‘The Legend Of Vox Machina’ Season 2, Episodes 4, 5, And 6: Recap And Ending, Explained

The latest three episodes of Amazon Prime’s “The Legend of Vox Machina” have dropped, and tension is rising, both in and out of the unlikely group of heroes. The last we saw of the Critical Role-inspired characters, they were making the journey to gather all the Vestiges of Divergence to defeat the Chroma Conclave of dragons when Vex was hit by black magic and killed. In these three episodes, we learn about the next part of their journey. Is the crew able to save Vex? What happens to their quest to find the rest of the Vestiges? Will the dragons attack again? Let’s find out now!


Spoilers Ahead

Those Who Walk Away

The fourth episode begins with a flashback to the youth of Vax and Vex, where the teenage Vex had been kidnapped and kept behind locked doors by the enemies, until her brother Vax broke her out. While fleeing to hide from the enemies, they sneak into a room to find a heavily wounded bear, whom the siblings provide a mercy kill to, only to notice the cub. Vex ends up taking the cub with them, and years later, we know the cub as Trinket.


Back at the sunken tomb of the Raven Matron, Vex’s body lies lifeless, and Pike’s attempts to heal her fail as Kash and Zahra arrive. Kash tries resurrecting Vex by a Revival Rite, an extremely difficult method, and it proves to be useless, as Vax demands to know who had been near his sister when the tragedy hit. Percy looks pained. They quickly realize that inside the tomb of the Raven, outside Gods hold no authority, so their magic isn’t working. As everyone else’s voices fade out for Vax, he spots a figure walking toward his sister’s body and removing her soul. It’s the same masked entity Vax had been seen with, and he shouts at the Raven to claim his soul instead, so the Matron severs the bond Vax’s soul had with his sister, and Vex’s soul returns to her body, and she sits up straight. Their attention falls on Vax, who’s inexplicably wearing Purvan’s armor, and he rushes to hug his sister. Scanlan interrogates Zahra and Kash about their sudden disappearance while the group heads out, and Vax stares at the statue of the Matron and wonders about his choice.

While walking out of the tomb, Zahra discusses the ways they can remove the Vestige from Vax, and the Vox Machina are excitedly at their tail, but Vax sees some carvings on the walls and immediately has visions of wars from days past. He sees wars happen and titans like the Sphinx and the Matron until the battlefield is empty, except Purvan standing at a cliff, staring daggers at Vax. Zahra hides with Kash and unleashes a one-eyed octopus-like monster on Vox Machina to retrieve the vestige from Vax, and a fight breaks out. All the members give their best, but one by one, the monster turns them to stone. Vax tries attacking but is distracted by a vision of the battlefield and then attacked by Purvan, who batters him bloody. More and more Vox members fall prey to the monster, so Kash rushes in to help while Zahra herself gets turned to stone. On the battlefield, Purvan has shattered several of Vax’s bones and prepares for the killing blow as Vax once again tries facing the undead champion of Matron. Just then, a young Vex consoles her brother, saying some things are beyond people’s control, and he lets the attack happen. Vax stands renewed, and the now-human Purvan kneels before Vax and hails him as the champion. The Matron blesses Vax’s Vestige with charms, making him her new champion, and when he fights back against the one-eyed monster, he’s completely transformed. Kash revives everyone out of stone, as Vax darts around in the blink of an eye before finally felling the creature. Vox Machina interrogates Zahra for their suspicious actions, but Kash suggests escape because the tomb is filling up with water, so they swim to the shore.


Later, Percy approaches Vax to apologize for accidentally killing Vex, and Vax punches the gunslinger in the face. Zahra and Kash depart after apologizing to Vox, and Zahra leaves her necklace with Vex, who stores Trinket inside it to keep him safe. Vax has a scary vision of a sick man, Matron descending upon him, and the thread of fate that ties Vax to her until Vex jolts him to his senses. He says he saw the Raven approach Vex, and she tries consoling him, but he walks away. In Westruun, a dragon flies over the destroyed city.

Pass Through Fire

In a beautiful land that reminds you of Asgard, a woman who resembles an adult Keyleth walks out with a staff in hand when a child runs to her. The young Keyleth pleads with her mother, Vilya, to stay, and she teaches her daughter about the four elements the Ashari have control over – fire, wind, earth, and water. Keyleth then watches as her mother leaves.


