‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Zoa Succeed In Killing Astrid?

Previously, in “Welcome to Eden,” episode 6, Ibon was eliminated by Alma, who was determined to reclaim her lost star in order to remain in Astrid’s group. Zoa and Bel were on the approach of murdering Astrid, but they didn’t want to leave the island; instead, they wanted to take control of Eden by removing Astrid from the picture. They also uncovered a terrible mystery about Astrid’s family, namely that Isaac’s mother was not Astrid but Nuria. Meanwhile, Astrid learned via her spy that Molly’s real name was Gabi and that she was Zoa’s sister. Though Erick didn’t appear too concerned about Gabi, Astrid felt betrayed by her. Consequently, in episode 7, we’ll discover what serious moves Astrid takes against Gabi and Zoa.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Bel And Zoa’s Plan?

Episode 7 “Welcome to Eden” Season 2 opens with the aftermath of Ibon’s tragic demise. His body was discovered in a river. Astrid welcomed Alma back to her group as a two-star employee after she admitted to killing Ibon. Though Alma was pleased with herself for finishing her assignment and impressing Astrid, Orson couldn’t bring himself to agree with her decision. Eloy had been pardoned, and the matter of Ulises’ murder had been closed; thus, Alma had no reason to kill Ibon other than jealousy. However, Astrid was not at ease after discovering Gabi was Zoa’s sister. She discussed it with Erick, but he didn’t seem worried about it. He was still apprehensive about whether Astrid had truly discovered New Eden or if it was all a lie, but Astrid was unwilling to discuss it for the time being. She was terrified and plotting how to get rid of Zoa and Gabi. Isaac became aware of his mother’s identity after hearing his parents argue over it. As a result, Astrid would have to win Isaac’s affection as well. Gabi had grown to like Astrid’s presence and to regard her as a mother. However, Astrid expressed her dissatisfaction with Gabi and revealed that she had discovered Gabi had been lying to her. Gabi was quite concerned about maintaining her image in front of Astrid. She didn’t want to lose her sister, nor did she want to lose Astrid’s adoration. But she was unable to execute both at once. She must decide whose side she will take.


Meanwhile, Zoa and Bel devise a plan to murder Astrid, and to accomplish this, they need Nuria’s help. The explosives that Ibon had previously taken would be used by Zoa and Bel to take out Astrid. They persuaded Nuria to assist them, and Nuria consented to finally kill the person who had stolen everything from her life. She was even willing to sacrifice herself in order to exact her retribution. Zoa and Bel planted those explosives around the crater where Nuria and Isaac used to dwell. Nuria invited Astrid to her place as an excuse to check on the antenna because all of the systems were down. Zoa and Bel had planned to press the button immediately after Astrid entered the module, but things didn’t go as planned.

What Did Africa See In The Crater?

Meanwhile, Charly had been severely traumatized by everything that had happened to him. He’d been forcefully dragged into an affair while his heart and soul were devoted to Mayka. Mayka also wanted to pursue her connection with Charly, but they both knew it was impossible. Charly stole a stockpile of Blue Eden drink and was found severely intoxicated in the woods. Joel’s troops took him to Erick, where he treated Charly in the presence of Mayka.


Erick was moving forward with his romance with Africa, who preferred to live in Nuria’s module rather than Astrid’s. But as she arrived at the crater and discovered Bel and Zoa were plotting to murder Astrid, she changed her mind. She also wanted to get rid of Astrid, so she backed Bel and Zoa’s uprising. At the very least, she would be happy with Erick following Astrid’s death, but was it so easy for Erick to abandon Astrid? It didn’t appear to be the case.

Did Zoa Succeed In Killing Astrid?

Astrid was already aware of the attack. As a result, in response to Nuria’s request, she notified Joel to investigate Zoa’s module. Meanwhile, Eva, who was also a part of Bel’s revolt, decided to divert Joel’s attention, but she couldn’t aid Bel because Joel was already aware of the attack. Eva had no choice but to obey Joel’s demands in order to survive. She had to tell Joel where Zoa and Bel were.


Meanwhile, Bel and Zoa were getting ready to press the button, but just after Astrid arrived, they discovered Isaac had shown up. Bel decided to cancel the plan as soon as Isaac came in. She made it clear to Zoa that she had not deteriorated to the point where she would kill a child. Astrid brought Isaac to Nuria’s module to show that Nuria was planning to kill Isaac along with her. The affectionate Isaac began to hate Nuria for making such an inhumane choice, but Nuria was unable to persuade him that she wasn’t even aware that Isaac would be accompanying Astrid. Consequently, she got prepared for her impending death at Astrid’s hands.

But Zoa couldn’t wait much longer for Nuria to give them a sign; she was growing impatient. She was no longer even concerned about Isaac’s survival. She was only able to care about her sister, whom Astrid had already trapped. She made an attempt to persuade Bel that they were left with no choice but to kill Astrid, but Bel was adamant that she would not let an innocent kid die for any of this. With no other option, Zoa got into a duel with Bel and eventually won control over the button. She pressed the button, but nothing happened. Instead, she discovered that Joel and his troops had encircled Bel and her while aiming their weapons at them.

Bel and Zoa’s uprising failed, but it might have succeeded if Astrid hadn’t been informed of the plan. So, all Zoa and Bel needed to know was who had truly turned against them. Eva, perhaps? Or was it Africa who had earlier seen them lay explosives around the crater? Or perhaps someone else had exposed them, and Zoa and Bel didn’t even get a hint about it. Let’s find out the underlying mystery in the last episode of “Welcome to Eden” season 2.

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