‘Wellmania’ Season 2: What To Expect Next From Liv Healy?

The current season of “Wellmania” began on a chirpy note, where we got to see Oliva Healy go from pillar to post to fix her health. Getting her health right would mean she could reinstate her green card and fly back to New York as soon as possible. During the entire first season, we got to see a highly successful food critic, Olivia, a goofy woman in her mid-thirties who is surrounded by friends from the food industry and friends from her hometown of Sydney, as well as some m family members with whom she shares a complicated history. Liv gets along with them at times but most of the time they are at loggerheads over something regarding the family’s past with tragedy and how they dealt with it. The final episode was all about Liv coming to terms with the fact that she does have frequent blackouts, and as the doctor mentions, it is not good for her mental well-being. Liv does not take the physician’s advice seriously, nor is she keen on staying back in Sydney despite her family’s insistence. Liv believes that she does not want anyone to worry about her health scares anymore; she would rather concentrate on the work she has to do than on her health.


Liv leaves Sydney on a bad note because she wouldn’t want her mother, Lorraine, and brother Gaz to feel overly pressured to think only of her. Gaz and Dalbert get married, and they do not have to worry about her from here because she is going to be miles away for her work and wouldn’t have to deal with the blackouts. But it is not mentioned in “Wellmania” Season 1, if Liv faces blackouts in the US as well. Liv wanted to leave for New York City so that she could reach her launch event just in time to let the producers and Valerie know that she was serious about the job assigned to her. But Liv does have a panic attack in New York, and she briefly deals with it just seconds before the launch party is about to introduce her. Liv now cannot say that her anxiety and panic attacks are restricted only to her homeland, Australia. She will have to learn to either live with or treat it here or back home. Liv cannot live the life she used to, keeping in mind she will be 40 in a few years. “Wellmania” Season 1 ends on a bittersweet note when Lorraine meets with an accident, and Gaz tries hard to get in touch with Liv but is unsuccessful because she is in the middle of the shoot and is too busy to pick up the phone. Liv is not sure why her brother is calling her, but she knows it can wait. On the other side of the phone, Gaz is desperate to get through to her so that he can pass on the message.

The show makers have not revealed if Lorraine survived the accident because it is essential to end season one on a cliffhanger just to create buzz about the second season. The buzz has already been created thanks to the writers who ended “Wellmania” Season 1 on such a sad note, but it is not clear if the situation will turn tragic or positive. Here are some expectations on what you can see in season two of “Wellmania.”


There is a possibility that Lorraine might survive the accident, but not without some minor injuries she will face and that will be something she will have to deal with. Liv will surely learn of her mother’s accident and again fly back to Sydney just to test the waters. Liv will have to end up spending more time with her mother just to help her recuperate and probably do some physiotherapy. She will have to take a break from her work, which, surprisingly, Liv will take voluntarily, just to be able to make up with her mother and try to understand the pain her mother is going through physically and mentally. She would feel sorry to have left Sydney the way she did, and she would want to patch things up with her mother and brother.

If Liv stays back to take care of her mother, she will begin talking to her about their shared past of tragedy. Lorraine and Liv never dealt with the death of Liv’s father, so this would give them time to bring out all the pent-up emotions and talk them out instead of arguing over them. But in case Lorraine passes away, her relationship with Gaz and her friend Amy will be tested because they will also be furious at her for not answering her phone call in time to be able to come to Sydney to let her mother go. Liv is known for not taking things seriously, and this will cause big trouble in her relationship with Gaz and Amy. They would contemplate not being in touch with her, but Liv would somehow find ways to get them to start speaking to her eventually and possibly hear her out as well.


Other scenarios could involve Liv not understanding the gravity of the situation post-accident, and she would again show eagerness to head back to America to rejoin her job. Gaz and her mother would probably expect nothing else from Liv, who is swamped with work and has no time for herself or her family. Liv will probably have some sort of change of heart while in New York, which will make her go back to her roots and understand the point of being with family and friends. Liv, in season one, did not change dramatically, but massive news such as her mother’s accident certainly will be a wake-up call for her, and she will probably learn some lessons from what she is not supposed to do from here on. The news will be a wake-up call for everyone close to Lorraine, Liv, and Gaz. They would want to make things right with people around them, which would include mending their relationship with each other as well.

These happen to be some of the speculations that can be considered for season two of “Wellmania.” Netflix has not yet announced season two of the show; if they do, one can only hope the show will retain the positive take on things around people and the goofy humor. There is more to be explored about Liv Healy through this show.


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