What Was The Plan To Use Pandora As A Weapon To Rectify The Atmosphere In ‘Warriors Of Future’?

“Warriors of Future” is a 2022 sci-fi action movie that surrounds the lives of people who are facing the aftermath of Earth’s destruction. The story revolves around Tyler, Johnson, and Connor, who belong to the Air Combat Unit, as they risk their lives to survive in this chaotic world. Heavy technological advancement, over-industrialization, and wars caused humans to exterminate the chain of nature. Because of this, human beings had to face their wrath in the form of natural calamities, diseases, and famine. Many children were born with deadly diseases, and none of them survived for very long to ensure their safety, scientists built Skynets. They were used to purify the atmosphere. But at the same time, a meteor ended up bringing an alien plant to Earth, where it grew uncontrollably, causing destruction and deaths. But the irony is that it also purified the air. Now scientists had to look for ways to stop it from growing as it could destroy everything if the plant contacted water. Later, they named it Pandora. Presently, Tyler was set to carry out a new mission from HQ, and this mission would determine the future of Earth.


The Operation Chief of HQ, Colonel Tam Bing, proposed a plan to stop Pandora’s growth, and with the help of Dr. Chan Chung Chong, she prepared an entire plan. According to his research, an area inside the skynet called B16 will experience two heavy rainstorms, and the ACU had to stop Pandora before the second one hit. Over these years, they conducted research, and as per that, Pandora negatively reacted to the P7N9 virus, and to protect itself from the effects, Pandora went off into a state of hibernation, which stopped its functions. Dr. Chan created gene bullets, where a single bullet can stop Pandora’s growth, but it will still purify the atmosphere. These bullets contained the P7N9 virus; if this bullet entered Pandora’s pistil, all its harmful effects would stop. Even though it was an unprecedented mission, Tam Bing had a Plan B in action.

According to this plan, the robot unit will destroy Pandora with the help of Orca bombs, but it comes with a huge risk. These bombs might kill 160,000 people. At this point, unnecessary panic might cost more lives, but they had to commence this plan by all means. Commander Johnson Cheng guided each one of his soldiers to step forward for this mission. Yet again, this plan came with a huge risk. If they attack Pandora, it will lose its control and kill everyone who is around it. But still, the team had no choice but to give it a chance. The entire ACU had to assist HQ in finding Pandora’s pistil, and soon they commenced the mission. To begin with the mission, ACU and the mechanical units will have to wait at the central building. Once Pandora’s skyfish began scanning and searching the atmosphere, they would release contrast agent bombs into the air. Well, the skyfish functions in the atmosphere as it absorbs pollutants from the air. 


Pandora will absorb the agent, and it will lead them to Pandora’s pistil. As soon as the pistil is located, the robot units will use their powers to enter its chamber and release the gene bullet. Everything went according to plan, but none of them predicted Pandora’s attacks. Several soldiers lost their lives. Despite all the problems, Tyler and his team located the pistil, but suddenly, the robots lost all their control, and the Orca was destroyed. Tyler couldn’t contact the command center as they crashed into the ground due to low fuel levels. Well, the command center lost hold of the gene bullets and lost all hope. But Tyler and his team didn’t give up. Tyler, Connor, and Lincoln managed to find an abandoned hospital, but they were attacked by mysterious creatures. Tyler and Connor were saved by Johnson, but a severely injured Lincoln lost his life.

Johnson has only three hours to commence Plan A. If the ACU fails to commence it, Colonel Tam Bing will continue their mission with Plan B, which involves destroying Pandora and the lives of 160,000. Back at the hospital, Tyler managed to save a little girl named Pansy. With the help of Johnson’s subordinate, Skunk, they found more information on the pistil scans and the missing gene bullet that survived the plane crash. Back at the command center, Major General Sean Li wanted to abort the mission and continue with Plan B, as it would destroy Pandora completely, enabling Sean to continue his research on Skynet. Meanwhile, Tyler and his team searched for the missing robot, and Connor figured out that they lost contact because of the military radio waves and their interference in their signals. 


While Tyler found the gene bullet, Johnson and Connor found the robot’s head that caused the bombing. With the help of this robot, Connor informed the other team members that the robots were the ones that bombed down the Orca. Johnson immediately figured out that Sean was responsible for the bombing since he had displayed his disapproval towards the operation. They decided to contact Sean and warn him about the evidence, but he dismissed their thoughts and cut off their communication with the command center. Sean challenged them to fight off all his robots to enter Pandora’s pistil, and Tyler and his team accepted the challenge. Amidst this, Tam Bing was ready to commence Plan B to destroy Pandora since she had lost all contact with the ACU team. But Lucy found more information on the bombing and presented it to Tam. She immediately recognized that it was Sean’s work.

Tam commanded Sean to stop all the robots immediately, but he didn’t listen. Back at Pandora’s location, Tyler and his team fought with the robots, but Johnson was left behind. Everyone thought he had lost his life, but as the team was fighting Timora the robot, he emerged from the corner and promised Tyler to reach the pistil. While the whole team concentrated on fighting, Johnson carefully entered Pandora’s pistil and placed the gene bullet inside. As soon as the gene bullet came into contact with the pistil, Pandora stopped growing and went into hibernation. Back at the command center, Sean killed himself before Tam reprimanded him. As days passed by, humans stopped depending on Skynet as Pandora purified the atmosphere, and finally, their efforts were bearing fruit. The movie ended on a good note, where the whole team managed to sort out their differences and work together for a better future for Earth.


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Raschi Acharya
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