‘Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On’ Season 2 Contestants List

Season two of Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is here for everyone to indulge in some guilty pleasure. The couple in the show tries to explore their compatibility with their respective partners by dating other participants in the show. This time around, there are five couples. In each of these couples, one of the partners has issued an ultimatum to the other partner, stating they want them to take a step towards marriage. This ultimatum would be the test of their love and commitment.


Kat And Alex

Kat is a nurse by profession and met Alex via a dating app. They do have a sense of adventure in them because Kat’s work takes her all around the country. Since Alex works in software sales as well, he gets to join her at many places, which keeps them connected as a couple. They have been together for a while, and Kat thinks it is time for the two of them to settle down. Realizing that Alex is hesitant to commit and take the necessary steps, she issued him an ultimatum to understand his final take on where their relationship stands. Will they break up, or will Alex find a way to understand that Kat is the one for him? The two of them will have to date other people in the show to reconsider their future goals and plans.

Roxanne And Antonio

Roxanne is an established business owner who is looking for an ambitious partner who prioritizes income generation as much as she does. She feels Antonio has not reached a point where he could financially start contributing to making their lives stable. This exact reason is stopping her from considering marriage with him. Antonio feels she does not give him enough attention, and he wonders what kind of balance he could bring to the table while she explores her entrepreneurial ambitions. Antonio puts pressure on her and issues her an ultimatum, only in the hopes that she will finally see him for who he is as a partner.


As the show progressed, Roxanne was paired with Alex and Antonio with Kat. Things become awkward when Alex starts badmouthing Antonio by stating that Roxanne does not respect him. This triggered a series of arguments between Alex, Antonio, and Roxanne and allowed Roxanne to see the lies Alex cooked up to get Antonio out of the picture, something the latter claims has happened in the past. Antonio and Roxanne confronted Alex for trying to manipulate the situation instead of letting the relationship grow organically. This proved that Roxanne and Antonio might not be done with each other after all.

Riah And Trey.

Just like any other couple in the show, Riah and Trey met through a dating app and have been together for two years. Riah is trying to get to grips with her career, while Trey is happy to take their relationship forward and get engaged. Riah, who has been raised by a single mother, has many apprehensions about long-term relationships, but on the other hand, she feels Trey is not spending as much time planning their dates as he did before. Trey sees marriage as a solution because he has seen his parents happy for 30 years, and he wants the same with Riah.


He hopes this ultimatum might shake things up between them and that he will get an answer by the end of their tenure with the show. Riah, who had a bad time being paired with James, saw how happy Trey was with Ryann, and she was finding it hard to let go of what she had with him. Riah was visibly upset that Trey had feelings for the other woman when he claimed to have loved her and intended to marry her. Trey is down to two options, and by the looks of it, he might go home a winner either way.

Lisa And Brian

Lisa and Brian are the most volatile yet emotional couple on the show. They seem to be connected, yet they are having difficulty finding grounding when it comes to being with each other forever. Lisa was able to change the situation in her relationship with Brian many times. As she mentioned, she was ready to walk out on him when she wasn’t happy with their casual relationship status. Her ultimatum allowed him to be exclusive with her from then on. By the looks of it, Lisa is used to issuing ultimatums and seeing Brian cower to her demands. She probably figured this could be the right way to make him ask her to marry him, but Brian had other ideas at this juncture of their relationship. Even though they have been together for a while, her jealousy and anger management issues have made him hesitant to ask the big question. Lisa is ready to take the big step, which is why she issued yet another ultimatum. Brian was probably done with her demanding nature, which made him bring up issues he had with the relationship. Right at the beginning of the show, Lisa acted out of jealousy and physically hurt Brian. The couple had to leave the show before things could even start because Lisa got pregnant. This pregnancy was announced on the show, and the couple decided to keep things private from then on.


James And Ryann

The romantic couple, James and Ryann, featured in the second season, started dating each other at the age of 16. Their story is a perfect example of high school sweethearts who got together with innocent intentions. Eight years later, they seem to have reached a point where there is no communication between the two. The relationship has stagnated, but not to the point of a breakup. Ryann and James still love each other, but James wants to be financially stable before getting married. Ryann is willing to be the breadwinner until James finds a foothold. This is probably a point of contentment for them. James comes across as a traditionalist, while Ryann is the practical one. During these years, Ryann’s patience ran thin, and she finally gave an ultimatum to James. She states clearly that she wants to be married, or she will have to move on to find someone else so that she can get settled in life.

As their relationship progressed in the show, James showcased signs of being jealous when Ryann was happier with Trey. James and Riah chose each other, but the man hardly showed any intention of wanting to get to know her because he was preoccupied with wanting Ryann back. By the end of the show, he had showcased a side of himself that Ryann was unaware of. It shocked her, and it will probably make things easier for her to decide on her future with James. James does have a lot of abandonment issues, which are manifesting in his lashing out at Ryann. Hopefully, Ryann will make the right decision for herself and not get emotionally manipulated into helping James find the right path. James probably needs a counselor or psychologist who will help him sort out his issues.

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