Ultimate V-Day Film List: A Film For Every Kind Of Person On Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be a hardcore romantic to enjoy a rom-com every once in a while, especially on the special holiday of Valentine’s, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that not everyone has the same taste in romance. From cheesy classics to tear-jerking dramas—and, of course, the little indies that have an overarching impact on a large part of the world’s population—it’s undeniable that romance is everywhere. The internet is vast, and there are thousands of lists online ranging from “the most romantic films” or “the top 60 V-Day films” to “the best film to watch with your partner on V-Day,” but today we’re trying to explore a romance movie for every emotion you’re going through. We’re covering all the bases in this very personal list of Valentine’s Day movies for everyone because we’ve got nothing else to do.


For Those Who Enjoy A Good Scare: ‘The Conjuring 2’

At first, I wanted to write a list of horror movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, but I stopped myself because not everyone is as unhinged as me, and not everyone needs a jump scare to share a moment with their partner. Still, let’s begin with the unexpected and put forth the most romantic horror movie to exist (at least, according to me). Now, most of us are familiar with the James Wan series, but why the second part, you ask? Of course, it’s because of the wonderful rendition of Ed Warren’s “Can’t help falling in love with you.” Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga share such chemistry that Netflix can’t hold a candle to it with the dozen romance movies it makes on a daily basis. Sass aside, *Spoiler Alert* the way Lauren saves Ed’s life through her psychic abilities is too much for our fragile hearts to handle, even if clouded with the judgment of Valek’s presence. 

The Classic: ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’

No, but Matthew McConaughey could not be a more perfect choice for any other role. It’s not a Valentine’s Day list without Miss Sunshine herself, Kate Hudson, queen of rom-coms. Corny, sweet, over the top, and unrealistic are a few of the many words you can use to describe this film, and that is why it’s not just the perfect film for V-Day but also splendid for the crampy ones (if you know what I mean). Grab your favorite yellow item of clothing and sit this one through for the love of all things un-innocent and cheesy.


The New-Age Romance: ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’

Cooper Raif knows exactly what he’s doing with his filmography, and this movie has got to be one of the best to have come out of last year, hands down. Uniquely young, perfectly paced, beautifully written, and soft-max, “Cha Cha Real Smooth” is like a home-bound journey that ends too soon. Put everything down and watch this one because somehow, whatever position you’re in, you will feel understood. If that doesn’t convince you, there’s also “it girl” Dakota Johnson (no, this is nothing like persuasion; cut her some slack) for the sake of all things beautiful.

Queer Romance In Gorgeous Landscapes: ‘Portrait Of A Lady On Fire’

We’re not dwelling on the other lesbian French movie for a good reason. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” is moving even through its dramatically slow pacing. This film is set in 1770 France, where a painter is summoned to paint the portrait of a woman who has been forced into a marriage. No spoilers for this one; I highly recommend watching it blind so it can leave you with feelings of dread and loneliness. Importantly, this film does not focus on the queerness of its characters as most films about the community do but simply expresses a budding romance in a nuanced, stylized, but simple manner that is visually jaw-dropping and heartwarmingly sincere.


For The Anti-Romantic: ‘Midsommar’ And ‘X’

Yes, I keep returning to the other beloved genre that no one else wants to talk about. But “Midsommar” and “X” are both amazing studies on relationships in their own way. “Midsommar” should actually be classified as a drama that explores relationships at their breaking point by using lyrical imagery, Swedish festivals, and murderous cults. If you want to take a trip down a rabbit hole with your significant other, then watch this one with them, but if you’re just out of a salty relationship, this one can be a unique balm for your open wounds. Florence Pugh should be reason enough to watch this film, though, with her phenomenal performance. With “X,” there is no one doing it like Mia Goth today. She’s like the anti-scream queen we didn’t know we needed. “X” follows a group of young people in the 1970s traveling to a remote town to make an “X-rated” film (as the title suggests) when things start to go horribly wrong. Don’t worry; there is a couple involved in this film, but not in the way you’d imagine. Explore this one with your friends for a jolly old slasher that can be binged with its prequel, “Pearl.” Unfortunately, we still have to wait a little bit more for the highly anticipated sequel.

For Cultural Reset: Any Wong Kar Wei movie 

You know, if a film can get Quentin Tarantino to say, “it just blew me away,” it’s doing something right. Wong Kar Wei is one of Hong Kong’s subtler influences across the globe. For those who love films, he’s a household name, especially associated with the king of acting with his eyes, Tony Leung. Romance wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for “In the Mood for Love” or “Chungking Express,” two of his most famous works. A walk down his filmography could be a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day.


For Anime Lovers: ‘Whisper Of The Heart’ And ‘Kimi No Na Wa’

“Whisper of the Heart” is one of the more underrated Ghibli films. It explores self-love, identity crises, and other difficulties one faces as a young person thrown into the world. A sweet romance brews between our two protagonists, but they also learn about themselves in the process. A realistic and aspirational romance like no other, step aside, Howl, we have a real-life hero like Seiji in this household (just kidding; Howl’s always got a spot in our hearts). “Kimi No Na Wa,” also known by its English title “Your Name,” is a body swap film like no other. The film revolves around two teenagers, Mitsuha and Taki, who end up intertwined with the red rope of faith. It is a spellbinding film with gorgeous artwork that leaves you with a giant hole in your heart.

The Teen Drama Lover: ‘Do Revenge’

This movie has the potential to reach “Mean Girls” status. It’s a campy take on the teen revenge film that brings together two of today’s hottest names, Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, in this unconventionally good Netflix teen movie. Austin Abrams proves time and again that he can perform in almost any kind of role precisely, and “Do Revenge” is no exception to that. Using 90s and 2000s nostalgia at its best, this film captures the essence of today’s teens while still managing to keep alive the spirits of millennials who are done with their lives at this point. Additionally, it’s extremely refreshing to see an original film and not a 90s romcom remade as a queer romance or, even worse, a “film for today’s generation” that doesn’t understand its audiences.

Away From The Status Quo: ‘Sorry To Bother You’

Now, this film is a wild ride about “sticking to the script.” It’s a maddening character study that will confuse you out of your wits in the last act. If you’re living in the fantasy that working at big corporations is a “romantic” life, then get your head out of that brick wall after watching this absurd film. Lakeith Stanfield is the star of this film and pulls through like no other. Dark comedies are all the rage and becoming more popular by the day, so take a chance on this one from 2018 and have that discussion with all your friends because you deserve that self-indulgence.

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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