‘Wedding Games’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Did Eva Get Gabriele Arrested?

Wedding Games is a Brazilian romantic comedy-drama brought to our screens by Netflix. This is a very simple storyline revolving around Alex, who fell in love with Eva, and vice versa. Alex and Eva were together until they decided to give the relationship an official label by tying the knot. But neither of them was sure enough if marriage was their main priority. Wedding Games delves deeper into the couple’s romantic tale and depicts the problems they face on their way to being together forever. Let’s see how things unfold for Alex and Eva in Wedding Games.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The Netflix film, Wedding Games opens with Alex and Eva falling in love with each other for the very first time. Eva worked as a waitress. She was a practical person who took time to take things seriously, but her romantic lover Alex decided he was going to marry Eva the day he first saw her. The two of them got along and pursued a serious relationship. Eva was so in love with Alex that she decided to move to Sao Paulo to be close to her lover. Alex, in the meantime, had big dreams to achieve. The man wanted to launch his own video game and work as a game developer, but he still hadn’t got his break. But, in the midst of all of it, Alex decided to do the most important thing in his life, which was to get married to Eva. Alex gathered enough courage and finally proposed to Eva, who said yes to him.


The wedding preparations began, but all the responsibilities, including fixing the wedding destination and managing the decor, fell on Eva’s shoulders. Family and friends from both sides were invited, and some of them were already at the wedding destination. In particular, it was Alex and Eva’s mothers who were in charge of the wedding preparations at the location, and they didn’t quite get along with each other.

A few days before the wedding, when Alex and Eva were supposed to reach their destination, Alex suddenly got a call from a company that was eager to talk to him about his game. Alex couldn’t blow the opportunity, so he asked Eva if he could get the wedding dress for her and meet her at the destination. Eva was quite surprised, but she was happy, as at least Alex was trying to take on one tiny responsibility. She thought about what could possibly go wrong if Alex was to bring the dress, so she relied on her fiancĂ© for the dress. But unfortunately, everything went horribly wrong.


Did Eva Get Gabriele Arrested?

Alex met up with his friend Beto, and together they picked up Alex’s best friend Lara from the airport. After picking Lara up, Alex and Beto went to the company, where Alex gave his interview and got selected, but he learned he would have to move to London.  Alex didn’t commit to the job offer and left it hanging as he had a big day coming. He would have to bring the wedding dress, which he did, but by the time he reached the airport, he had already missed the flight. They luckily caught the next flight, but it would delay their arrival at the destination. Alex, Beto, and Lara managed to arrive at a nearby location, a farm, where they got excessively high at night. They completely forgot to check on the wedding dress, and on the next day, they took a rental car and then met with their family and boarded the bus to finally arrive at the wedding destination.

Meanwhile, Alex and Eva talked only once or twice on the phone. Both of them were afraid to talk to each other, as both of them had messed up big time. While Alex was trying hard to reach the destination on time, Eva had fun at her bachelor party and realized the next morning that she was so drunk that she had kissed her ex. However, her ex was a real pervert, who forged some fake photos of them being intimate and tried to extort money from Eva. Eva was sure that nothing much had happened, so she told her friends and her mother, but as her mother-in-law overheard the entire thing, she came up with a solution. With the help of her friends, Eva managed to get a hold of her ex’s phone and find those photos. But Gabriele, who was hellbent on exposing those pictures, was later confronted with Eva’s mother-in-law, who handed him a briefcase full of money as a price for leaving Eva alone. However, it was all a scheme, as they had already called the police, who secretly witnessed the money exchange and arrested Gabriele for blackmailing Eva.


What Happened To The Wedding?

Alex returned, and Eva told him everything. She showed him the pictures, and Alex realized that they were all fake. But Eva confessed that she could remember kissing Gabriele, even though these pictures were fake. Initially, Alex couldn’t take it, but as he realized that Eva was an honest person who didn’t want to keep him in the dark, he fell for her all over again. However, even though they were all set to get married the next day, Eva found that the wedding dress Alex had brought for her was already ruined. Alex could remember that on the night they were high at the farm, Beto wore the dress and ruined it.

Alex apologized to Eva, who was extremely mad at him. Alex told her everything, saying that he wasn’t supposed to bring the dress, but as he got a call from the company, he decided to go there under the pretext of bringing the wedding dress. But the moment Alex said that he didn’t consider the job offer just because it was in London, Eva strongly objected to the decision Alex had made. She never wanted to be an obstacle on his path to achieving his goal. Now that Alex was giving priority to their wedding over his dream job, she decided to back off. She told Alex that if he truly loved her, he would wait for her and fulfill his own dreams first. Alex and Eva made a mutual decision to call off the wedding so that both of them could focus on their own lives. Alex finally accepted the job offer and moved to London. They continued their relationship from a long distance, but one day, when Alex decided to move back to Brazil, he met with Eva and asked her to marry him again. Eva said yes, and their beautiful love story became complete eventually.

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