‘Unprisoned’ Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Edwin And Paige Work Out Their Differences?

Parents play a very important role as they determine the first steps of a child’s life. A happy and compassionate family can motivate the child and boost his self-confidence. At the same time, an unsupportive and ignorant family would lower a child’s self-esteem. “Unprisoned” is a comedy series that highlights the broken relationship between Paige and her father, Edwin. From the beginning, Paige never showed the world her true feelings; yet she seemed happy when she revealed her thoughts in her Instagram videos. In reality, Paige is very disappointed with her father and mother. Her mother left them when Paige was a little girl, and Edwin spent most of his life in prison. No matter what happened, Edwin broke all his promises and didn’t stand by his words until Paige stopped believing in him. Paige grew up in an orphanage and had a devastating experience with Edwin’s friend Nadine. Paige respected her foster family because they always took care of her feelings. But Edwin left her with Nadine, and she couldn’t live with the Nelson family. Paige didn’t want to forgive her father and decided to keep him away from her son, Finn. After 17 years, Edwin is back, and Paige isn’t happy about it. Even though he promises to change, Paige knows it won’t work.


Edwin wants to live with his daughter, but she doesn’t want him around Finn. Eventually, he starts staying with his old friends but then returns home. Edwin is determined to work hard and looks for more job opportunities. He finds a job at a restaurant called Parmesan Garden, but because of his criminal past, Edwin can’t hold down a job. He decides to lie to Paige until he finds a new job and spends his days at Nadine’s house.

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What Happened Between Bill And Paige?

Paige is a single mother living with her 16-year-old son, Finneas. They both struggle with their relationship, as Paige is too controlling and refuses to listen to others. It’s clear that Paige hasn’t had a chance to assert her feelings like every child loves to do with their parents, so she doesn’t accept that her decisions could be wrong. Paige is in a loving relationship with a businessman named Bill, or at least that’s what she thinks. In reality, Bill isn’t interested in taking their relationship to the next level. Paige doesn’t understand that Bill focuses all his attention on his wife, Jean. He always takes Paige out to expensive dinners and gives her gifts, but apart from that, Bill never reciprocates her feelings. Edwin sees through him and warns Paige to stop investing so much in him, but Paige doesn’t understand anything until she finds out everything the hard way. Paige doesn’t want to break up with Bill because he is the only man in her life who actually pays her attention. So she takes everything that comes her way without considering her self-worth. Paige didn’t get any validation from her father, Edwin, which is why she struggled with commitment issues and often expected a happy relationship with the wrong people.

No matter what, she will always blame her childhood issues in an effort to avoid responsibility for her problems. Paige decides to break up with Bill because he does not want to leave his wife for her. It’s pretty clear because Paige will not be invited to his daughter’s wedding either. Paige cries for days until she decides to reach out again, but Bill does not like it and decides to end things permanently.


Did Edwin Find A Job? Why Did He Get Arrested Again?

Finn manages to get him a job at a local grocery store, which turns out to be a big disaster for him. Edwin does not want to work in the store because his superiors treat their employees like animals. They do not allow him to take breaks and even fire their employees when they are in need. Nevertheless, Edwin decides to keep the job because this is his last chance to reconcile with his daughter. Despite all his troubles, he finds happiness in the little things and spends most of his time with his grandson. Finn learns to drive, and they often go around the neighborhood. Paige soon realizes that she has been too hard on her father and decides to apologize to him. He confesses to her that he did not get the job at Parmesan Garden and tells her about the grocery store. When everything is back on track, Edwin decides to quit his job and open an ice cream store. Everything is going well until his bike is stolen, and he has to find his legal documents to apply for a driver’s license. Paige, Edwin, and Finn head to Alabama to find his birth certificate, but it’s here that Paige learns a new side of her father. She learns that Edwin suffered a lot in his childhood and could not let go of his past.

Back then, the county sheriff would berate Edwin’s mother whenever his father was out preaching. The next day, Edwin’s mother was always seen with numerous bruises. Paige decides to support her father, and this time, things go better until Edwin is arrested. Finn and Edwin go on a short car ride, where Finn asks Edwin to drive for a while. Edwin is arrested, and Paige does not want to bail her father out. Even though he did nothing wrong, Paige still doubts her father. Paige gets invited to a Ted Talk, and things are going great with her current boyfriend, Mal, but Paige realizes she needs to take care of herself and be the kind of person who knows how to forgive and forget things. She finally decides to bail him out, but Edwin manages to get bail with Mal’s help. Mal and Paige get together shortly after her breakup with Bill. Mal is a great man who genuinely loves her and embraces her with love and care, but Paige does not know how to return his love since she has been in toxic relationships all her life.


‘Unprisoned’ Ending Explained – Did Edwin And Paige Work Out Their Differences?

Paige could not handle all the pressure around her and ended up hurting Mal. Even though it was just a one-time thing with Bill, Mal decides to end their relationship. He was very supportive of Paige but she had to find her lost self again. She gave up on herself a long time ago and chose the wrong people to motivate her. Edwin decides to leave her because he knows that she suffers from a father complex. All these years, she always chose the wrong men because her father could not love her the way she wanted. It got even worse when Paige was also left alone by her birth mother. Also, Paige has trouble dealing with her son because she doesn’t know how to deal with his teenage melodrama. But Finn is a very understanding young man and has always supported his mother. Edwin needs to get things in order and find a steady job and his own flat because he is the main problem here. Edwin promised his daughter he’d get better and ended up making the same mistakes again. But he has to change for the better; he has to become the right father figure for his grandson and daughter.

Meanwhile, Paige is finally back to her old self, but Edwin’s absence is causing major trouble between Finn and Paige. It’s understandable because Finn did not have a father to take care of him, and Edwin gave him the love and security he always wanted. The episode ends with an ambiguous outcome: Edwin has to decide whether to move out alone or with his friends. Also, things are pretty bad between Paige and Mal, as they broke up. Paige could not understand if she was really in love with him. Even if she loved him, she liked the way Bill treated her, even if his ignorance hurt her. Paige was constantly swinging between different moods and suffered from anxiety, which stems from her childhood trauma. Despite all this, the father-daughter duo needs more seasons to strengthen their relationship and overcome their problems from the past.


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