‘Unlock My Boss’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending – Who Abducted Seon Ju?

In Seong and Seon Ju took a risk by giving Seon Ju’s phone to vice president Young Geun’s secretary Noh in hopes of finding a lead on the whereabouts of Seon Ju. Seon Ju tracked Noh’s every movement and reported it to In Seong, and they found the reason behind director Kwak’s murder. He had the beta test report for Baro 4.0, which In Seong managed to steal from Young Geun with help from Se Yeon and Mapi. Young Geun has become a prime suspect in Seon Ju’s disappearance, and Noh leads them to a shocking revelation in “Unlock My Boss” soon enough. Noh has kept both the manager, Nam, and Seon Ju hidden in a faraway hospital, and In Seong has seen it as Seon Ju broadcasts it to him live.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Doesn’t Mi Ran Want Baro 4.0’s Secret To Be Out?

In Seong reaches the hospital when Seon Ju is still inside, but the security gets alerted and stops In Seong. However, Mapi and Se Yeon come to help him, but by the time they reach Seon Ju’s room, Noh has already moved him. They follow the ambulance’s route by following the live location of Seon Ju’s phone, but it turns out that Noh has fooled them. He understood that Seon Ju’s phone had given away their hideout, and he used it to mislead In Seong. Vice chairman Young Geun believed that Seon Ju was dead and that his niece, Mi Ran, was behind it. However, Mi Ran reveals that Seon Ju is still alive. Mi Ran is an ambitious woman, and she even got rid of her brother when her father decided to make him his heir instead of her. However, In Seong believes that Young Geun is behind Seon Ju’s disappearance because Noh is his secretary. When all else fails them, In Seong confronts Noh directly, but Noh tells him that he will remove Seon Ju’s life support if he makes any wrong move.

In Seong visits his parents when his mother calls him for an urgent matter, but he gets disappointed when he gets there. His mother has called a shaman to perform rituals, as she believes that In Seong is being haunted by a ghost. In Seong prepares to leave right away, but surprisingly, Seon Ju stops him and asks him to participate in the ritual as they’ve come this far. However, the shaman scams In Seong’s mother for loads of money. While In Seong returns from his parent’s home, Se Yeon’s mother goes missing from the hospital. Oh Mi Ran blackmails Se Yeon into helping her if she wants to see her mother again. The reason Mi Ran abducted Seon Ju was that he was going to tell Young Geun that Baro 4.0 had failed the beta test. If Young Geun knew about the failed project, Mi Ran’s prospects of becoming president would dwindle. On the day Seon Ju disappeared, he gave the beta test report to director Kwak to deliver it to Young Geun, but Kwak gave it to Mi Ran instead.

Se Yeon is worried about her mother and is about to give the bugged version of Baro 4.0 to Mi Ran when In Seong earnestly asks her if anything is wrong. She confesses what she is about to do, and In Seong instantly comes up with a plan. In Seong meets Young Geun and tells him that Mi Ran already knew about the failed test of Baro 4.0 before Kwak’s accident. In Seong proposes to Young Geun a plan to dismiss Mi Ran as the director of Bumyeong, as both of them want the same thing. On the other hand, Se Yeon boldly asks Mi Ran to return Seon Ju and informs her that In Seong and Young Geun might make a deal to get rid of her from Bumyeong. She gives Mi Ran time to think about it, even after Mi Ran threatens to kill her mother. However, Se Yeon need not worry more as Mapi finds her mother and transfers her to a hospital in In Seong’s hometown. Mapi had installed a GPS tracker on Se Yeon’s mother’s bedding in case she ever disappeared without paying his debt, and that helped in finding her. They have one less thing to worry about now that Se Yeon’s mother is safe and Se Yeon doesn’t have to comply with Mi Ran anymore.

What Happens At The Shareholders’ Meeting?

