‘Wednesday’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Crackstone And Marilyn Thornhill?

Previously, in episode 7, Wednesday had a vision in which she discovered that Tyler was Hyde, who had killed Kinbott. She was finally certain, thanks to her vision, that Tyler was the one who had murdered all those people in the woods and that Kinbott was his master. In the end game of episode 8, we see Wednesday call Tyler near the crypt and accuse him of being the actual Hyde, which Tyler categorically rejects. Tyler pretended to know nothing about the monster and the killings, so he asked her why she would call such a monster when she was all alone in the woods, but Wednesday was not at all alone. She brought her friends, Bianca, Ajax, and others, to capture him. In Xavier’s art studio, she captured Tyler and questioned him about his true identity. She asked him about his mother, who was also a Hyde and a former student of Nevermore. Tyler’s father fell in love with Hyde, and Tyler was born, so he inherited his mother’s genes. Tyler responded that his mother had bipolar disorder, which Wednesday claimed was a made-up story to conceal his mother’s real identity. Wednesday wanted his monster to come out, so she tortured him, which her friends despised. They warned Wednesday that if she didn’t stop, they would abandon her. Since Wednesday didn’t, the rest of them left the studio to inform Weems. Weems, therefore, informed Galpin about Wednesday, so his Jeep arrived at Xavier’s studio, and they arrested Wednesday for assaulting Tyler.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Laurel Gates? What Was Her Mission?

Since Tyler’s father did not file charges against Wednesday, she didn’t get prosecuted. Wednesday asked Galpin if he already knew the truth, which frustrated both Galpin and Weems. So Weems forced Wednesday to return, but Tyler wanted to talk to her on her way back. He revealed his true form to her and explained that he used to be unaware of what he was doing, but he grew to like the taste of dread and death, which he found exquisite. Wednesday was certain that her assumption was correct, but she couldn’t persuade anyone else. Even though Weems was well aware of Hyde’s existence, she refused to believe Wednesday’s remark. As a result, she decided to expel her so that she could save Nevermore from infamy. Wednesday began packing her belongings, and Enid had already begun to miss her. Bianca and her team apologized to Wednesday, but she warned them about the looming danger, saying that there might be an attack that could kill many people in Nevermore. She decided not to stay a minute at Nevermore because she believed her presence could bring such danger. When she went to see Xavier in jail and asked him for help, Xavier was startled to see her audacity, that after ruining his life, she had come to him asking for help. Xavier encouraged her to quit the school because if she did, Rowan’s mother’s prediction would not come true. Wednesday didn’t harbor any grudges in her heart, but she did have one wish: to see Eugene one last time before she was gone. When she saw Eugene had fully recovered, she warned him about the impending threat, and Eugene revealed something that finally opened her eyes. Eugene stated that the cave he went to inspect was set ablaze, but not by Dr. Kinbott, as Wednesday had claimed, but by someone wearing red boots. Wednesday ultimately understood that the true mastermind behind all of the murders was Marilyn Thornhill, the real Laurel Gates.


Wednesday confronted Marilyn and revealed that she knew her true identity. Wednesday summoned Weems, who changed her shape into Tyler to deceive Marilyn. Marilyn had to admit that she was the real Laurel Gates and had used a plant-derived concoction to hypnotize Tyler. She even told Tyler that her mother was Hyde, which gradually traumatized him to the point where he was entirely under her control and killed all of the victims following Marilyn’s demands. Wednesday proved all of this to Weems, and she returned to her original form in front of Marilyn. But Marilyn was well prepared for this and attacked Weems by jabbing her with a needle containing a lethal poison, which eventually killed her. As Wednesday came to save her, Marilyn beat her unconscious. On the other side, Eugene informed Enid that the true perpetrator behind everything was Marilyn, so Enid and Ajax called everyone together to prepare for what was to come.

Meanwhile, Wednesday’s eyes opened, and she discovered herself dangling from shackles. Tyler approached her and carried out Marilyn’s orders. While Tyler was leaving, Marilyn disclosed that she and her family were descended from Joseph Crackstone, who was murdered by Wednesday’s ancestor, Goody Addams. Goody had sealed Crackstone’s soul in her sarcophagus with a blood lock that only Wednesday’s blood could open. Wednesday learned Marilyn was planning to resurrect Crackstone, which is why Tyler was gathering the victims’ body parts. Marilyn wanted to summon Crackstone because he was the one who could put an end to the Nevermore outcasts. Marilyn forced Wednesday to unlock the tomb by wounding her hands, and then she began chanting spells from the stolen book “Codex Umbarum.” As Marilyn recited the spells, Joseph Crackstone’s body emerged from the coffin. Seeing Wednesday, he assumed she was Goody and stabbed her. When Wednesday was almost dead, Marilyn and Crackstone walked away, leaving her to die.  But then, Wednesday was approached by Goody, who healed her wounds with the help of Morticia’s necklace and advised her that Crackstone had to be stabbed in his black heart, which was the only thing that could defeat him. Goody vanished and seemed to be dissolved into Wednesday. However, it was a full-blood moon, which is when werewolves normally took their true form, and Enid did as well. She transformed into a wolf while crossing the woods. A huge uproar broke out, and all of the Nevermore students began fleeing the school building. When Wednesday came out of the crypt to look for Crackstone, she was stopped by Tyler, who changed into Hyde to attack her, but he was attacked at the same time by Enid’s wolf form. Tyler had to give in to Enid after a huge fight when Galpin appeared in the woods and shot him.


What Happened To Crackstone And Marilyn Thornhill?

Wednesday discovered Crackstone on the school grounds, who had set fire to the school, and the scene looked a lot like Rowan’s mother’s painting. Wednesday picked up a sword and engaged in a fight with Crackstone. Finally, Wednesday stabbed Crackstone through his dark heart, causing him to burn and be destroyed. But Marilyn was still there to exact her vengeance on Wednesday. When she pointed a gun toward Wednesday and set out to kill her, thousands of bees attacked Marilyn, and finally, Eugene saved Wednesday’s life. Wednesday returned to the school grounds and finally hugged Enid, who had saved her life. The dreadful night finally came to an end. Students were about to be sent home the next day due to the continued lockdown, so was Wednesday, but before she left, she paid a visit to principal Weems’ empty room and praised her efforts to constantly protect the school for which she lost her life. Meanwhile, she met Xavier, who was finally free from all the doubts and wanted to be her friend again. He gave her a cell phone, so she could text or call him. Wednesday accepted his gift, and on her way home from school, she received an anonymous text from someone who sent her some current images of herself, as well as a text saying he was watching her. Wednesday was once again anticipating a dreadful and exciting outcome to her forced vacation, which we’re about to see in the next season.

Elsewhere, we see a truck crossing by, where Tyler was kept in shackles, but as Hydes were always violently unpredictable, he morphed into that monster, breaking all the shackles. Though season 1 has come to an end, we can anticipate that the next season may be coming soon, where we will be enjoying Wednesday’s other adventure and know what finally happened to Tyler. Until then, just wait for the next season to hit Netflix screens.


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