‘Wedding Season’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed The Delaney Family?

Disney’s recent rom-com drama series “Wedding Season” brings some essence of mystery and thriller with it. Created and written by Oliver Lyttelton, this eight-episode series perfectly blends the pomp and merry of social wedding scenes, a daughter’s desire for vengeance for her deceased father, and the violent underworld connections in a creative manner. How would a man’s love be satisfied amid all this mayhem? Will he finally get the girl he wants? Let’s step into “Wedding Season” to get answers to all of our questions.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Stefan? How Did He End Up In Police Custody?

The drama opens in a church where a distressed man, Stefan (Gavin Drea), a doctor, interrupts the wedding of Katie McConnell (Rosa Salazar) and Hugo Delaney (George Webster) and professes his love for her. But Katie turns him down as she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. One of the groomsmen tackles him and throws him out. Katie flees away after eight of his in-laws, including her husband Hugo, mysteriously die out of poisoning at their wedding. The police find the link between Katie and Stefan from their past and doubt if Stefan knows anything about her disappearance and the murders. Despite being detained, Steffan is unaware of Katie and her involvement in the murders. When the police begin to question Stefan, he remembers how he had first met her at his friends Rory Campbell and Yuna Seok’s wedding a few months before. Along with his former lover Vennessa, Stefan was there with his buddies Anil (Bhav Joshi), Leila (Callie Cooke), Suji (Ioanna Kimbook), and Jackson (Omar Baroud). Despite his friends’ repeated warnings, Stefan wanted to propose to Venessa and was initially rejected. Jackson offered his depressed friend narcotics to cheer him up. The inebriated, hyper-excited Stefan bumped into Katie, who ran off, stealing a mobile phone. The two shared a long chit-chat and enjoyed the party together. Stefan began to develop feelings for Katie, but when she revealed she was engaged to Hugo and was soon to be married, it broke his heart. The Delaneys were allegedly killed by him or with his assistance by Katie, according to the police, who also accuse him of conducting an unethical tracheotomy in an emergency scenario. The police asked for every detail of Katie from their meeting to the date, or they would take him to the General Medical Council for his unethical practice. Meanwhile, Katie appears out of nowhere, pulls Stefan with her, and escapes the police station. She reassures him that all the assertions against her are untrue and that she did not murder anyone. Stefan has several ideas, but the careless woman, Katie, ignores them all and walks over to Uncle Fred, one of the Delaneys. Katie believes he could be of use, but Uncle Fred assists several goons who came for their search. They manage to evade them, but Stefan is frustrated with her erratic conduct and wants to leave her but cannot. The police duo, Metts (Jade Harrison) and Donahue (Jamie Michie), locate Stefan using his debit card in Edinburg, close to Uncle Fred’s house, and rush there. But when they get there, they find Uncle Fred’s lifeless body. In the interim, Stefan and Katie successfully hijack a van and travel to Kane Street, Alaska. When Stefan tries to reach his buddy Leila, they are taken hostage by Conrad (Richard Gadd), a local hooligan who later reveals himself to be Katie’s ex-husband.


The series eventually brings us back to the moment when Stefan and Katie’s paths crossed at several weddings. Until he suddenly ran into Katie again at another wedding, he did not believe in fate. They both participated in two distinct events. Stefan ran from the wedding invitation and went to meet Katie, but discovered it was her engagement ceremony. It was well known that the Delaney family is one of the most influential entrepreneurial families with quick access to the mafia world. Hugo’s father was, therefore, constantly extra sensitive to protect his family from potential threats. He became suspicious of Katie, who did not have any available background information. To ease his doubts, Katie asked Stefan to play her classmate in front of others. but their plan was caught later. Despite the fact that she handled the problem head-on and saved her wedding, Stefan vehemently disagrees that Katie truly loves Hugo or wants to marry him. They reconnected at the wedding of the son of Delaney’s attorney, who had previously dated Jackson. Stefan discovered Katie drugging the attorney and then pursued her. After Katie modified the prenuptial agreements that Hugo’s father had wanted her to sign and unlocked his laptop, they were able to get away. Here, Stefan is completely confused by Katie’s conduct. Despite having an intimately enjoyable time together, Katie remains committed to her marriage plans. Although he was already in love with her, Stefan made every effort to move on from her.

Why Did Conrad Want To Take Revenge From His Ex-Wife Keira?

Back to the present, Stefan and Katie are now under the captivation of Conrad. Katie, while posing as Keira, had married Conrad in the past and strangely deserted him to perish. He worked for an underworld gang named “The Block,” a clandestine gang that tortured Conrad to learn about Katie’s whereabouts. So, Conrad intended to reward Katie for not being blacklisted in the world of criminals. He tells Stefan that he is well aware of their Las Vegas tour. It was the time when the marriage of Anil and Leila knocked on the door. With all of his unique preparations to please his ladylove, Anil was understandably nervous. Stefan was busy planning Anil’s bachelor party and not in touch with Katie. But one day, Katie contacted Stefan, and they ended up traveling to Las Vegas. He missed Anil’s stag party and enjoyed instead in the Delaney’s Casino in Las Vegas, where Katie had another cunning scheme to carry on. Conrad says that he and Katie had once worked together in that casino. She knows how to get the attention of the security if any player opts for cheating or card counting. She pawned Stefan, assisted him in winning by counting cards, distracted the guards, and entered the security zone and stole something. Here, Stefan’s pals were outraged at his ridiculous behavior toward a girl who had no intention of showing respect to any of his feelings.


