‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Kurya Sacrifice Himself For Harald?

As Harald and the rest of the group on the ship take the plunge by clinging on to their lives in the sixth episode of “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 2, it will be interesting to find out who survives the fall in the seventh episode. Freydis, on the other hand, has headed off on her own in the town of Jomsborg, where she brought everyone from the old faith under one roof and made sure Harekr was killed. Queen Emma, on the other hand, has figured out Godwin’s game plan, but she has no way to prove that he is guilty. Will Harald finally face the Pechenegs? How will Olaf tackle Harald and Freydis?

Spoilers Ahead

After The Fall

The entire group is now scattered after the fall from the gigantic waterfall, a big hurdle they crossed to reach Constantinople. Harald and Mariam find each other quite soon, and they are happy to know their ship, thankfully, did not suffer any major damage. It will stay afloat soon. Harald and Mariam are looking for the rest of their “team.” They have become a team by now, as they have made decisions keeping everyone in mind. If one person is uncomfortable, they regroup and make another plan to surmount the obstacle. All of them have come to like and respect each other for the skills they bring to the table. Harald and Mariam are looking for things that survived the fall when they are confronted by the Pechenegs. They are eager to know if Harald is carrying anything precious for them to rob. Mariam hides herself to avoid being kidnapped. Harald makes it clear that he is Prince of Norway, who shipped slaves to Constantinople, and they’ve now drowned. The Pechenegs hope there is a prize to be earned from kidnapping him and taking him away as a hostage.

Olaf’s Plans

Olaf just missed confronting Harald at Novgorod, and now he knows Freydis is probably at Jomsborg. Olaf now plans to kidnap Freydis, hoping that kidnapping her will help get the attention of Harald, who will come to rescue her. Olaf now only has to find out where Jomsborg is because the sea is so large that it properly hides the island. Only the sailors from Jomsborg will be able to locate this place. The tide here plays an important role, and the best of seamen cannot locate this place. Olaf, being a seasoned seaman, is confident he cannot just locate the island, but by taking Freydis and all the other pagans hostage, remove the island from the face of the earth. Olaf, being a Christian, wants that all the pagans in Jomsborg should be converted to his faith, as this will help him expand his faith. This part of the show is all about how Christianity went on a rampage to convert every single person of other faiths to their religion by constantly telling them that Jesus Christ would bring them salvation. This was a time when Christianity had just started spreading in this part of the world, and there were plenty of indigenous faiths all around the world, including in the Scandinavian kingdoms.

Will Kurya Sacrifice Himself For Harald And The Voyage Ahead?

Leif, Elena, the wrestlers, and Kurya survive; meanwhile, they cannot find Cadlin anywhere. Hoping that she will show up, they are happy to have found each other. Leif is happy to see Mariam alive. Leif, just like Harald, did not expect anyone to survive the fall, but most of them did. Sadly, Cadlin’s body shows up, which breaks everyone’s heart, for she was the one who said she didn’t want to die yet because she had just started enjoying freedom. Cadlin’s death puts everyone in a bad mood, and then they have to deal with Harald’s rescue as well. Mariam soon informs them of the Pechenegs showing up and kidnapping Harald. Harald is captured and heavily injured by this tribe, and when Leif, Kurya, Elena, and the girls see the camp where Harald is kept captive they move towards it. Leif and Kurya plan to use Kurya as bait, which will divert their attention towards Kurya, and the Pechenegs will inform Khan. This diversion will give them enough time to bring back Harald and sail for Constantinople. Leif and Kurya want to rescue Harald because he is their leader and has stood up for them, and it is their time to rescue him from the Pechenegs raiders.

As Kurya and Leif enter the camp, the Pechenegs get distracted and are now keen to inform Khan, who is not very far from the current camp. Khan arrives just in time, and which gives Leif, Harald, Elena, and Kurya time to escape from the camp using the Pecheneg horses. Kurya stops to make sure Khan will just concentrate on killing him, as this will give Harald enough time to run away from Pechenegs. Kurya confronts his brother in the hope that he can taunt him for what he did to his wife. Kurya then kills his brother by blowing a poisonous powder onto his face. This makes sure Harald and Leif would get enough time to get the boat out on the water and escape. This plan works, as Kurya is captured and the Pechenegs start torturing him. Leif, who looks on from afar, kills Kurya by aiming an arrow at him so that Kurya can die an honorable death and not due to Pecheneg torture. Harald and Leif now see a fourth casualty in their voyage so far, and Kuryya’s death would hit the hardest, for he sacrificed himself so that Harald, Leif, Elena, Mariam, and the rest of the girls can continue to live the life they wanted to lead in Constantinople. Kurya always wanted to die and join his wife in the other world; saving Harald gave him a reason to do the deed and let him finally take the plunge toward death, which he had been waiting for since his wife was killed. Kurya made the ultimate sacrifice.

Jorundr is on a small boat in the middle of the sea, alone and an amputee, waiting for his destiny, which is the sea taking him to some land that is waiting for him. He is not sure where he will reach or if anyone will want an amputated Viking in their homeland. Jorundr knows he will not serve any purpose on any land going forward, but he also hopes for the best for himself. Olaf’s ship runs across  Jorundr’s tiny boat, and they know they have means to take back what they claim is theirs.

Final Thoughts

The seventh episode of “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 2, so far is the beginning of the end of the journey that Harald is taking toward his destiny, which is reaching Constantinople. The writers surprisingly picked up the pace of this episode and made the viewers realize there is an end goal that the characters must reach. All of them are about to find out their destinies, and they are not sure if any one of them will be successful in grabbing a win-win. The writers realized in this episode that they needed to end the series with a bang, and the second-to-last episode establishes the fact that the arcs of a lot of characters are about to come to an end. “Pecheneg” served the purpose it began with. An engaging watch after a slow midseason.

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