‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Were Zoa And Bel Dead Or Alive?

Previously in episode 7 of “Welcome to Eden,” Bel and Zoa devised an assassination attempt on Astrid, but the plan didn’t work out. Astrid was well aware of Zoa’s plan to attack her, so with Joel’s assistance, she managed to capture them and put an end to their rebellion. Astrid persuaded Isaac to hate Nuria, turning her into a monster in his eyes. Now that Astrid was aware of Nuria’s involvement in the murderous scheme, her life was in danger. We are aware of Nuria’s fate. However, we are unsure whether Zoa and Bel will be able to escape the captivity or if death is also written into their fate. Let’s find that out. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Informed Astrid About Zoa And Bel’s Plan?

The eighth episode begins with Zoa and Bel getting captured by Joel’s team. They were led to the buggy and driven to the camps, where they would be detained. Zoa and Bel were trying to figure out who had snitched on them. They figured it was Eva because she wasn’t responding to their attempts to contact her. Astrid arrived to meet Zoa and Bel after Joel had imprisoned them. She interrogated them to get the names of every member of their rebel group, but none of them spoke out. Finally, Astrid broke Zoa’s heart by revealing that it was Gabi, not Eva, who had ratted them out. When Gabi was escorted to Astrid’s house, Astrid forced her to tell the truth, so in an effort to win Astrid’s trust, Gabi revealed all the specifics of Zoa’s assassination plan. Gabi’s life was spared, but Zoa got caught in a huge trap. Zoa was unable to accept what Astrid had said, so Astrid brought the evidence with her. Gabi was brought along, and she was forced to admit that she was the one who turned them in. Zoa couldn’t believe her sister, for whom she stayed on the island and devised the assassination attempt, had leaked her identity. Due to Astrid’s severe manipulation of Gabi, she was forced to make this harsh decision, one she will always regret. Gabi made numerous attempts to convince Astrid to free Bel and Zoa, but Astrid wasn’t yet readily persuaded.


What Was Som’s Connection With Danae?

The biggest plot shocker of the show came when Som revealed herself to be a covert agent. Like her, Danae was also a double agent working for Som’s father, Sisuk. She was an assassin working for Sisuk and was revealed to be the one who actually murdered Astrid’s father in 2014. She came to Eden, faking her identity, she gained Astrid’s trust and developed into a level 2 guard to destroy her dominion in Eden. Som was not just a young, naive woman who was easily duped by Astrid. She had a microchip hidden beneath her skin, which Danae removed; perhaps this was something they could use against Astrid.

Sisuk’s motivation for killing Astrid’s father may not have been revealed by the series, but we may presume that it had something to do with the whole concept of New Eden or the hidden agendas hiding behind the scenes of Astrid’s interstellar endeavor. That’s why Sisuk needed to kill Astrid’s father, but now that Astrid had taken the reins to construct her own empire, Som would be completing her father’s unfinished business.


Was Brisa Able To Reach Eden? Were Zoa And Bel Alive Or Dead?

Brisa was close enough to Eden to discover the truth. She gathered her employees and set off on her mission to free Zoa, Charly, and the other children who had been kidnapped. Alma and Orson were given the order to execute Bel and Zoa the next morning. They led the detainees to the mountain ledge, where they made them sit on their knees and painted blue paint on their wrists, as is their custom. Gabi came just as Alma was about to lay the machine gun on Bel’s forehead. Gabi couldn’t keep quiet any longer, knowing her sister would be executed. She pleaded with Astrid for mercy, attempting to soften her heart by referring to Astrid as her mother. For a brief moment, Astrid refrained from killing the inmates, but she revealed her wicked side by mentioning that only Zoa’s life could be spared. Zoa, however, refused to accept this mercy. She agreed to die next to Bel, thereby making Gabi’s incessant pleas futile. 

Joel snatched Gabi and led her away from her sister. Alma set the machine gun to kill Bel first, but before she could pull the trigger, Erick noticed a helicopter approaching them. Brisa and her troops landed on Eden in an attempt to free the hostages. But Astrid had not yet been surprised. She was ready to receive their visitors in Eden, which meant she would either imprison Brisa and her fellow employees or kill them. However, the series ended on a cliffhanger, leaving us to wait for the third season to find out what happened to Brisa.


What To Expect From Season 3?

Season 3 of “Welcome to Eden” has not yet received an official release date, but we believe the third season will shortly appear on Netflix screens and give us all the answers we need. First off, the series concluded with a major cliffhanger that left us wondering what happened to Zoa and Bel. Were they killed, or would Brisa help them to get away? We don’t yet know what Som and Danae were up to—would they murder Astrid? or perhaps obliterate all of Eden? As we can see, Africa fell pregnant, which gave her enough reasons to reunite with Erick. But if Erick preferred his family over Africa, we can see her turning against him in season 3. The most crucial factor is the reason the transmission devices didn’t display a response. That suggests that either the New Eden was a fabrication created by Astrid to create her own empire and enslave countless people, or the New Eden isn’t what we have been led to believe. While everyone in Eden thought of it as a paradise, it might actually be a different kind of hell. The climax of the show left so many unresolved mysteries that can only be thoroughly answered in season 3. We hope that season 3 of “Welcome to Eden” will be released on Netflix soon to bring the story to a satisfying end.

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