Back to the present, Vox Machina is goofing around when they notice Keyleth standing blankly gazing into the distance. She informs them that they’re near Pyrah, the area where Fire Ashari guard the Fire Plane rift and where Vilya was last seen. Elsewhere, while answering nature’s call, Grog asks his sword, Craven Edge, if the bloodthirsty sword can ever be satiated, and the sword says that it consumes blood and strengthens Grog in exchange. At night, Vax screams after having visions again, awaking the crew. Outside, he tries taking the Vestige off, but it seems to have latched on to him. The next morning, while heading to Pyrah, Vex asks Scanlan to read the inscriptions on the broomstick from Gilmore’s shop, and immediately he shoots up in the air. While flying, he spots an active volcano—news that upsets Keyleth, and she wants to help the Fire Ashari, but Vax disagrees. Frustrated, she flies away towards the volcano, and the rest of the crew explains to Vax that Keyleth would do the same for Vox.

The Fire Ashari has been attacked by flying dragon-like beasts that are attacking everyone as Keyleth jumps into the battle. She spots her father, Korrin, attending to Cerkonos, the head of the Fire Ashari, and the father and daughter reunite after ages. Korrin informs her that the Fire Plane rift has been ripped open, and that many have died when Cerkonos says that a massive dragon has butchered his people. Korrin takes Keyleth to help the fire sealers close the rift, where she meets Kima and Allura from Emon. Vox Machina arrives and gets to work against the dragons, but Craven Edge keeps asking for blood—something fire dragons don’t have. They’re aided by Kima and Allura, who take them to Keyleth while explaining how Allura saved the royal family in Emon from Thordak’s attack. Apparently, Thordak is back because these sorcerers failed to keep him bound after they chained him to the soul anchor that had dragged him back to the Fire Dominion ages ago.

Meanwhile, Korrin assures Keyleth that she can help him close the rift, and the duo works together to close the gap, but it immediately breaks apart, and more dragons keep coming out. Craven Edge demands blood, and when Grog says dragons have none, it points toward Pike and asks for more. Vex learns the inscriptions for the broom from Scanlan and soars into the air, but things get worse, and Korrin is injured. Keyleth then hears the voice of her mother and realizes that she can cross the barrier of fire and reaches the Fire Dominion. In a land of flames and lava, she transforms into a giant humanoid owl and destroys the fire beasts with her terrible flame. She uses highly powerful magic to close the Rift from the inside, destroying all the fire beasts on the outer side as well. However, everyone thinks that she died inside until she bursts through in a gust of fire. Later, Cerkonos anoints Keyleth with the blessing of Pyrah and wishes the Vox Machina luck on their journey. Kima and Allura plan to return to Whitestone and check on Syngorn, the land of Elves because they have escaped at the mention of dragons. Elsewhere, Umbrasyl gathers tribute from half-giants when Anna Ripley arrives and offers a proposition.

Into the Rimecleft 

In an arena with a wild crowd, Grog is cutting down soldiers as blood gushes out, and Craven Edge thrives. People start chanting Grog’s name, and the half-giant is ecstatic with joy until he notices that the soldiers he cut in half were his Vox Machina friends and the soldier he has last pierced is none other than his best friend, Pike. As the healer breathes her last, a massive half-giant named Kevdak says that Grog has finally brought pride to the herd. Grog wakes from his nightmare and finds Craven Edge demanding more blood. 


