‘Unlock My Boss’ Episodes: 7 And 8 – Recap And Ending – Where Is The Real Kim Seon Ju?

In the previous episode of “Unlock My Boss,” In Seong had pursued director Kwak to tell him the truth about what happened on the day Seon Ju disappeared. On In Seong’s insistence, Director Kwak asked him to meet him alone if he wanted to know the whole story, however, when In Seong arrived at the decided location, he found Kwak dead in his car. Before he could react, the police arrived there in the nick of time and arrested In Seong as a murder suspect. “Unlock My Boss” has one true villain, who is likely to be Oh Young Geun based on how things have gone so far, but right now, In Seong needs to prove himself innocent if he needs to catch the culprit.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Tailed Kwak Before He Was Murdered?

In Seong claims to the police that director Kwak has been murdered and that he hasn’t committed suicide. He even has a justification for his statement, as according to him, the charcoal inside Kwak’s car was put there after he died because the car roof didn’t have enough soot on it. His detailed explanation only makes him look more suspicious. The police detective is ready to go all in with the investigation, but vice-chairman Oh Young Geun’s secretary rescues In Seong from him. However, Oh has a message for In Seong, which is more like a warning. He tells In Seong that he cannot be safe until he joins hands with him. Young Geun has picked a fight with In Seong openly, but In Seong needs evidence to prove that Young Geun is the culprit.

In Seong gets scared and thinks that he or his family could be the ones to die next. Seon Ju offers him one billion Won more after considering the risk involved, but In Seong refuses to accept it and goes back to his hometown. His parents get worried after finding out that their son quit his new job so early and wonder if anything is bothering him. In Seong gets drunk and tells his mother about Seon Ju being trapped in a phone, but she thinks that he has lost his mind. She goes to a shaman to find a solution to stop the trouble bothering In Seong. However, In Seong’s father seems to understand the real reason. In Seong gave up on acting because he took a stand against a director who harassed a girl. He couldn’t stand injustice. In Seong’s father knew about it and finally told his son that he was proud of him because he did the right thing by standing against the wrongdoers. 

Seon Ju’s daughter, Mina, is upset because In Seong hasn’t come back home, just like her father. She refuses to go to school, but In Seong returns home and takes her there. Seon Ju is impressed by In Seong’s decision to come back because he understands that his decision is not driven by money but by his humanity. In Seong cannot let the wrongdoers win, and that’s why he has returned. However, In Seong doesn’t understand why Se Yeon is getting involved in such a dangerous situation. That’s when Se Yeon reveals to him that it’s because of a promise Seon Ju made to her. Se Yeon’s mother is bedridden, with no hope of waking up. Seon Ju has promised Se Yeon to create a virtual reality with her mother so that she can say a final goodbye to her. Se Yeon needs to bring back Seon Ju so that he can keep his promise.

Se Yeon, In Seong, and his bodyguard begin their investigation to find out who murdered Kwak and tried to frame In Seong for it. In Seong had received a call from the same payphone after Kwak’s call, but no one spoke on the line. Seon Ju thinks that someone was tailing Kwak and redialed the number to check who he talked to. They locate the payphone Kwak called In Seong from, but there are no CCTV cameras around. However, they find out about the video of the artist who regularly performs nearby, and in the video, they see a man going to the payphone right after Kwak, exactly as Seon Ju guessed. The person in the frame is Oh Young Geun’s secretary, Mr. Noh.

In Seong and his bodyguard follow Mr. Noh to check if he does anything suspicious, but Noh catches on to In Seong easily. In Seong confronts him about Kwak’s murder, but Noh points a gun at both him and his bodyguard. He could have left easily, but he takes Seon Ju’s phone from In Seong before leaving because he finds it suspicious. 

What Is Inside The Confidential Document?

