‘Wednesday’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Was Rowan Really Alive? What Happened In The Canoe Race?

Previously, in Episode 1, we saw Wednesday decide to stay at Nevermore and investigate the source of all the strange occurrences. In episode 2, we’ll talk about how she fought another difficult battle in this fascinating realm full of mysteries and creatures. We have seen in episode 1 that Rowan was cruelly slain in front of Wednesday by the vicious beast. After that, Wednesday contacted Bianca for rescue before passing out. Mr. Galpin, the local sheriff, obtained information and began an inquiry into the case, but Rowan’s body was nowhere to be found in the Nevermore woods. Wednesday testified as an eyewitness to the murder, and she wanted to speak with Galpin, but she was frequently interrupted by Principal Weems. Finally, Weems granted Wednesday permission to speak with Galpin on the condition that Galpin could not record anything, or she would call the mayor. Wednesday informed Galpin that she was aware of the creature lurking in Nevermore’s forest. Galpin claimed that he did not want to hear the opinion of a murderer’s daughter, but Wednesday responded that one thing her father could kill was opera songs when in the shower. By the time Wednesday was about to persuade Galpin that it was a monster’s deed, another surprise knocked on the door, and it was Rowan standing alive in front of Wednesday. She realized it wasn’t Rowan since she had witnessed him being killed, so she couldn’t accept the fact that he could still be alive.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Rowan Alive?

Wednesday tried to persuade everyone, from Enid to Weems, but no one believed her words since they saw Rowan was alive. Weems learned about Wednesday’s psychic vision and urged her not to use it because it was a power that Morticia possessed as well, but it caused her to lose her sanity at times. Wednesday approached Bianca because she was the one whom she called for help after Rowan was killed, but Bianca said that she did not call any officers and instead told Weems. Wednesday suspected something was awry with Rowan and wanted to learn more about him from his roommate Xavier or the gossip queen, Enid, but nobody could give her such information that would help her. Meanwhile, Rowan was expelled from school, and Wednesday confronted him when he was about to leave, but Rowan didn’t want to talk or answer her questions. So, Wednesday couldn’t help but send Thing to keep an eye on him. Wednesday trusted her eyes and knew that these events were being orchestrated by an evil force. Thing followed Rowan to the rail station, where Rowan went to a washroom and transformed into a middle-aged man, which Thing couldn’t see. When the man emerged from the restroom, Thing began looking for Rowan, but he was nowhere to be seen. The middle-aged person subsequently transformed into Larissa Weems. There are now enough reasons to believe that Weems might possess some type of evil force and work under any supernatural evil energy; thus, she attempted to cover up Rowan’s murder and cleaned up the crime scene so nobody would believe Wednesday.


What Was Poe-Cup?

In the meantime, an event called the Poe Cup Race was taking place in Nevermore Academy, which was a competition that included the canoe race or a foot chase, and Wednesday showed no interest in participating in it. So, she began writing at the time, but when she saw the painting once more, she discovered a demonic imprint (which looked like a book’s watermark), which attracted her so much that she began her own investigation. She couldn’t concentrate on her writing anymore as she was dealing with more complicated things in her life. She eventually accepted that her own life was riddled with mysteries and puzzles, and she was now driven to unravel the enigma, which she was immensely enjoying.

When Thing returned to Wednesday without any accurate information about Rowan, she scolded him severely and hid him behind a carnivorous plant in the class where Marilyn was teaching them about the carnivorous plants. While she sat next to Xavier, he tried to impress her with her drawing abilities, which could bring the art to life. Wednesday, on the other hand, found it unappealing, so she concentrated in class, and after a thrilling debate with Bianca on plant studies, she outsmarted her with her expertise, which impressed the teacher, Marilyn. Tyler, elsewhere, was arguing with his father, and it appeared as if he believed in Wednesday because he believed that whatever she had seen in the woods might be true. He even overheard his father discussing the creature in the woods with a colleague, so he thought there was reason to believe Wednesday’s testimony.


Why Did Wednesday Participate In The Race?