In the morning, the sword keeps repeating how hungry it is, and Grog tries silencing it until Pike and Scanlan walk up to him. He narrowly escapes, but Pike shares her worries with the bard about how obsessed Grog has become with the sword. While heading to Rimecleft, every member is cold, and Vex is freezing when Percy puts his coat on her, although he’s already sniffling. Keyleth lights a fireball to keep them warm, and Pike tries talking to Grog about the sword, but he walks away. They come upon a monument with ancient runes on it that serve as a warning for all those who might approach, and there are corpses lying around as well. While flying on the broom, Vex spots an entrance to the mountain, and when they approach the area, they seem to be able to pass through easily. They enter an ancient temple that Vax says was built before the Divergence between men and gods as an unknown creature growls in the distance. They’re almost attacked by something massive until Vex cries out that Osysa has sent them. Kamaljori, the Sphinx that Vax had seen in the carvings, stops when he learns that his mate has sent them. However, before he reveals the knowledge that Vox Machina seeks, they have to win his challenge, and he even offers them a choice between three options. The crew chooses to go for the third option of wounding the Sphinx in any possible way. The Sphinx transports them into another dimension—a rock that seems to float in the middle of space and offers everyone a chance to wound the creature in a one-on-one battle. Vax agrees to go first, as Craven Edge chooses to suck Grog’s blood instead when he fails to provide it.

Vax approaches Kamaljori, who notices the Deathwalker’s Ward and says it’s a heavy burden to bear. Vax’s attacks can’t pierce the Sphinx’s magic shield, and he’s sent flying off the floating land to fall through the void forever until the Sphinx has been wounded. One by one, every crew member of Vox is thrown overboard until it’s just Scanlan left. The bard then uses his magic to create an image of Osysa as Scanlan’s music lights up the gloomy dimension. Through his magic, Kamaljori finds himself flying with Osysa, and they’re once again together, even if it’s through music. When the music ends, Scanlan finds the Sphinx weeping as he says that the bard has managed to do the impossible—wound the creature emotionally. As the rest of the Vox wake up on the floor of the temple, they find Kamaljori and Scanlan chatting like friends. The Sphinx appears much more genial now and offers to help the crew on their quest by providing them with the Vestige called the Mythcarver—a sword that allows one to see into the locations of the remaining artifacts. Scanlan sees visions of the Fey Realm, which houses an epic bow, and the Westruun in ruins, where several giants are roaming, one of them with massive gauntlets on his fists.


Just then, the acid-breathing dragon Umbrasyl barges in for the Vestige from Scanlan, but Kamaljori comes to the Vox Machina’s aid. All the crew members and the Sphinx attack the dragon together, but even then, their attacks seem ineffective against the monster. Grog manages to slash the dragon as Craven Edge rejoices, but Umbrasyl fights back and throws Kamaljori away before grabbing the rock with Scanlan on it and flying away. Loyal to the bard who showed him his love again, Kamaljori chases after the dragon, who spits out the unconscious Scanlan and the Vestige, but the Sphinx saves the former. As the life goes out of the Sphinx, he thanks Scanlan for letting him see Osysa again, and the dragon grabs the Mythcarver before charging at Vox Machina. Keyleth creates a Shift spell to the Fey Realm, but Grog has gone insane with bloodlust and keeps charging at Umbrasyl. Pike rushes to save her friend, but the half-giant keeps pushing her aside until she runs in front of him, and he ends up stabbing her in the gut, just like in his nightmare. Grabbing the wounded Pike, they run to Keyleth’s Shift Spell, but at the last moment, Umbrasyl’s attack throws Pike, Grog, and Scanlan off course. Keyleth, Percy, Vex, and Vax end up in Fey Realm, but the other three are nowhere to be seen.

Final Thoughts

The three episodes give a lot of backstories to our characters, especially Keyleth and Grog. Keyleth, or Kiki as Vax calls her, is finally able to let go of her fear of failure and manages to save the day for everyone, especially the Fire Ashari, by sealing the Fire Rift. She masters fire and becomes an expert at wielding the element as she takes one more step toward becoming an expert druid. However, the more serious issue lies with Grog, the cheerful and clueless half-giant, who is obsessed with a sword that’s bubbling with dark magic. The sword demands blood constantly, and he keeps getting visions where he ends up harming his loved ones, but finally, while battling the dragon Umbrasyl, the sword drives him insane, and he ends up stabbing his best friend, Pike. The lesson here is that when everyone says something is bad for you, it probably is. From the get-go, everyone warned Grog that the sword wasn’t good for him, but he didn’t listen, so in the end, he stabs his best friend with no telling if she’ll survive or not. The group is also split, and while one half ends up in the Fey Realm, nobody knows where Grog and the two gnomes got teleported to. So, we have to wait till next week to learn about their fate, but most importantly, the fate of Pike.


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