Se Yeon was emotional when she got her mother back safely and kissed In Seong for helping her. Things become awkward between them as Seon Ju asks Se Yeon to stay at his house for the time being. In Seong cannot hide his excitement because he has always liked Se Yeon, but it is a new feeling for Se Yeon, and she avoids it out of embarrassment. In Seong joined hands with his enemy, Young Geun, to save Se Yeon, and it was the moment of truth now. Young Geun announces the proposal to dismiss Mi Ran from her position, but surprisingly for In Seong, the proposal gets rejected as the majority shareholders vote against it. Even though Mi Ran and Young Geun are fighting amongst themselves for the position of president, Young Geun cannot taint the name of the Bumyeong group by participating in In Seong’s plan to expose Mi Ran for using bugged software in self-driving cars. He colludes with Mi Ran to dismiss In Seong as the president of Silver Linings, and they succeed in it as all the shareholders agree that In Seong hasn’t been carrying out his responsibilities properly.

In Seong didn’t expect things to turn out in this way, and all the doors in front of him were closed as a new temporary president had been assigned immediately, and the HR department started reallocating employees to different departments. It is a strategic move to get control of all the AI software in Bumyeong. With In Seong gone, Silver Linings practically belongs to Bumyeong if both Mi Ran and Young Geun’s shares are combined. Moreover, to make things difficult for In Seong, the media channels spread the news that In Seong had abused an employee and was emotionally unstable. All these news updates have affected Seon Ju’s daughter, Mina, as well. She has been upset since she watched the news about her father being gravely ill and having another family abroad. In Seong couldn’t check up on Mina as he had been busy, and when he went to her room, she was nowhere to be seen, not in the entire house. All of them start searching for her nearby, and Mapi finds her at a convenience store, where the shopkeeper calls Mina an orphan. Mapi is an orphan and gets enraged. He is trying his best to find Seon Ju because he doesn’t want Mina to become an orphan as well.

Seon Ju feels miserable because he cannot do anything for his daughter, who desperately wants to see him. However, Mapi has made it his mission to reunite the father and daughter. He threatens the director of the previous hospital Seon Ju was in and gets the list of the possible list of hospitals Seon Ju could be in. The public sentiment is completely against In Seong, and there are some people who cannot bear to see it as In Seong has had a positive impact on their lives and helped them. They know that In Seong is not the kind of person that the media is painting as a maniac and a murderer. One of them is a janitor in Silver Linings who was the reason In Seong power abused Manager Nam. In Seong is the only person who ever treated her respectfully in the office and took her side when he saw injustice against her. With help from Se Yeon, she live-broadcasted a message to the public about how good of a person In Seong is. The public, as always, is moved by the emotional message from the janitor, and young people start buying Silver Linings’ stocks to support In Seong like it is a new trend. After seeing the video, another woman tells the story of how In Seong saved her baby from a dangerous situation. Young Geun realizes that at this point, this sentiment is going against him, so he makes the temporary president announce that In Seong is a visionary person who has benefited the company and deserves to be the president.

‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 10: Ending

Mapi’s exhaustive search for Seon Ju leads him to a hospital where he doesn’t see any trace of Seon Ju, but fortunately, he sees one of the security guards who he had seen in the previous hospital as well. He follows him quietly and finds Seon Ju. As reckless as he is, he takes Seon Ju out of the hospital in an ambulance and calls both In Seong and Se Yeon, but they don’t pick up his calls. He needs to let them know this important news as soon as possible, so he calls the housemaid and tells her to inform In Seong in any way possible. However, nobody knows that the housemaid is a snitch. She leaks the information, and Noh and his men invade Mapi’s hideout. Mapi tries to defend himself and Seon Ju, but he cannot stand for too long.

“Unlock My Boss” is coming to an end, and the power dynamics are shifting quickly. Young Geun, Mi Ran, and In Seong are fighting against each other to keep their positions, and for now, In Seong wins as he gets reinstated as the president of Silver Linings. However, in the process, he faces a bigger loss. He started this act to find Seon Ju, but when Mapi found Seon Ju, he was busy celebrating his reinstatement. The war has started out in the open now that everyone knows what each other is after. Mi Ran will not stay quiet now as she needs Baro 4.0, but both her uncle and In Seong are standing against her.

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