‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Erin Find Valeria?

Because of Emilio, Erin chose to bury her old acquaintance’s body in a forest somewhere in the previous episode of Who Is Erin Carter?. Emilio knows more about Erin than he’s letting on, but because he’s a police officer and Jordi’s friend, Erin has no choice but to trust him. On the other hand, Harper feels more neglected by Erin every day. She feels more distant from her mother and grows more suspicious of her by the day. Erin gets deeper into trouble, thanks to Emilio, and things aren’t looking very good for them. At the same time, Erin is desperate to get her photo off the internet. She’s already been lauded by the newspapers, with her face plastered everywhere due to the supermarket incident. Now, she has to make sure the photo Augustin took of her hasn’t been sent out to people.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Who Is Erin Carter? Episode 3 begins with a woman and her dog, who end up finding a corpse in the middle of their morning run. The authorities show up, and Emilio speaks to Erin in a panic. Erin asks Emilio to tell her about the photo first, though, as she is more pressed about that issue than the person she killed. Emilio tells her that Augustin sent the photo to his assistant, Valeria. Erin immediately makes the decision to go find Valeria and leaves Harper in the care of Penelope at the swimming pool. Erin is quick to find Valeria’s location through that special app she has on her phone. She heads there to make sure the photo hasn’t been sent to anyone else and to delete it for good. Valeria is getting ready to leave her house when Erin shows up.


Erin tells her she just wants to delete that photo, but by that time, Augustin’s boss’ men have come to the house to get Valeria. Erin saves Valeria by using her briefcase and ends up busting it open, releasing all the money inside. They manage to escape in Erin’s car from the location. Valeria tells Erin that she stole all that money from the organized crime syndicate that Augustin worked for. She’s only in trouble now because Augustin is dead (no thanks to Emilio). Valeria tells Erin that she needs to give her the 12,000 euros that she lost, or she’s going to send out that photo to everybody she can.

Thanks to Erin’s work, Emilio gets complimented at work for all the information he shares about the gangs. At the same time, the body is identified as that of Margot Muller, a wanted criminal in the UK. Back in England, the blonde woman, who is now on probation and has taken up the job of a housemaid, gets a call from someone delivering the news of Margot’s death. The blonde woman really wants to know what has happened, so she uses an open laptop in the room to check the internet for information on Margot’s death. She gets caught, and the owner says she’ll call the police on her. The blonde woman forces her to give the laptop back and ends up making the owner bleed.


In Penelope’s house, Harper sees baby pictures of Penelope’s son and starts to wonder about her own. She overhears Penelope arguing with her husband and then apologizes to Penelope for hitting her son. Penelope asks Harper to sit down and brush her hair. She asks about Harper’s dad, and when Harper says that her mother doesn’t like to talk about him, Penelope probes her to be more curious because Erin is probably hiding something from her. Harper’s eye disease is a genetic one, so she has the right to know about her father, who may have passed it down to her. Back at home, Erin shows up all flustered, and Harper shows up with a makeover from Penelope. Erin is mad that Penelope is trying to insinuate things between her and her daughter, so Harper gets mad and storms off. At the same time, Emilio gets a threatening message from Augustin’s boss. The father that Erin helped out at school asks Erin and Jordi to meet him for dinner. He offers her a position as his son’s full-time homeschool tutor. Erin is, at first, tempted by the offer that would help her pay off Valeria, but then she realizes she loves the school, and she also thinks it’s a bad idea to get the kid out of school. Their conversation is interrupted when Olivia, who is with Harper at home, gives Erin a call.

Harper is seeing the masked figure more often than before. It looks like a stag mask, but there’s something very frightening about it for Harper, who has some childhood memories related to the mask. She screams after seeing the vision of the masked figure, and that’s when Olivia calls Erin. They headed back home immediately and put a scared Harper to sleep. Olivia tells Erin that Harper should be taken to a professional, and Erin says she’ll think about it. On the other hand, Jordi and Erin fight because Erin is resolute about having Harper not talk to anyone. When Jordi is gone from the room, Erin tears out the drawings of the masked person from Harper’s book.


The next day, Erin sells some of her jewelry, including a necklace that she says was a gift from her mother and holds a special place in her heart. When she gets back home, Harper is sitting with a therapist and drawing. The therapist thinks it’s the masked man from the supermarket, but Harper tells her that it’s someone she used to stay with when she was much younger. Erin returns and makes a scene with Jordi in front of Harper. Harper steps out of the house, and Erin follows her. Harper finally admits to Erin that she’s mad because Erin has been neglecting her and is very different from other moms. Erin requests that Harper tell her what she needs to do to make it all better. Erin tells Harper that when she was a baby, Erin was a bad mother and couldn’t handle it all, so she left Harper with an aunt, which is why there are no baby photos of her.

Finally, Harper asks Erin to participate in the tennis tournament that all the parents are taking part in. Jordi reminds Erin that Harper just wants everyone to see how loving her mother really is. Penelope and her husband play the match against Erin and Harper where the latter notice that Penelope’s husband treats her with disdain, so Erin lets them win. Harper appreciates the gesture, but Penelope tells Erin that she doesn’t need the charity.


Afterwards, Erin tells Jordi and Harper that she’s going for a yoga session when she’s actually meeting Valeria to give her the money. She’s already late for the meeting, so Erin calls Valeria to tell her that she’s on her way. Jordi sees her arguing on the phone and remembers a conversation he had long ago with Emilio. Before they were married, Emilio found a file on Erin. Jordi had not opened it at the time because he trusted Erin. He had only asked Emilio if there was anything in there that said he should not marry Erin. Emilio had said no but that he should keep it anyway. When they get back home, Jordi checks that file and sees that most of Erin’s background is unknown.

Will Erin Be Able To Save Herself From Augustin’s People?

Erin makes it to the motel Valeria is staying at and takes her gun with no bullets to threaten her. She gives Valeria 3000 euros, which is all she can manage. Erin tells Valeria that she knows how she feels and that she’s there if Valeria ever needs someone to talk to. Erin, too, is alone in this situation, and she relates to her. Erin deletes the photo on Valeria’s phone and makes sure there are no copies. Unfortunately, because Erin was late, Valeria told Augustin’s boss’ people that Erin was coming there. Again, they have to run to get away from them, and on the way, Valeria gets shot in the head in front of Erin.


Erin doesn’t even squirm, and she carries on. She ends up behind a car with a leaked tank and shoots at it, making it blow up and burning one of the men badly. She runs onto the road and ends up being blocked on both sides. Erin jumps off the bridge and onto a truck that can hold her there. But the truck has to swivel, and Erin falls off it onto the side of the highway. At the end of Who Is Erin Carter? Episode 3, she sees the same masked figure as her daughter. We know that the figure is the person whom Harper stayed with as a child and is the blonde woman who had a photo with Erin and Harper. What did she do to Harper, and why is Erin on the run? We’ll find out in the next episode.

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