Why Did The Cruciform Sword Glow At The End Of ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2? What Does It Signify?

The final battle between Adriel and Ava brought in several cliffhangers to understand. With Adriel dead, Ava had her mission to kill him before he infiltrated the whole world. But Ava was injured by the Divinium bomb, and the only way to save her was in Reya’s realm. The show generally brings up multiple questions surrounding the ambiguous ending of “Warrior Nun” season 2. Similarly, the final episode of this season depicted the Cruciform sword glowing mysteriously. Well, Ava was gravely injured while fighting, and Adriel always claimed that no other individual or entity could kill him in this realm. To make it happen, Ava and Miguel came up with a plan to kill him with the Divinium bomb, but the plan failed. Adriel walks off without a single scratch, but the bomb ends up hurting Ava instead. With the power of “The Halo” gone, Ava couldn’t withstand his strength. But with the help of all the other warrior sisters, Ava was able to gain back her strength. Summoning the Tarask demons was the only way to kill him, and Ava used her power of semantics to just do that! With Adriel’s death, Ava was on the verge of dying too, but the arc was her only way to survive, and she traveled across the other realm to stay alive.


The second season ends with Ava’s painful departure, as there is a blossoming romance between Ava and Beatrice. Well, even though they proclaimed their love for each other, nothing can be determined for now. Nevertheless, the mysterious glow of the Cruciform Sword demonstrates that Ava is completely healed somewhere in the other realm, and she might be back to kill some demons again! But the glow signifies the importance of Divinium in a warrior sister’s life. Well, Divinium is a metal that is rare in nature, and it is one of the main weaknesses of all the warrior sisters. The power of the Divinium metal can kill any unearthly being in the world, including the warrior nuns. Apart from that, Divinium can be used to travel across different realms, and we are introduced to its power in the first episode of “Warrior Nun,” season one. Sister Shannon was killed by the same metal, and now Ava has to face the same future. But there are huge chances that Ava might return from Reya’s realm.

Towards the end of The “Warrior Nun” season 2, Lilith warns Beatrice about the Holy War, which might have catastrophic results. Even though the Halo belonged to Reya, she doesn’t claim it back! Ava is truly meant to be the warrior nun, and her place in the holy war is extremely necessary as she holds the power of “The Halo,” which can grant life and superhuman abilities to anyone. Ava might be very important between heaven and hell, and things might be even easier for her to understand in Reya’s realm. Well, the first season provided us with multiple pieces of information regarding the supplies of Divinium. Well, Adriel escaped from Reya’s realm after stealing the Halo, and escaping the Tarask demons was essentially necessary. To save himself, Adriel placed the Halo on Areala’s body, the first warrior nun, and saved her from sudden death. Adriel posed to be an angel and managed to win the hearts of all the residents around him.


With their help, Adriel created several weapons made from the components of Divinium. Once Adriel was banished to his tomb, the warrior sisters took over the responsibility of protecting the Divinium, which can cause massive destruction around the world and result in the deaths of entities and individuals from Heaven and Hell. Moreover, the cruciform sword might play a very important role in the holy war. Meanwhile, Lilith had a change of heart and even rescued Ava from death. But she couldn’t choose sides for now, as she had chosen to be on Adriel’s path. But there are chances that she might return to fulfill her role as a sister warrior. From the very beginning, Lilith hated the idea of placing the Halo inside Ava since she was destined to become the next warrior nun as per the legacy. But Ava’s arrival changed the whole scenario of her life.

Throughout her journey, Lilith had dedicated her entire life to becoming the halo bearer, and to acquire it, she would go to any lengths. Lilith tried to kill Ava several times, as her death never mattered in the first place. She was already a dead person awakened by the powers of the Halo. Mary also supported Ava, as Father Vincent believed that Ava was destined to have the Halo. So, she would often save her from Lilith. But Lilith was fatally stabbed across the chest by a Tarask while saving Ava. Lilith pierced a Divinium dagger through Ava’s body, which was noticed by the Tarask demons. Later, she was dragged into the world of Tarasks, and everyone believed that Lilith was dead. But she stepped out of the portal again, and this time, Lilith was completely changed as she inherited strange demonic powers. While entering the tomb, Lilith was completely on board with the plan, and she wanted to stop Ava.


Here, it was pretty clear that Lilith was aware of Adriel’s true identity. In season 2, Lilith’s heart was filled with hatred as she couldn’t possess the one thing she had desired her whole life. Now, she wanted to avenge herself and decided to work for Adriel. He changed her appearance and character completely, and from a warrior sister, she was quickly turned into a ruthless demon. Even though Adriel was dead, Lilith was confused about her current state, as she wanted to choose between heaven and hell. Before leaving, Lilith confronted Beatrice and shared her thoughts on the holy war. Lilith wanted Beatrice to be on the same side during the war. Until then, there’s no clue as to Lilith’s whereabouts. Similarly, Lilith gave several indications about the holy war, and Ava being in Reya’s realm might be essential for the human race. Maybe she used the Cruciform Sword to inform everyone about her return. This time things will be different; Ava has to face a whole other domain of battle.

Lilith is surely a warrior sister, but her blind rage has changed her completely. Lilith mercilessly slaughtered everyone, including Michael. Ava and Michael were pretty close to each other, and they first met at Dr. Julian’s lab. Michael is her son, and he was born with a strange blood disease. The Divinium content in his blood kept him alive without undergoing immense pain. Michael would often hear angels speaking to him, but this time, it was Adriel who manipulated Michael for the arc. Michael believed that Adriel would save him, and the arc would take him to heaven. Michael sprints towards the arc, vanish in the portal and reach the other side. This time, a grown-up Michael returns from the other realm to end Adriel’s life. But surprisingly, Adriel doesn’t die. Even though Michael is dead here, he is still alive in the other realm. Maybe, Michael and Ava met each other, and together they might figure out the cause of the holy war. Both of them are channeled through the energy of Divinium, and the sudden glow of the Cruciform Sword might be indicating Ava’s presence in the other realm.


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