‘Twinkling Watermelon’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Eun-Gyeol End Up In The Hospital?

Twinkling Watermelon is one of those shows that gets more exciting with each episode. While some things seem a little bit strange at this point, we’re sure we’re going to get answers soon enough. After all, it is a show that involves time travel, so there are going to be some strange occurrences. The show thrives on cute moments between father and son, and sometimes, it gets funny enough for real laugh-out-loud moments. This is definitely a show to watch with family (at least for now; hopefully, it won’t become a sob fest) that’s wholesome and meaningful. At the end of Twinkling Watermelon episode 4, we see Yi Chan walk onto the street to save a balloon for a little kid who could’ve been hurt. Eun-Gyeol, in turn, saved his father from what he thought was a dangerous situation. He then checked if his father had the scar on his shoulder that he used to ask about as a child. Yi-Chan doesn’t have the scar, meaning the accident hasn’t happened just yet.


Spoilers Ahead

What happens in episode 5?

In the future, when Eun-Gyeol drowned, it was his father who saved him, but it was almost too late. This has Eun-Gyeol wondering that if his father can’t hear his cry for help, how would he save him? His father tells him that he has a third eye, a sixth sense, if you will, when it comes to Eun-Gyeol, and so he will always save him. Eun-Gyeol is again reminded of the question he asked him about who he would save if the entire family was in danger. In 1995, Eun-Gyeol remembers that his father got the scar in the same year, so he asks Yi-Chan not to go out of his sight for just one year. Whatever he does, he must be careful, and Eun-Gyeol should know his every move. At school, Eun-Gyeol has already charmed the bassist of the band with his skills, but they need to have a challenge in front of the school to prove Eun-Gyeol’s potential. He’s amazing, as expected when the band finally comes together, but now there’s a new plan. Yi-Chan can’t be the frontman until he auditions for the band he himself decides to make. The band gave him three days to prepare, and Eun-Gyeol promised to help him out.


In the meantime, Yi-Chan’s grandmother, aka Eun-Gyeol’s great-grandmother, gives Eun-Gyeol a little allowance as a thank-you for helping her grandson study. She’s overjoyed by the thought that instead of doing a part-time job, he would have a chance to go to college. Ma-Joo and Eun-Gyeol find out about Se-Kyung leaving the country and decide to keep it a secret from Yi-Chan because then the whole band thing would be a futile waste of time. Eun-Gyeol has an ominous dream of Se-Kyung returning, even though he knows from the future that she will stay in the US until her biological father dies. In truth, she’s really back and living in her old family home, rebelling against her family. After going to the US, they found out that her father had another family there, and so she realized her mother would become a drunk again, paying too much attention to Se-Kyung. Eun-Gyeol finds her selling her old, fancy luxury goods on the streets and questions why she’s back. She gives him confusing answers, and when the police arrive, he has to help with her things. She buys him a cold drink in return and tells him that she’s actually back to kill herself. Eun-Gyeol is confused by this answer and also by the fact that Se-Kyung doesn’t recognize him (somehow she feels like she’s actually Se-Kyung’s daughter, who has also time traveled like Eun-Gyeol, but things aren’t quite adding up).

This is when Yi-Chan finds out about Se-Kyung being gone, and he sings a melancholic song in the band room, impressing the boys. When he goes to his part-time job at the ice cream store, the manager tells him that the girl who left the ticket for the concert for him was Chung-A. He confronts her and asks if she wrote the fake letter to Se-Kyung. Obviously, Chung-A can’t answer, so Yi-Chan follows her, and when she doesn’t reply to him, he insultingly asks her if she can’t hear or speak. Chung-A escapes, and Yi-Chan goes back to the store, where the manager tells him about Chung-A’s condition, making everything much clearer for him.


Eun-Gyeol finds Chung-A (why can’t this fellow recognize his parents, though?) on the street and hands her an umbrella because it’s raining terribly. He doesn’t realize she’s crying. Seeing his optimism and kindness, Chung-A decides to find Yi-Chan to tell him the whole truth this time, but it’s too late, and both Chung-A and Eun-Gyeol find Se-Kyung talking to Yi-Chan.

What happens in episode 6?

