‘Unlock My Boss’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – Why Does In Seong Get Arrested?

Kim Seon Ju has been trapped in his mobile phone, and while the mystery still remains, a person tailing In Seong claims that Kim Seon Ju told him to follow In Seong. The person, Nam Sang Won, works as a team manager in Seon Ju’s company and even tries to harm both In Seong and Se Yeon. In Seong cannot be sure if the boss he is serving in “Unlock My Boss” is real or not, but the only option he has is to uncover the truth.


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Who Does In Seong Hire As His Bodyguard?

In Seong and Se Yeon have held Nam in a gym, but someone reports to the police about hearing fighting noises, and the police take all of them to the station. In Seong tells the police that Nam is a stalker and tried to stab him, but the police are more concerned about why Se Yeon’s debtor was there. In Seong tells his friend to keep an eye on Nam while he attends the funeral of Bumyoung’s president, who has just passed away, and Se Yeon runs a background check on Nam. Bumyoung’s president was Oh Mi Ran’s father, and his demise has already started a battle of power between Mi Ran and her uncle. At the funeral, Mi Ran desperately asks In Seong about the development of Baro 4.0, which he has no idea about.


Mi Ran needs Baro 4.0 for the development of self-driving cars, and In Seong needs answers from Seon Ju so that he can trust him, but Seon Ju wouldn’t speak up. At the same time, In Seong’s friend calls him to inform him that Nam has been released from custody and that he is tailing him right now. In Seong reaches the subway station and catches Nam, but he has to let him go to save a baby from danger. Seon Ju gets angry at him, but In Seong tells him directly that he needs to know the truth to trust him. Seon Ju tells him why Baro 4.0 is important and why it could be the reason behind his current situation. After this incident, In Seong finds it necessary to hire a bodyguard, and his choice is Se Yeon’s debtor, who wouldn’t think twice to do illegal things if necessary.

In Seong makes the right choice as the newly appointed bodyguard comes in handy while trying to trace manager Nam. However, Nam has faked all the information on his record, and he is nowhere to be found. In Seong, Se Yeon and Seon Ju are busy finding him, but when In Seong realizes it’s Seon Ju’s daughter Min Ah’s birthday, he decides to take a day off to celebrate her birthday at a camping site. Min Ah is happy to get to celebrate her birthday with so many people, but she still misses her father. Se Yeon and In Seong get time to talk outside of work and develop a bond. In Seong gets drunk and starts talking informally with Seon Ju. Seon Ju also gives in after some time and gets emotional.


Seon Ju wants to spend time with his daughter and create memories with her, but he cannot do so now. He is thankful to In Seong for making his daughter happy. Min Ah has no other family left after her mother passed away, and Seon Ju is worried that Min Ah will be left alone forever. Seon Ju and In Seong are having this conversation late at night while everyone else is asleep, but Min Ah wakes up, hears her father’s voice in an earbud left behind by Se Yeon, and starts crying.

How Does Seon Ju Plan To Trap Kwak?

Seon Ju never missed Min Ah’s birthday; no matter how late it was, he always came home before the day ended. That’s why Min Ah breaks down in tears when she hears her father’s voice on her birthday. She tells him that she is afraid that he will never come back, but Seon Ju promises her that he will surely come back. Seeing Min Ah cry gives In Seong one more reason to bring back Seon Ju as soon as possible. Se Yeon has finally found something useful about Nam. He was an outsider in the office but still often went for a hike with the hiking club, and every time he went for a hike, director Kwak was also present. Moreover, his leave record clashes with the dates of major updates to Baro 4.0. Now, In Seong has to get information from Kwak somehow.


At the groundbreaking ceremony for Mi Ran’s project of a dome stadium, she announced to the media that she would launch the self-driving car on National Foundation Day. She tells In Seong to make it work because she needs it to happen if she wants the chair of the president. After the ceremony, In Seong asks Kwak directly about Nam, but he answers with a straight face that he has no idea, yet In Seong is adamant about getting the information from him. Nam has been hiding in a hospital as a patient. In Seong has been working hard as the CEO, and he gets paid his first salary, which makes him emotional. He had never been able to buy the things he wanted for his parents and fulfill his duties as a son, but now he can finally do that. He buys them high-quality beef and special AR glasses for his father. He also buys gifts for Se Yeon and his bodyguard.

In Seong’s father loves the AR glasses more than the high-quality beef, and Seon Ju also loves this gift as he gets an idea on how to get a confession from Kwak. Seon Ju feeds his video into the AR glasses, and now, In Seong only has to get it on Kwak’s eyes. In Seong takes Kwak to lunch and apologizes to him for doubting him earlier. He feeds him a lot of food and makes him walk up and down the stairs purposefully so that he falls asleep. As expected, Kwak falls asleep in the car on their way back to the office.

‘Unlock My Boss’ Episode 6: Ending 

When Kwak wakes up, he has the AR glasses on him and sees Seon Ju asking him what happened on the day of his disappearance. Kwak gets scared and tells Seon Ju that he did only as he was told to. However, Kwak soon gets back to his senses. In Seong shows up and scares him further by telling him that he can pretend not to know anything, but whoever is above him will not tolerate it if they find out that he has been caught. In Seong has also gotten into an open rivalry with Mi Ran’s uncle, in the meantime, over the self-driving car. “Unlock My Boss” has In Seong dealing with the devils of the business world. Director Kwak surely got scared by what In Seong said and started making moves. He makes multiple calls and even visits Nam in the hospital. However, Nam is dead. Kwak calls In Seong and asks him to meet him alone because he is ready to confess everything. When In Seong reaches the location, Kwak is already dead in his car, and the police arrive and arrest In Seong as a suspect in Kwak’s murder.

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