In Seong purposely got caught with Seon Ju’s phone because that was Seon Ju’s plan all along. In Seong didn’t agree to do it initially as it was dangerous, but he didn’t have enough time to decide what to do. Now that Seon Ju is with Noh, he can monitor him directly and report it to In Seong. Se Yeon is worried that Noh will switch off the phone or the battery will run out, and they will not be able to track Seon Ju’s location, but Seon Ju makes sure it never happens. Every time Noh tries to turn off the phone, Seon Ju pops up a message that intrigues Noh to unlock the phone. While Seon Ju is with Noh, In Seong cannot contact Seon Ju first, and there is a big problem in front of him. One of the executives has proposed discarding the AR glasses department because it has been making a loss for some time, and In Seong cannot decide this on his own.

Noh takes the phone to a technician, but even the technician is confused about the phone’s security. It’s the first phone that he hasn’t been able to unlock as if the phone keeps changing the password. This makes Noh more curious now, and he takes it back with him. Seon Ju transmits the conversation between Oh Young Geun and Noh to In Seong, but Young Geun gets a text message and stops speaking all of a sudden. Se Yeon looks at In Seong’s bodyguard, Mapi, because he has been texting someone from earlier. She takes his phone to check who he is talking to, and it turns out to be Seon Ju’s daughter, Mina. Mapi got close to Mina when she was upset over In Seong leaving. Mapi empathizes with Mina because he has also lived a lonely childhood like her, without his parents. He saw people care for him and then leave him. In Seong cooks for Mapi to apologize to him and finds out that despite his rough looks, Mapi is still a sensitive man who cannot even eat spicy food.

In Seong needs to make a decision about the AR glasses department before the meeting of executives. It has been burdensome for In Seong to think about the issue from a business point of view while also thinking about the livelihoods of the people. He thinks that Seon Ju wouldn’t like it if the department got liquidated, but he needs a valid reason to convince the investors. Luckily, his conversation with his mother helps. At the last minute, he tells the executives about his plan to expand the scope of AR glasses. He proposes to use AR glasses in online shopping to get the real-life experience of seeing the things that the user wants to buy. The executives think the idea is promising and vote unanimously to keep the department working. In Seong has been studying business economics and is proud of the idea he came up with. 

Seon Ju has found an important piece of information. He saw the police detective giving a confidential document to Oh Young Geun, and he wants In Seong to retrieve it. However, to do that, In Seong needs to pull an act while Se Yeon and Mapi, the bodyguard, search for the document in Young Geun’s office. As planned, In Seong barges into Young Geun’s meeting with his employees and claims that director Kwak’s murderer is among them. He locks the conference hall when the employees try to leave. In the meantime, Se Yeon and Mapi search through Young Geun’s office, and Mapi finds the document right before Young Geun steps inside his office. In Seong had tried his best to stall the time, and Mapi was lucky enough to find the document within the time limit. The confidential document is nothing but the beta testing report of Baro 4.0, Seon Ju’s software for self-driving cars. Apparently, the document was found in Kwak’s car, which means he wanted to tell In Seong something related to it. 

‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 8: Ending

Noh makes a move, and In Seong follows him, which leads them to the Impyeong psychiatric hospital. Noh still has Seon Ju’s phone with him, and Seon Ju has been broadcasting the view to In Seong. On the other hand, Young Geun has called his niece, Mi Ran, for a dinner meeting, which is unusual. He asks Mi Ran if she had anything to do with director Kwak’s murder, just like she has a connection with Seon Ju’s murder. Mi Ran doesn’t clarify anything about director Kwak, but she tells her uncle that Seon Ju is still alive. Back at the psychiatric hospital, Noh visits manager Nam first, who is still alive despite serious injuries. In Seong has just reached the hospital and has been watching Noh’s movements on the broadcast.

“Unlock My Boss” finally reveals the whereabouts of Kim Seon Ju when Noh visits the mental hospital to check on both Nam and Seon Ju. In Seong gets surprised when he sees Seon Ju lying unconscious on the bed. Mi Ran seems to have an idea about Seon Ju’s condition, but it is not clear if she is in this alone or if her uncle is with her. She is in desperate need of Seon Ju and his software, Baro 4.0, but if she is still involved in Seon Ju’s disappearance, it means she has been playing in a different league all along while fooling everyone.

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