Amidst the chaos and anxiety, Erin makes friends with Lena (the person we’ve been referring to as the blonde woman until now). Lena has a daughter named Harper, and Erin helps her snatch a birthday gift for her. Immediately, she likes Harper, and they get along well. Even when everyone is busy planning, Erin takes care of Harper, possibly because she relates to the kid in some ways. Erin finds out who Thomas is stealing from and lets Jim know. Erin wants to make sure the kid will be alright after the team is caught, but Jim reminds her that she shouldn’t care about these criminals. As time goes by, Erin gets closer to Lena and Harper. Erin opens up to Lena about her mother abandoning her, and Lena invites Erin to join her and Harper to have a fresh start in Barcelona.


Suddenly, Thomas asks Erin if she’s a police officer after the security becomes tight where they’re supposed to be doing the robbery, specifically for the day they’ve picked. Erin stands her ground and says no. Scotty, another guy on the team, acts suspicious at the time, though, and he gets killed because he and Erin are the two new members of the team. Erin is shocked and immediately asks Jim to pull her out, but he tells her that the plan is to let the heist happen and catch them another time. Erin gets upset and turns the phone off. The timelines are switched now, and they’re going to do the heist that very day. Erin finally begins to realize she’s pretty much disposable to Jim.

Erin doesn’t like the idea of leaving Harper in their workshop, but Lena tells her to stop acting up. They get their plan running to get the gold, and everything is going great for them until the part where they flip the truck over. Erin realizes that Lena is still missing, and she wants to get her out so that everything will be fine with Harper. Unfortunately, Lena has been caught by security personnel on the inside of the facility, and Erin ends up shooting the guy to get her out of there. Immediately, there are police on them, and they rush out of there. The police ambush them, and Erin barely manages to get them out of there. And she actually looks proud of how she handled things.


Why Did Erin Take Harper With Her?

They make it back to their workshop and transfer the gold to get out of there until the police ambush them there, too. Margot is onto Erin, and she tells Lena it’s her too. Lena continues to take “Kate’s” side and tells Margot that it was because of her that the cops showed up, not because of Kate. That’s when the police show up, and Margot is even more convinced that it’s all Kate’s doing. Lena puts her mask back on as the police come in with their guns. Thomas starts firing at them, and so the police fire back, too. Erin just stands still and has no idea what to do in this situation. She sees Lena get shot and makes the decision to take Harper and get out of there. Harper, too, saw her mother get shot, and Erin believed she was dead, but in actuality, she was still alive. Erin calls Jim and asks him how he could’ve let all that happen when she herself could’ve died in the crossfire, and Harper too. Jim tells Erin that he will speak to the people about it and that she still has a place with his team. Erin doesn’t believe him and destroys the SIM card. She still has some of the gold and makes a plan to run away with Harper.

This is when we go back to the beginning of the show, when Erin took Harper to Barcelona five years ago. During Who Is Erin Carter? Episode 4 ending, Erin wakes up in the present day in an unknown hospital somewhere. Will Erin be able to let go of Harper if Lena comes back for her? She already knows she’s in Barcelona since that’s where Margot died, and she can connect the dots.

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