‘Under Paris’ Sequel Predictions & Possibilities: Will The Sharks Infest The Whole World?

So, I’m hoping you’ve just finished Xavier Gens’ Under Paris, because the tease of the end credits does raise a question. It’s easy to not notice the worldwide map visuals in the credits. Truth be told, I didn’t catch it on my first watch either. But it seems like the apex predator Lilith and her army of baby sharks aren’t stopping anytime soon, and the fall of Paris was just the beginning. Here are some possible scenarios that can pan out in the sequel to the shark movie of the year. 


Spoilers Ahead

What happens to Sophia? 

Sophia was the only one who knew what Lilith was capable of, in a time when nobody in Paris thought that a shark would harm humans. But contrary to popular belief, Lilith is a new species of shark that has adapted to freshwater and is extremely prone to attacking humans. Sophia’s assessment of Lilith’s behavior wasn’t wrong, as she and Adil were still struggling to save their lives in a drowning Paris by the end of the movie. With sharks circling around them, it’s pretty evident that they’ve taken over the city’s subway and all underground areas, and Sophia and Adil’s survival hangs on a thread. It’s a possibility that the Army’s rescue team will eventually show up and save them, but will the sharks be as patient as Sophia would hope them to be? Being the protagonist and a marine biologist, I’m sure she can come up with a way to maneuver her way out of the danger. Being the first person to witness the destruction Lilith can cause, the story was always about Sophia going head-to-head against the big, bad Lilith. Now, assuming she survives in the next installment; it’s up to her to come up with an idea to stop the shark apocalypse around the world. Sophia has lost too much already, and she’d be desperate to put an end to the monster shark. Sophia is one of those women who’d rather get killed than give up on the chance to save the world. With Adil on her side, the two could prove to be a formidable duo in the battle against the sharks. 


How Did The Sharks Infest The Whole World?

So, here’s the fun part. When the credits roll, you see the shark tracker lines spreading across the world. The tracker goes to London, New York, Bangkok, and Venice, all cities that make the human race thrive on a global scale. The Thames in London has been known as a comfortable breeding ground for different species of sharks, and they’re known to leave the river when the ocean calls. But Lilith and co. aren’t here to just deliver babies; this shark is a bit more advanced than she’s supposed to be. I’m imagining that this army of sharks would shred the British apart, and they wouldn’t survive for much longer than the French. Bangkok and Tokyo are both busy cities where a lot of the human population depends on the rivers and often ventures out on the water. The sharks would easily decimate the cities before they could do much. The most interesting city on the list is clearly Venice, a tourist destination for people all over the world. If a sequel were to come, the Floating City would be one of the best locations for the director to unleash his sharks. The use of the red lines to indicate the shark infestation is a touch of genius, and the blood-filled catacombs of Paris remind you of the significance of the color. 

Can humans put an end to shark dominance?

We saw Lilith dodging bullets with her nimble and quick reflexes in the Seine. The military blew up the shells from World War II while trying to kill Lilith, and even after all the explosions, Lilith and the sharks survived with a few scratches.  Throughout the history of mankind, humans have hunted sharks for their meat and fins, and their deaths have boomed the businesses of many around the world. So what will they do when this new generation of killer sharks fights back? They’re pretty resilient against common human weapons. The dynamite explosion Adil and his team orchestrated fell on its face, and Lilith wreaked havoc after that. So if bullets and bombs are of no use, the military around the world could try to gather the best shark hunters in order to hunt them down. But the only problem they’re going to be facing is the rapid increase in their numbers. Lilith’s babies possess the same breeding capacities as her, and they’d reproduce faster than humans could possibly imagine. The growing number of sharks is the biggest threat for humans, and if they don’t come up with an effective solution, the bloodshed won’t stop anytime soon. 


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