How Did Ava Defeat Adriel In The Netflix Series ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2? Will Ava Return For Season 3?

Based on the popular comic book by Ben Dunn, “Warrior Nun” on Netflix is a 2020 supernatural fantasy drama series that revolves around the life of Ava Silva. Well, “Death is the beginning of a new life,” and this notion is depicted in the show. The motive of Ava’s life is completely changed after she is resurrected with the Halo, a mystical artifact that granted her life and superhuman powers. In the first season, Ava never gave up on these powers since they empowered her and enabled her to walk without being tetraplegic. With her powers, she became a worthy warrior nun, and receiving the Halo was not a coincidence, as she deserved to be a true warrior nun. Now, in season 2 of “Warrior Nun,” Ava has to face more challenges with the arrival of Adriel. In the first season, Ava discovers the ugly truth behind Adriel’s identity: all those years, everyone believed him to be an angel, but in reality, he was a devil. Season one of “Warrior Nun” ends with an apocalyptic cliffhanger as Adriel fights back to claim possession of the Halo. But the second season begins with an unexpected time-lapse, as Ava goes into hiding to protect herself and the Halo from Adriel, but she soon realizes that defeating him is essential as he poses a great threat to mankind.


In the finale of “Warrior Nun” season 2, Ava had conversations with Vincent, who was devastated by the thought that he betrayed his family, church, and everyone who believed in him. From the very beginning, Vincent manipulated Ava into releasing Adriel, as she became the halo bearer. But now, the Crown of Thorns was their only hope. Adriel is strong, and he predicts all their actions, which causes huge trouble for the nuns and Ava herself. But Vincent believed that the Halo chose Ava of its own accord, and she was destined to restore the world. Meanwhile, Ava was blinded by her emotions; she wanted to defeat Adriel without risking the lives of the people she loved. Vincent’s divinium tattoos played a key role in the series as he used them to communicate with Adriel. Ava figured out that Adriel was truly afraid of The Crown of Thorns, and she decided to put the crown on herself. 

Ava drifted off to another realm, with Tarasks protecting Reya as gatekeepers. While Beatrice confronts Vincent about the whole situation that caused Ava to wear the crown, she mysteriously wakes up from her sleep and informs Beatrice that she has found a way to stop Adriel. With the help of the crown, Ava realized that Adriel wanted to rule over mankind. Ava shared her thoughts and confessed that the crown had shown her a vision. According to that vision, Adriel is a fugitive from the other realm, where he had failed to gain power. But to make things right, he wanted to turn Earth into his kingdom! Now, Adriel is ultimately going to use the prayer energy of his followers to activate the arc. With this, he will easily open the floodgates and bring in enough wraith demons to conquer and enslave the world. Ava was certain that the Halo was rejecting her, but in reality, Adriel’s cross was restricting the Halo from gaining control or passing any powers around it.


But the further she got away from the cross’ energy, the stronger her Halo became. Now, destroying the cross was a huge priority. The cathedral was filled with Adriel’s followers, and all the nuns were divided into three teams to avoid any chaos. Father Vincent manages to get the whole team inside. Meanwhile, a sudden shootout in the basement disrupts their whole plan. But the sister nuns easily defeated the people who worked for Adriel and stepped inside the cathedral. Now, Ava is planning to sacrifice herself for the sake of other nuns. Beatrice and Yasmine managed to find the arc. The other sisters attach explosives to the cross, and Kristian notices it. It turns out that Jillian lied to the sisters since Ava was planning to sacrifice herself. But a fight breaks out with Adriel’s followers, and Beatrice and Yasmine get stuck in it.

Did The Warrior Sisters Destroy Adriel’s Cross? 

Miguel tries to attack Adriel, but Lilith emerges from the shadows and ends up killing him. Adriel opens up the portal, and it shows that Reya has been captured by the demons. Adriel wants to gain control over Halo, which will give him immense power. The cross is an amplifier, so Camilla uses it to channel direct communication with Adriel, which ends up distracting him. Simultaneously, Ava had to fight with Adriel and Lilith at the same time. She somehow manages to hurt them, but she can’t withstand Adriel’s power. So, to defeat him, Ava explodes Miguel, and the divinium hurts her pretty badly. Just then, Adriel gets back up and is regenerated, as he claims that nothing will destroy him in this realm. At the same time, Camilla destroys the cross, and Ava gets back all her powers and summons the Tarasks from the other realm with the power of Semantics.


With Adriel dead, the Tarasks turn their back on Ava, but Reya stops them. Well, Reya returns to her realm while acknowledging Ava’s part in killing Adriel. While Ava is on the verge of dying, Lilith informs them that the only way to save her is to send her through the portal to Reya’s realm. Finally, Beatrice and Ava proclaim their love for each other before pushing Ava through the portal. The show ends with Beatrice’s resignation from the OCS, as the loss of Ava is too much for her to take in and Adriel’s way of pursuing powers is enough to influence her faith. But now, Beatrice was ready to explore the world from that perspective without any pressure. Maybe she might come back, but for a while, Beatrice will surely choose her interests. The final episode of Warrior Nun season 2 ends with a sudden glow of the Cruciform sword, marking the fact that Ava is still alive.

Will Ava Return For ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 3?

Well, the ending surely denotes the fact that Ava is safe and alive in Reya’s realm, and she might return for the next season. The Cruciform sword lit up, informing of the arrival of Ava in the future. But as of now, there are no words from Netflix, and it might return if season two performs well on Netflix. At the end of “Warrior Nun” Season 2, Lilith manages to help Ava and save her life. The portal was her only way to survive, and Lilith chose to be on Ava’s side. After she is pushed into the portal, Lilith and Beatrice have conversations with each other, in which Lilith clearly warns Beatrice about an incoming holy war between Heaven and Hell. Meanwhile, new candidates were trained at the church under Mother Superior’s supervision. In comparison, Father Vincent made his way back into the church as well since he was surely forgiven for his deeds and followed his way to redemption. Season two didn’t provide much information on Adriel’s followers, and his manipulative mind helped him accumulate a massive crowd on his side.


Even though Adriel’s dead, there are chances that his followers might step in to claim his dreams of conquering Earth. Season three of “Warrior Nun” will play a very important role in depicting the future outcome of Ava’s life. She never expected to live in the first place, but now she was handed over thousands of responsibilities as many lives depended on her. The second season also marks a huge change in Ava’s character since she wanted to live her life to the fullest in the first season, but now, Ava is ready to give up on herself to save others. Maybe this time, Ava will return with more strength to battle in the Holy War. Moreover, Lilith’s role is yet to be determined. Before leaving Beatrice, Lilith said that she wanted both of them on the same side. But there’s no clear indication around her statement, as all the answers will emerge with the arrival of “Warrior Nun” Season 3.

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