‘Ultraman’ Season 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Adad Come To The Three Aliens?

After a year, Season 3 of Netflix’s Ultraman is back, and the series ends with the final season, where the protagonist Shinjiro Hayata faces his biggest battle yet. When the Ultraman starts acting way stronger than necessary, he incurs the suspicion of his fellow Ultramen, which leads to the discovery of a major conspiracy. The 12-episode series does a great job of showcasing the problems that heroism involves, along with some amazing action animation. Here’s what happens in the final season of Netflix’s Ultraman.


Spoilers Ahead

Uncontrolled Power 

Ultraman Season 3 opens with a nightmare that Shinjiro screams awake from, where he’s seen a kaiju, or monster, that reminds him of one that his father Hayata had fought. When the team of Ultramen heads to the mission, Shinjiro showcases how much he’s grown in the past few years as he blows up half a chunk of a building while trying to open a door. Shinjiro and his partner Moriboshi succeed in rescuing the people who were being held hostage inside the building by an alien, but Shinjiro’s partner is unhappy with the way he’s exhibiting his brute force. Moriboshi, Edo, Hayate, and Ide are surprised at this sudden uprise of power in Shinjiro, but they can’t fathom a reason for this unnatural strength. If Shinjiro doesn’t take care of it, he’ll end up endangering his fellow Ultramen or even ordinary citizens. Ide therefore devises a plan to contain Shinjiro’s powers by creating a new suit for him. However, the testing procedure is interrupted when the Ultramen’s organization, the SSSP, is informed of a new alien that’s terrorizing the country. Shinjiro finds permission from SSSP authorities to use the new suit against the kaiju and completely annihilates it. 


Hayate’s Death 

The protagonist, Ultraman, is chastised for his actions, and he regrets them, but it’s news to him that an entity is keeping track of his outbursts. Later, he attends his girlfriend Rena’s concert, but the event is ruined when another alien begins terrorizing everyone in there. Shinjiro can’t control his rage, and this time he destroys the entire building as collateral, which ends up harming civilians. Later, he can’t remember anything of the said events but is stripped of his duties as Ultraman because he can no longer be controlled. Concerned about his visions, Shinjiro heads to meet his father, Hayate, to learn more about the dreams, but meanwhile, an alien has attacked the park where Hayate was. When given a choice between fighting the kaiju and saving the helpless people, Senior Ultraman chooses the primary duty of a hero and saves the ones in need, but he leaves himself open for the fatal blow.

The Monster 

Shinjiro arrives and finds his father lying dead, which makes him summon his new suit and pursue the monster, directly violating his orders. However, he loses control once again, haunted by the same nightmare, and causes a catastrophe in the city as the alien escapes to bide its time. The citizens start viewing Ultraman as an enemy to mankind, and the SSSP is forced to arrest him. Meanwhile, Moroboshi conducts research and discovers that the newest alien that Shinjiro has chased is called Mephisto. This new monstrosity appears on TV and claims that Ultramen are doing more harm than good, which is why he wants to help humans rid the earth of these so-called superheroes. At that moment, Mephisto had sent his underlings to infiltrate the SSSP building and eradicate the Ultramen.


Shinjiro encounters an alien that can shift shapes, and it takes on the look of Shinjiro’s Ultraman suit, but the protagonist kills the enemy. However, he’s apprehended by the SSSP’s Kotaro, and Shinjiro must run because he’s convinced that he’s alone in the world, until he meets Daisuke Arashi, who’s no longer a part of the SSSP but can fetch data from the organization even now. Together, they discover that Mephisto and his followers are going after any Ultraman capable of using the Giant of Light. They learn about three Ultramen who can use the power, including Shinjiro, his deceased father Hayate and Bemular, although there’s a fourth Ultraman they need to find. Trusting Arashi, Shinjiro opens up about the visions that he was having about Hayate fighting a monster, whose name is Zetton. Arashi asks Shinjiro to scout the place where Hayate fought Zetton because the young man wants answers about this monster. Shinjiro is surprised to discover that Hayate would personally meet everyone who’d been impacted because of Ultramen fighting monsters and that Rena lost her mother shortly after her birth because of the same reason.

Opening The Portal

As the aliens attack Endo, Rena’s father, for being close to Bemular, Rena is helped to escape and is also given a necklace that was supposed to be her father’s. When the aliens catch up to Rena, she becomes an Ultraman capable of using the Giant of Light and is thus established as the fourth Ultraman. Upon bringing Shinjiro back to the SSSP, everyone is convinced that it was Mephisto’s plan to present Shinjiro as a threat, and they’re reunited, but the outside world isn’t. The police barge into the institution and treat the Ultramen as foes. When Shinjiro shows up to save Rena, whom Mephisto had kidnapped, he’s forced to use the Giant of Light power, and the people are convinced just how much of a threat these suited people are. Mephisto is mortally wounded, but before dying, he opens a gate in the dimensions, which acts as a portal to summon something terrible.


The Spy 

Shinjiro and Moriboshi discover that an unknown entity is acting as a spy from within the SSSP and giving out secret data about the Ultraman suit’s location and the special Specium Beam, which was used to open the portal. They deduced that other than Ide, it was Edo who knew where the suit was and also asked Shinjiro to try out the new suit. When they confront Edo, the answer he gives is very strange: he says he wanted humans to become a part of the Star Cluster Council, but it wasn’t possible because of Earth’s protectors, the Ultramen. To strip the Ultramen of the trust people put in them, an elaborate scheme was created so that humans wouldn’t mind if the Ultramen were destroyed.

The Real Monster

The trouble keeps worsening, and from the portal, Hayata’s nemesis Zetton enters the human plane. The Star Cluster’s plan fails, and the Ultramen unite to face off against the big bad. Additionally, they learn that Hayata and Bemular are alive and being held hostage in Edo’s ship, and Bemular gives up his life so that Hayata can escape. The combined attack of the Ultramen finally kills Zetton for good. However, Edo is still alive and he attacks Shinjiro, wearing an Ultraman-like suit, which makes Shinjiro use his Giant of Light. The final enemy is felled, and the people realize just how much the Ultramen sacrifice for their wellbeing. While dying, Edo cautions Shinjiro that as his power grows, he might cause severe damage while serving justice, and the protagonist assures the enemy that he’ll always walk the righteous path. The SSSP is taken over by Moriboshi, and the group finds out that Shinjiro didn’t quit but is still protecting the earth as Ultraman.

Why Did Adad Meet The Three Aliens In The Final Scene?

In the final scene of Ultraman, the aliens Zaraby, Valkyrie, and Maya arrive at a bar where Adad, an agent for the Star Cluster Council, offers them a job. He says that their mission won’t be over until the Ultramen are dead. So, we can assume that Zaraby, Valkyrie, and Maya are being tasked with killing the new-age Ultramen, who will have new blood like Jack and Kotaro. With Shinjiro’s trilogy coming to an end with the final season, if a spin-off series is started, in all probability, those three aliens will be the antagonists against the new-age Ultramen.

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