‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ Episodes 13 & 14: Recap & Ending: What Is The Real Identity Of Physician Kwon?

In the previous episode of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella,” the Crown Prince Seong Nam got married to Yoon Chung Ha, the woman he desired, but she is the daughter of Minister Yoon, who is the queen dowager’s ally. He doesn’t know yet that his mother, the queen, has Minister Yoon on her side now. The crown prince walked out of his quarter, leaving the crown princess alone on their wedding night. The queen never gets any rest in the series so far and her problems doesn’t seem to be ending soon enough. The crown prince’s behavior had been tormenting her but then add to the problems come prince Muan’s lover who shows up at the royal palace with a new-born baby in hand. She demands to meet the baby’s father.


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Why Does The Queen Bring Back Physician Kwon?

The crown prince’s eunuch tells him to return to the crown princess, or she will cry all night because her husband abandoned her on their wedding night. The crown prince gets concerned but doesn’t return anyway. However, the crown princess is not crying; she gets drunk and sleeps alone. Rumors spread in no time in the palace, and the queen dowager is about to scold the crown prince when the crown princess covers for him and lies that the crown prince returned to her quarters shortly afterward.


Prince Muan is shocked to find out that Cho Wol has given birth to his baby, but he promises the queen he’ll take full responsibility. Cho Wol doesn’t want their daughter to live a lowly life for being born out of wedlock, and hence, he requests the queen take their daughter in. While a prince has had a baby without a wedding, the crown prince has not spent the night with his wife yet. The crown princess asks the queen directly if the crown prince has not received sex education.

The chief counselor has not stopped protesting against the crown prince every chance he gets, but other court officials have started talking in favor of the prince. The crown prince has been given a big responsibility, but he has found something suspicious in the previous crown prince’s book, which diverts his attention. The previous crown prince had mentioned in his journal that he started feeling uneasy when physician Kwon started using a new medicine on him.


The queen needs to bring Kwon back to the palace if she wants to find the truth. Kwon is busy planning the rebellion, and he tries to get Prince Uiseong to join them. Kwon promises to make Uiseong the crown prince, but first, he needs to get Kwon to meet the chief councilor. However, Uiseong doesn’t have to make much of an effort as the queen officially invites Kwon back into the palace.

The queen doesn’t waste any time and tells Kwon that she suspects that the previous crown prince was poisoned and that she needs his help to find the poison that was used. Kwon knows that the queen is trying to catch him in a trap and has to act accordingly. The queen has asked him to find the poison, and Kwon has to decide his next move wisely.


Prince Muan’s brothers have found out about the baby, and Muan finally admits to his mother that he cannot raise the child alone. The queen brings Cho Wol to the palace as the baby’s nurse, but they still have to hide the baby and their relationship. The queen has been looking into Crown Prince Taein’s death, as there is a striking similarity with the death of the previous crown prince. She finds one more similarity, and that is the prescription used for both princes, which has the same medicines written with the same handwriting.

The crown prince finds master Toji and makes him confess that he is physician Yoo, who treated crown prince Taein. Toji tells the crown prince that he knows that Prince Taein was poisoned because he performed an autopsy on him. He also informs the crown prince that he will not find the record of it because the king had ordered not to record it.


The queen is sure that physicians Kwon and Toji have some connection. On the other hand, the queen dowager asks consort Hwang about the real father of prince Uiseong, but she still says that the king is the real father. A lot is revealed along the way as we see physician Kwon calling the deposed queen Yoon his mother, which means that he is a prince born into a royal family and not a mere physician.

How Does The Queen Find The Poison That Killed Her Son?

Yi Ik Hyeon, also known to us as Physician Kwon is the younger brother of prince Taein and the son of the deposed queen Yoon. The queen had sent Ik Hyeon to live with the royal physician Yoo, that is, Master Toji, to save him from the enemies, and Toji’s son has been living with Yoon as her son. Becoming a royal physician was the only way for Ik Hyeon to get close to the royal family and plan his revenge. The queen requests the king to reinvestigate prince Taein’s death, but the king refuses to do so. The king knows that Prince Taein was poisoned to death and cannot let anyone else know that. All of the records from the day of Taein’s death have been destroyed, but there is an unofficial record that the queen wishes to find. The historians write a rough draft before officially recording anything in the books. Park Gyeongu’s father was the royal historian at that time, and the queen asked him if he had his father’s rough records.


Prince Uiseong tells the chief councilor that he has joined the rebellion because he needs to return to the palace and become the crown prince. Seeing Uiseong’s attitude, the chief meets his mother, consort Hwang, to ask her to get him back to his senses, but she shows support for her son’s decision. She tells the chief that Uiseong is not the king’s son and that if he finds out that all of their lives will be in danger, it is better to take control before it is too late.

Park Gyeongu refuses to show his father’s records to the queen because she might get hurt after reading them. The queen still insists on reading them and finds out that her husband, the king, had seen prince Taein die but turned a blind eye and pretended not to know anything. The chief councilor knows this already and reveals it to master Toji, who has been looking for a reason to strengthen his rebellion against the king. The chief councilor has also joined them, as his daughter and grandson have already made their decisions, and he cannot leave them alone.


Rumors have spread across the palace that the crown prince and the crown princess have not consummated their marriage yet because the crown prince is infertile. The crown princess rushes to the queen to ask her to do something about it, and the queen hires an expert to help the newlywed couple consummate their marriage. The crown prince, who is known to be less interested in it, has to go through more activities than the crown princess. The expert has even selected the day for them to spend the night together. It is the crown prince’s duty to bring an heir to the royal family, and he has to fulfill it.

Physician Kwon has brought three different poisons to the queen. Kwon thinks that the queen will not trust him and will try to find another poison besides those three, but the queen has already understood Kwon’s tactics. She knows that Kwon used one of those three poisons on the crown prince, and she just needs to find which one it was. She is in the middle of a conversation with court lady Shin when a guard informs the queen about an urgent situation at Hyeolhogwon.


A young lady died by drinking poison, and the queen noticed the same marks on her throat that the crown prince had. She checks the poison she drank, and it is the same as one of the poisons that Kwon brought to the queen. The queen finally knows what her son and prince Taein were poisoned with. The queen needs to tell this to the deposed queen Yoon, and hence, she rushes to her house but notices something odd. She knows that prince Ik Hyeon is injured in the leg, but the prince that she sees is walking perfectly.

The queen suspects that he is not the real prince, and the thought of the physician Kwon immediately comes to mind, who has an injured leg. The deposed queen has nothing to hide now and tells the truth to the queen. Yoon doesn’t care if her real son has killed the queen’s son, but the queen is concerned that he might kill more people. As the queen doubts, Kwon poisons physician Cho after making him reveal where the original autopsy result of prince Taein has been hidden.


‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ Episode 14: Ending

Kwon tries to find the autopsy report in the royal clinic but doesn’t get it. Instead, he gets caught by the queen red-handed. She tells him that she has finally found out who killed her son and calls Kwon by his real name, Yi Ik Hyeon. “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” has reached its climax as the queen has found the previous crown prince’s murderer, who is also a deposed prince and has been planning a rebellion against the king. The queen’s next move will decide what is going to happen to the king and his kingdom in the finale episodes of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella.”

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