‘Warriors Of Future’ Pandora’s Origin, Explained: How Was It Both A Blessing And A Curse For Humanity?

Humans are essential for the circle of life, but at the same time, they destroy the roots of nature. ‘Warriors of Future’ is a 2022 Hong Kong sci-fi action film that revolves around the destructive future of Earth. The film was first released at the Hong Kong Film Festival on August 15, 2022, followed by its theatrical release on August 25, 2022. Moreover, this film received massive popularity for its thematic elements and storyline. Apart from this, the characters in this film have provided exemplary performances. Well, “Warriors Of Future” begins in the year 2055, and Tyler, the lead character, narrates the whole story and explains the reasons behind Earth’s destruction. Once a planet filled with nature and life was destroyed by humans due to technological advancement, humans lost all control over their minds. But, mankind had to pay the price for overusing these technologies, and soon, Earth became home to natural disasters, industrial overdevelopment, and non-stop wars that worsened the global ecology. These advancements eventually brought diseases and famine around the world, inducing high levels of toxins in the air and causing many children to be born with severe illnesses.


Well, to restore the environment and get everything back on track, governments around the world created Skynets to purify the toxins in the air. But it wasn’t enough to give them life. As a giant meteor fell into Earth, it released an alien plant that was later named Pandora. It became both a blessing and a curse for humanity. Even though this plant purified the atmosphere, it thrived in water, wreaking serious havoc. Pandora may be the only way to pave a new way for survival, but for that, dangerous measures are yet to be taken. To begin with, HQ sent an entire robot unit to commence a critical mission that would determine the future of Earth. Commander Johnson Cheng of B16 and the Operation Chief of HQ, Colonel Tam Bing, proposed a plan of action to Major General Sean Li. This plan can provide them with different ways to disarm Pandora without removing its ability to purify the air. Well, Pandora’s growth rate is proportional to the amount of rainfall. 

Recently, the weather forecast determined that B16 would encounter two rainstorms. The first one will only cover 10mm of rain, but the second one will cover 150 mm of rain, pulling the entire 5.6 million population of B16 into huge risk. Now, HQ has to commence this plan for altering the aftereffects of Pandora, but it has to be done before the second rainstorm arrives. Dr. Chan Chung Chong, director of the Scientific Research Institute, developed gene bullets. Based on their current findings, Pandora absorbs pollutants and releases harmful hydrogen. Well, Pandora’s cells only reacted to a rare virus called P7N9. The virus triggered Pandora’s self-defense mechanism, causing it to drive off into a state of hibernation. Moreover, it dropped its temperature to negative 30 degrees. The gene bullets are filled with the P7N9 virus, and if it enters Pandora’s pistil, the virus will stop it from growing. Sean Li was not impressed with this plan, as he is one of the creators of Skynet, and if Pandora is stopped, the Skynets will no longer be used. Well, if this mission didn’t work, Colonel Tam Bing ensured that they had a Plan B in action. 


To make this plan successful, the Air Combat Unit will send out Orca Bombers to destroy Pandora before the second rainstorm. But, this would kill around 160,000 civilians in B16. Soon, they begin the mission, and the whole operation is divided into five stages. As per the first stage, the ACU and mechanical units will await instructions at the Central Building, and during the first rainstorm, soldiers will have to shoot contrast agent bombs at the Pandora. Once Pandora absorbs the contrast agent, the Skyfish will begin scanning and searching. This is the only time when soldiers can find the pistil, as the contrast agent will make its way there. Once the pistil is located, the robots will put gene bullets in the pistil to alter Pandora. But this mission came with multiple dangers since it was unprecedented. Moreover, the soldiers will have to face Pandora’s attacks to survive. Soon, the mission commences, and everything goes according to plan. But Sean Li sabotaged the Orca by controlling the robots, and before they could commence the mission, the entire aircraft was destroyed.

Tyler, Lincoln, and Connor are stuck at an abandoned hospital as their plane is destroyed by Pandora. They manage to survive, but Lincoln is severely injured. They find another survivor in the hospital, a little girl named Pansy. Well, Tyler encounters deadly monstrous creatures around the hospital, but they end up killing Lincoln. Tyler and Johnson helped Connor and Pansy to escape from the hospital. Fortunately, they found information on the pistil scans and transmitted it to the command center. Sean Li was disappointed with this revelation, as he wanted the Skynets to be a primary source of air purification. But the unit had two more hours before the final rainstorm to commence their mission. Sean Li commanded Tam Bing to stop the mission, but this Pistil scan enabled them to continue it. The team managed to get a hold of the one single gene bullet that was left. 


Even though the aircraft burst with a heavy impact, a lucky bullet was retrieved and survived everything. Connor found the robot that interfered with their signals, and here he located the grenade pin. Connor retrieved the robot’s head to get more information on the Orca bombing, and soon they realized that Sean Li was responsible for the incident. Well, Johnson decided to warn him about the evidence, but instead, Sean chose the hard way. He challenged them to reach the pistil without any interference. Moreover, he had no intention of turning back; as for Sean, the lives of his soldiers and the people meant nothing. Sean challenged them to survive the wrath of robots, and now Tyler, Connor, and Johnson had to fight Sean’s robots to reach the pistil. Moreover, things became even more complicated when Sean disabled their communication systems with HQ. Well, the robots began attacking them, and they had no choice but to survive their attacks.

Amidst this chaos, the whole team tried their best to communicate with ACU, but little did they know that Sean was trying to eliminate them. After a series of fights, Tyler and the others couldn’t save Johnson from the critical impact and had no choice but to leave him behind. Sean tried his best to kill them, but despite all his efforts, the team found out about his betrayal and determined that the radio waves sent by Timora were done by Sean. Tam Bing arrived at his office and commanded him to stop all the robots, but he knew that it was going to rain soon. Defeating Timora was their only choice to stop Pandora from growing. Even though they defeated him, it had already begun raining. But guess what? Johnson comes back and enters Pandora. He releases the gene bullet, and Pandora stops growing. Unfortunately, before Tam Bing could arrest Sean Li, he committed suicide. Well, a week later, Dr. Chan successfully altered Pandora’s genes, making them harmless. Now, Earth has a chance to be reborn. The characters in this film ended up writing their own stories, and finally, ACU made this mission possible and turned Pandora into their biggest asset.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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