Meanwhile, Wednesday was planning to investigate the murder in the woods, so she wanted Enid to pretend to be Wednesday in the apiary, so Weems wouldn’t suspect her. As Enid was wearing a beekeeping suit in the apiary, Weems might have a problem recognizing her, so it was a safe trick for Wednesday. She went to the woods to look for any traces of Rowan while Enid stayed at the apiary. But an officer was walking through the forest, so Tyler shielded her from the officer’s gaze to help with her investigation. They soon discovered Rowan’s spectacles, and by touching them, Wednesday had another psychic vision in which she saw Rowan and Xavier arguing about something and a book that Rowan was trying to obtain from the library with his telekinetic power.

Wednesday returned from the woods and walked to the library, but she couldn’t find the book. Marilyn interrupted her, telling her that the book might not be found here, but could be found in the old student society in Nightshades, which was now closed. She praised Wednesday’s effort in class, to which Wednesday responded that her mother was a highly informed person about carnivorous plants, but she and her mother were not actually very close, and their relationship was similar to that of two inmates sharing a prison. Marilyn shared her experience with her, adding that she, too, felt like an outsider in this school full of outcasts and that, as a ‘normie,’ very few teachers acknowledge her. Though Wednesday was very bad at comforting people with healing words, she listened to her and seemed to have empathy for her. Wednesday returned from the library to sneak into Xavier’s room and look for the book. While searching the room, she came across a sketchbook in which Xavier had drawn her face. Soon after, Xavier returned, and Wednesday hid beneath the bed while Bianca came into his room. Bianca questioned Xavier about why he was fascinated with Wednesday and why she wanted to protect her from Rowan to which Xavier asked what Bianca’s problem with Wednesday was. Bianca responded by saying she didn’t like Wednesday because she always acted like she was superior to everyone else. Wednesday overheard everything and sought vengeance on her. So, she requested that Enid put her on her team for the canoe race so she could win the Poe Cup and prove that she was not only better than everyone else but also better than Bianca.


‘Wednesday’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Happened In The Canoe Race?

The Canoe race started the next day, and we saw Bianca had the plan to earn an easy win, but it wouldn’t be so easy for her as, this time, Wednesday was participating. Bianca instructed a siren from her squad to dive into the water to distract the other teams’ boats, allowing Bianca’s team to win. Wednesday observed this and asked Thing to stop the Siren under the water. The Siren was captured by Thing, while the other boats, along with Black Cat (Wednesday’s squad), made their way to the shore, where they had to retrieve the flags of their respective teams. When everyone was gone to bring the flags, Thing distracted the jokers’ crew while Enid scratched their boat so that water could fill it. But when Wednesday ran to bring the flag, she passed out beside Joseph Crackstone’s tomb and had another psychic vision of a blonde-haired Wednesday saying to her that she was the key.

When Wednesday regained consciousness, she was already late, so she and her squad ran to the finishing point, while the Siren, freed from the trap, tried to attack Black Cat’s boat, but Thing leaped into the ocean to stop him, and Black Cat eventually arrived at the finishing point. Weems congratulated Black Cat under Ophelia Hall on winning the Poe Cup, saying that Wednesday and her mother were similar because the last time Ophelia Hall had won the Poe Cup was under Morticia’s leadership. Wednesday sat beneath Edgar Allan Poe’s statue when she discovered what she was seeking. She noticed Poe holding the book she was looking for. So, she went to the statue late at night and read the puzzles that were written on it.


She solved the riddles and wrote those answers on paper to discover that all the first letters of each word stand for a phrase that was “Snap Twice.” She snapped twice, and the statue moved behind to reveal a secret corridor, into which Wednesday crept and discovered another library with numerous portraits of ex-students on the walls, one of which was her parent’s picture. She discovered that book with the same watermark, and inside that book was the rest of that painting with a picture of a pilgrim on it. Wednesday eventually got the book, but in the meanwhile, she was kidnapped by someone who tied her face with black clothes. Wednesday suddenly felt some darkness in front of her, but she wasn’t afraid of that darkness. In the next episode, we are going to find out what exactly happened to Wednesday.

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