Chung-A’s past is dark, too. Her mother was the only person nice to her, but when she was about 6, her mother was taken away from her, and Chung-A was put into boarding school. The teacher was extremely harsh on her, and Chung-A had a tough time growing up, being locked in a solitary room every time she misbehaved, even slightly. The first time she sees Yi-Chan is at the party which he breaks into looking for Se-Kyung. He makes a big mess there, and Chung-A, who is locked in the room once again, ends up watching from the window and smiling freely for the first time in a long time. Somehow, since then, every time Chung-A is in a difficult situation, Yi-Chan shows up in front of her. She wanted to tell him the truth when she decided to give him the ticket, but she didn’t know how. She wonders: if she hadn’t lent the t-shirt to Se-Kyung, would she have been the one Yi-Chan had fallen for?


Yi-Chan sees Chung-A and asks Se-Kyung to wait. While they’re waiting, Eun-Gyeol asks Se-Kyung some more questions about why she’s back when he was certain she’ll be gone for a while. She says it’s because he made her curious, and even though she asked him to keep her return a secret, she wants to get to know Yi-Chan and live a life she never got to experience before. She’s like a totally different person. Yi-Chan tries to apologize to Chung-A, but she runs away, dropping a watermelon-shaped keyring. Se-Kyung tells Yi-Chan that she’s sorry about being rude before, and she really wants to get to know him. She is also surprised to see that Yi-Chan is handsome (really, our theory seems quite plausible at this point). At night, Eun-Gyeol gets worried and wonders if Se-Kyung is really going to kill herself. He shows up in front of her house, and she seems just fine, even making fun of him. He warns her to stay away from Yi-Chan because they’re not meant to be together.

Now that Se-Kyung is back, Yi-Chan is back to being excited about the band. They rehearse well, but everyone is worried about the song Se-Kyung chose for them. After rehearsal, the woman of the hour herself shows up and takes the guys to the amusement park, where Eun-Gyeol is extra protective of Yi-Chan. He starts becoming a wedge between Yi-Chan and Se-Kyung, giving Se-Kyung the impression that he’s in love with Yi-Chan (yikes). She tells him she’s open-minded, but they should each have a fair chance to win him over. Eun-Gyeol clarifies that that is not the case, and then she assumes he likes her. Eun-Gyeol suddenly feels the sparkling beauty of Se-Kyung, but then he snaps out of it.

The next day, Eun-Gyeol becomes livid when Yi-Chan says they should change the final song. He’s only saying it because Se-Kyung said they could change it. Eun-Gyeol feels that Yi-Chan is not serious about the band at all and this whole thing has been a waste of time. He walks away angrily, and it becomes a huge fight. Yi-Chan says he won’t take him back to his grandmother’s boarding house if he walks away, but Eun-Gyeol walks away anyway.

He’s tired of his dad’s immaturity, and in his mind, he apologizes to his great-grandmother for leaving unannounced. That same night, Eun-Gyeol gets a call from the Master again, and he asks if Eun-Gyeol finally figured out why he’s back in 1995. Eun-Gyeol has had enough, though, and he just wants to go home. It doesn’t matter what happens to his dad now. Master tells him that if he goes back now, things are going to be very different in 2023 because he’s already changed history by being a variable. Eun-Gyeol is tired of the riddles and asks for hints about what he needs to do. Master says he’s already given him hints and cuts the phone. Eun-Gyeol wakes up in the same tunnel where he spent his first night and sees a booklet in his bag. The date of April 25, 1995, is mentioned there, which he takes as a hint. Lucky for him, that’s the next day.


Why Does Eun-Gyeol End Up in the Hospital?

Eun-Gyeol shows up at the competition location from the booklet he got as a hint. He sees a fancy guitar as a grand prize for the competition and can’t help but feel greedy. He finds an invite on the floor and ends up picking it up just in time for him to be called in as a contestant. The competition is outdoors, and even though there’s a forecast of rain and things could get dangerous, the rich, spoiled brat in charge of the program doesn’t want to cancel. Eun-Gyeol wears the guitar, and it begins to pour. Still, they continue, and as he touches the microphone, he falls to the floor because his body is shocked by the device. Immediately, he’s taken to the hospital. On the other hand, Yi-Chan goes to find Chung-A to return the keyring to her, but when he finds her, she’s so unwell that she becomes unconscious. He piggybacks her to the same hospital as Eun-Gyeol, but she doesn’t notice him. At the same time, a seemingly unconscious Eun-Gyeol is desperate for his parents and wishes to go back home.

At the end of Twinkling Watermelon Episode 6, Se-Kyung, too, gets a call from the pay phone that is supposed to be out of order, proving the fact that she’s a time traveler, too. Now, unless there are different dimensions and this Se-Kyung just happens to be a nicer one than the one in Yi-Chan’s 1995, his Se-Kyung has got to be the daughter. But we rest our case and can’t wait to know what comes next!


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