What Did Adriel Want? Is Adriel Dead Or Alive In The Netflix Series ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2?

“Warrior Nun” is a 2020 television series that revolves around the mysterious life of Alva Silva, a young 19-year-old who is resurrected by the power of a divine object known as “The Halo.” This artifact not only gave her life but also provided her with supernatural strength. Throughout the first series, the character of Ava Silva gained massive popularity as she transitioned from a young, naive girl to the halo bearer who must take her place as the “Warrior Nun.” Soon, she discovers the secret of an angel named Adriel. The final episode of season one reveals the history of Adriel and the Halo. Throughout the whole series, everyone believed that Adriel was an angel who saved the life of Areala, the first warrior nun. His appearance from heaven changed several things in the world. But in reality, Adriel is a demon who stole the Halo from another realm. To save the Halo from the Tarask demons, Adriel decided to hide it in Areala’s body. In the finale, Ava and the other warrior sisters find Adriel’s hidden tomb, and to her surprise, Adriel has been in the tomb for decades. Well, Areala trapped him inside the tomb to avoid further destruction and chaos. But Ava is shocked to know the truth, as he could easily destroy the world with the Halo. Moreover, Adriel also controlled the wraith demons and commanded them to fight for him.


Adriel tries to manipulate Ava, but she manages to escape the tomb. At first, he managed to convince Ava that Areala tricked him into breaking the highest order. Well, Ava believed that giving up the Halo would be the best choice since it would save the lives of many warrior nuns. But the Halo shows her a vision that highlights Adriel’s dark truth. Ava manages to see Areala’s life through her perspective and understands Adriel’s plan. The finale of “Warrior Nun” season one ends with a huge cliffhanger that highlights Adriel’s control over the wraith demons. He instantly summons them, and one by one, all the citizens are possessed. The warrior nuns are attacked, and the episode ends with an ambiguous conclusion. Meanwhile, “Warrior Nun” season two leaps forward two months as she is hiding from Adriel to avoid any chaos. But, to her surprise, Adriel was becoming very popular, and people started trusting and following his words and actions.

From the very beginning, Adriel used the power of faith to manipulate humans into obeying him. People around the world blindly followed Adriel’s powerful actions as he cured several illnesses of his followers. But to gain more control, Adriel uses the wraith demons to possess all his followers. Even though he is not an angel, people started believing in him since he portrayed supernatural powers and gained devotion from his acts. As the season progressed, Ava had to figure out ways to defeat Adriel. From the very beginning, Father Vincent was responsible for his return, as he was manipulating Ava into releasing him. But towards the end of season 2, Father Vincent wanted to attain salvation for his sins. The Crown of Thorns was the only artifact to prevent Adriel from taking over the human race. Through his divinium tattoos, Father Vincent maintained his communication with Adriel, and Ava linked their connection and figured out that Adriel was scared of the crown.


This was easily possible since she used Vincent’s divinium tattoos to scare him with the Crown of Thorns. Well, Adriel wanted to gain power in Reya’s realm, and the Halo originally belonged to her. Ava decided to wear the crown, through which she drifted off to the other realm. Here, she got to learn disturbing truths about Adriel and concludes that Adriel is a thief in the other realm. To save himself from the Tarask demons, Adriel decided to escape and teleport to Earth. People witnessed his powers and believed that he was an angel sent from heaven to save them from demons. But Areala managed to see right through his character. But now, history was repeating itself, as Adriel used the power of false faith and manipulation to break Cardinal Duretti’s power as the pope. Adriel wanted people to believe that he was an angel with divine powers, and he was using their prayers to create an arc, a portal to the other realm. 

He wanted to acquire the power of the Halo to capture Reya, as she had banished him from the realm. Adriel planned on capturing Reya with the help of wraith demons on Earth. But to enable that, he has to get his hands on the Halo. To suppress the powers of the Halo, Adriel created a cross that weakened the powers of the Halo. Reya is very powerful and claims this divine artifact will give him immense power and control over all the realms. The sisters were divided into three teams by Mother Superior to invade Adriel’s cathedral. They managed to enter the cathedral with Father Vincent’s help and focused on destroying the cross, but Ava had other plans, she knew that the Halo would not work around Adriel’s cross, so she decided to sacrifice herself for the sake of all the other sister warriors. Beatrice and Yasmine managed to fight off their followers, whereas Camilla and Dora distracted Adriel’s followers from completing their mission.


Ava escaped with Miguel and reached the basement; the cross was built above the Arc, and it was channeling the prayers of Adriel’s followers. But Ava had plans to kill him with the divinium, as Adriel always claimed that he couldn’t be killed in this realm. But Miguel belonged to another realm, and he charged toward him angrily. But Lilith killed him instantly. Now, Ava was captured, and Lilith was ready to draw the Halo out of her. Adriel showed her a vision of Reya, who had been captured by the wraith demons. But Camilla sensed the danger and distracted Adriel by communicating with him through the cross. The minute he got distracted, Ava managed to free herself and used all her power to explode Miguel since he had the divinium bomb inside him. But it didn’t work and ended up hurting Ava instead. Meanwhile, Adriel was immensely proud of his victory, as no one from Ava’s realm could kill him. Fortunately, Camilla managed to explode the cross, and the Halo got back its power.

But this time, Ava had a plan; she used all her power to call Tarask demons from the other realm, killing him mercilessly. Ava used the power of semantics to attract the demons. Before the Tarask demons could hurt them, Reya commanded them to stop, and they all returned to Reya’s realm. She thanked Ava before leaving and gave a slight nod of acceptance. But parts of the divinium bomb had pierced through Ava’s body, severely hurting her. Ava was on the verge of dying until Lilith enlightened them about the power that the Arc holds. To survive her death, Ava entered Reya’s realm through the portal. Now that Ava was gone, Beatrice was heartbroken, and she decided to leave her post as a warrior nun in the church. Beatrice planned on living her life for the time being until she was ready to fight demons again. The series ends on another cliffhanger; the Cruciform sword is placed in a closed casket since Ava is moved to the other realm. But it mysteriously glows, and it is a strong indication that Ava might return safely. After Ava was sent to Reya’s realm, Lilith warned Beatrice about the Holy War. Maybe Heaven and Hell will be involved in a gruesome battle, and Ava is one of the essential characters that might change the whole scenario of the upcoming war!


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