‘Twinkling Watermelon’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Chung-Ah And Yi-Chan End Up Together?

In last week’s episodes of Twinkling Watermelon, things got a little bit messed up with Yi-Chan and Chung-Ah falling out because of a misunderstanding. Chung-Ah chose to leave Yi-Chan alone because she thought Se-Kyung was going to choose him and his mutual feelings for her would be reciprocated. But Se-Kyung, i.e., Eun-Yoo, finally realized that the first love her mother used to speak about was always her father, not Yi-Chan or Eun-Gyeol. This realization makes her want to go back home and find out for real, but she has no way of doing so. Finally, Eun-Gyeol finds her at the airport and asks her to spend some time with him until he can figure out a way for her to return.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 13?

Eun-Gyeol makes a sweet confession to Se-Kyung, but all she replies is that she wants to go home and rest. She asks Eun-Gyeol to stay over for some food. Eun-Gyeol starts to notice some strange things, like Eun-Yoo written on Se-Kyung’s baggage tag or an airpod that she tries desperately to hide with her foot. Eun-Gyeol also finds the question “Who was my mother’s first love” on her wall, but before he can pay more attention, he notices her panic disorder medication. Eun-Gyeol pockets the meds and goes to check on Se-Kyung, who has just made a mess in the kitchen. He’s only just learned that she’s living on her own, and he gives her an earful for not knowing how to even cook eggs. Se-Kyung also learns that Eun-Gyeol is a CODA and pretends she learned that word from a deaf friend in the US. Eun-Gyeol promises to find a solution for Se-Kyung, but he’ll take all the time he can so they can be together for a long time.


Master gives Eun-Gyeol a call and tells him that his time in 1995 is almost done, and on the night when there are two moons, he must return or he’ll be stuck there forever. Se-Kyung apologizes to Yi-Chan for running away from the festival, but he already knows that she likes Eun-Gyeol. She was more obvious about her feelings than she realized. Back at school, the principal tells the band to apply for a national youth band competition, but they need an original song to participate. Again, they’re short on time and high on energy. When Eun-Gyeol finds out, he says they can easily make a new song and win the competition if that’s what the principal wants. Everyone jokes that he really might be Yi-Chan’s son because of his overconfidence.

Back at home, Eun-Gyeol invites Chung-Ah to go camping with the band because that’s where they will be working on their new song, and their designer should be there too. Eun-Gyeol has told her that Se-Kyung didn’t choose either of the boys at the festival, but she refuses to go with them. She claims she’ll handle things on her own, but Eun-Gyeol doesn’t take her at her word. On the other hand, Se-Kyung runs away from class because her teacher keeps asking her to play the cello in front of everybody. Eun-Gyeol finds her sulking near the pool (which he’s supposed to be cleaning) and tells her to run away with him. They spend the day missing classes, watching people busk, and enjoying themselves. Finally, they watch a person play the violin on the street, and Eun-Gyeol uses this as an opportunity to ask Se-Kyung about the pills. Even though she’s skeptical at first, she tells him how her mother forced her to be a doll and sent her off to some special club for rich “dolls” like herself. Eun-Yoo did make a friend there, but she was the one who ended up killing herself. Eun-Yoo is reminded of how her mother asked her to remember her sadness when her friend died to play the cello. Eun-Yoo tells Eun-Gyeol that it’s just a simple story of a mother and daughter who ended up fighting because of their weak mental state, leading to her getting pills. She tells Eun-Gyeol that those pills became her best friends at some point.


In the meantime, Ma-Joo requests that Yi-Chan get Chung-Ah on board, but he’s certain she won’t listen to him. When Ma-Joo has to run off to check a message, Yi-Chan sees Chung-Ah walking on the street and follows her. He watches her in the academy, noticing how nobody bothers giving her the message from the teacher. She has to figure things out on her own. When Chung-Ah heads out to lunch, she gets harassed by a younger boy who wants to ask her out. He can’t understand why she’s ignoring him rather than just saying no and gets violent with her. Before he and his friend can do something stupid, though, Yi-Chan shows up and teaches them a lesson. Unfortunately, they get caught by the police, and the other kids pretend that Yi-Chan was the one harassing Chung-Ah. On the other hand, she’s unwilling to write a statement, and the police grow frustrated.

Finally, Yi-Chan’s grandmother shows up and tells them that she’s found a witness who saw everything go down. The kids then get worried and withdraw their statements, so the police let them go. Yi-Chan’s grandmother invites Chung-Ah to eat food with them, but she refuses and goes back home. On the walk back home, Yi-Chan’s grandmother confesses that she lied about finding a witness because she trusts that Yi-Chan won’t get violent unless he needs to get justice or help someone. She asks him if he likes Chung-Ah, but makes him understand that it should not be “pity” which he is confusing with “like”. 


Do Chung-Ah And Yi-Chan End Up Together?

Eun-Yoo returns home after that wonderful day with Eun-Gyeol. Before they part ways, he tells her that he wants to replace the pills and be her best friend, aka a shoulder to cry on when she needs him. He also tells her that she doesn’t have to go back to playing the cello again, but if she does, he hopes she can shine the brightest she ever has. Yi-Chan tells Eun-Gyeol to come as fast as he can to see him. He tells him that he’s been doing a terrible job keeping Chung-Ah safe, and he’s just happy to get some money. Eun-Gyeol is shocked to hear that Chung-Ah was harassed and realizes he’s been too focused on himself. But Yi-Chan has a grand gesture planned out for Chung-Ah and needs Eun-Gyeol’s help.

Eun-Gyeol sends Chung-Ah a fax that reads in a panic that Yi-Chan is in the studio and might do something terrible, so he needs to be stopped. Chung-Ah rushes there to find Yi-Chan sitting calmly on a chair. He apologizes for scaring her and then tells her that he had prepared a song for her at the festival but couldn’t sing it because she wasn’t there, so now he has no choice but to sing it for her here. Yi-Chan uses sign language while he sings a song about magic and flying, like he’s Peter Pan and she’s Wendy. He stops abruptly when he doesn’t remember the signs for some words to go look at his sign language book.


Chung-Ah’s already impressed, though. Of course, her feelings haven’t evaporated in a day, so she gives him a tight hug as a thank you (ugh, this puppy love is adorable). Eun-Gyeol comes right in time to see his parents embracing and is filled with warmth. Everybody goes to camp together, and some of the band members are surprised to see the two couples at hand, but Ma-Joo seems to know everything before it’s even happened (hence the entertainment company in the future). Finally, on the train, both Eun-Gyeol and Eun-Yoo get calls from Master. They both try to find some sort of network (in 1995) to reach the master again. At the end of the episode, they face each other with their modern-day mobile phones, realizing that they’re both from the future. Eun-Yoo knows Eun-Gyeol as a time traveler, whereas Eun-Yoo is the “helper” to Eun-Gyeol. As if this show wasn’t fun enough, now the real shenanigans begin!

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