Once more, after listening to Conrad, Stefan is unable to understand what is going on. He has no idea what Katie has previously done or why she is acting this way. He begins to lose confidence in Katie. To further compound the injustice, Katie escapes without Stefan. Conrad is ready to murder him when the police arrive. They learned about Conrad and saved Stefan. Even though Stefan acknowledges all of Katie’s wrongdoings, he does not think that she is a mass murderer. The man is back in police custody, and the inquiry has become more rigorous. Stefan remembers the suffering and abuse he had endured because of Katie. That day was the Wedding Day of Anil and Leila. Stefan was eventually pardoned for not being present at Anil’s stag party and had prepared his speech for a long time for his best friend’s wedding. But he was spotted with Katie by the bouncer of Delaney’s and was threatened by Hugo. Stefan overhears Katie complaining to Hugo about Stefan’s obsession with her throughout their talk. In a restaurant, Katie is also seen conversing with an unidentified woman. Stefan severed all ties with Katie due to his wounded heart, but one day he got a voicemail from her expressing her complete confusion over her choice. It was the night before her wedding day. The next day, Stefan went to the chapel since he believed she was at last ready to be with him. However, that woman had dreadful mood swings and refused to consider Stefan’s proposal.

‘Wedding Season’ Ending, Explained: Why Did Katie Want To Take Revenge? Is She Really Innocent?

Katie has disappeared. Stefan is striving to put each trauma behind him. The situation changes as Dounhue tries to learn more about the enigmatic bodyguard of the Delaney family. To our complete amazement, Stefan is targeted for assassination by police officer Metts. Thankfully, Dounhue saves him and is aware of the reality that his partner cop is the black sheep. In the interim, Katie is in London. She is still evading The Block, who believes she had slaughtered the Delaney family. She meets Vincent, a designer of wedding gowns. He informs her that a lavish wedding dress is being designed for the daughter of the big boss of ‘The Block’ and a Texas mob. Katie has already developed a soft corner for Stefan, but Vincent asks her to avoid him if she wants him to be safe. Eventually, Dounhue takes Stefan to London to bring in Katie. Katie is ecstatic to see Stefan, and they flee once more.


Finally, Katie tells Stefan everything. In her teenage years, she recounts the tragic death of her father, who ran a modest tavern in Manchester. Delaney’s goon murdered her father, her hero, on the day of his second wedding. After her father passed away, the Delaney family eventually took over the property. Katie was adamant that she would exact vengeance on her father and save the structure. She spotted Conrad with the criminals who had killed her father. Katie duped Conrad, married him, and learned where the filthy videotapes of the elite are kept for blackmailing purposes. It was Delaneys who wanted the building and gave that task to Conrad. She purposefully became engaged to Hugo so she might wed his family. She modified the prenuptial agreements on the lawyer’s laptop to indicate that if infidelity is proven for Hugo, Katie will retain ownership of that very property upon divorce. She traveled to Las Vegas to obtain the video footage of Hugo cheating on her at his bachelor party. The strange woman she encountered was actually her stepmother, who had lost her husband the night of their wedding. But she did not kill all the people in Delaney’s. It is more likely that someone else has killed them by using Katie as bait and wanted her to be killed by ‘The Block.’ From Stefan, Katie understands the corrupt officer Metts actually works for The Block. They plan to go to the grand wedding with the gown Vincent has designed and grab Metts. All goes according to plan. Metts is present at the wedding. They are aware that the bride, Mitzi, initially opposed the idea of marriage but eventually agreed because her father needs to make a deal with her future in-laws. From his friends, Stefan is aware that Metts has a sesame allergy. They dumped her, made her eat sesame and recorded a confession in her allergic condition in which Metts claimed to have murdered the entire Delayne family. However, it is also revealed that Katie did put poison in one drink, and that drink belonged to Hugo’s father. Stefan is outraged to learn this. Because he thought Katie was innocent, he had supported her in every way. He now comprehends Katie’s motivation for leaving him a voicemail that evening. Never did she have a second thought about getting married; instead, she was planning to commit murder. Stefan becomes incredibly depressed, and Katie learns that Stefan’s father’s building is being given to the groom as a wedding gift. She abducts Mitzi as well as the building’s bond documents. As we know, Uncle Fred was the final person to inherit all of the Delaneys’ properties. Thus, Metts had to kill him too. However, with Metts’ confessions now on the air, Katie is found to be innocent, and the prenup remains in place. So, she will finally inherit the property she has been battling for. Following a lot of drama and gunfights, Metts is slain, and Katie eventually offers his father’s property to ‘The Block’ in exchange for their lives. After all of the ifs and aberrations, Katie and Stefan confess their love to each other. Subsequently, the “Wedding Season” has concluded. In the final scene, the two are returning to their car after a party when the car unexpectedly explodes. Undoubtedly, this scene raises the possibility of a second season with a lot more questions. Has the dangerous Katie tragically died at last? What other misadventures are in store for Stefan? Time will tell.

Final Words: A Great Time Waster With Excellent Acting

Everything about “Wedding Season” points to it being a fantastic time waster. We shouldn’t watch an eight-episode season of a show just for the talent of great actors. Clearly, it requires more qualities in order to qualify as a wonderful work. The comic segment of the show is good enough, but because of the way the filmmaker combined romance and comedy with a badly constructed thrill and mystery, the show lost its footing and became a disaster. The storyline is baseless, the characters are very poorly developed, the connections between the past and present are hazy, and overall, it is so unnecessarily drawn out that one can quit watching it in the middle. The enthralling plot truly takes shape in the sixth episode and heightens attention. As a result, the haphazard development of the suspense does not render it binge-worthy. Since this series isn’t even regarded as an average, feel free to skip it or, if you have enough time to drain, then give it a shot.


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