‘Turn Of The Tide’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Eduardo Leave Azores? What Happens To Monti?

Turn Of The Tide (also known as Rabo de Peixe) is a series that explores the intricate dynamics of human behavior in the face of desperation and the struggle to discern right from wrong. Set in the impoverished and monotonous life of the Azores, the storyline revolves around Eduardo and his close-knit group of friends. Having endured a lifetime of constant struggles, Eduardo reaches a crucial crossroad when he unexpectedly obtains a stash of drugs worth millions. This sudden opportunity entices him with the prospect of venturing into the criminal underworld, aiming to secure a better future for himself and his friends.


Turn Of The Tide delves into Eduardo’s internal conflict as he grapples with his desires, contemplating whether he should yield to the allure of wealth and power or uphold his moral values by remaining on the path of honesty and virtue. It also presents thought-provoking questions about the choices individuals make when confronted with dire circumstances, challenging viewers to reflect on the ultimate decision Eduardo will make for himself and those around him.

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How Does Eduardo Come Into Possession Of The Drugs?

Eduardo’s life has been marked by persistent adversity. After the passing of his mother, and his father, Jeremias, losing his sight, Eduardo is left to shoulder the responsibility of caring for himself and Jeremias. Their main source of income is fishing, which Eduardo pursues alongside his friends Rafael and Carlinhos. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when two Italian criminals, Francesco and Gianluca, accidentally drop numerous packages of cocaine into the ocean. This fortuitous event presents a seemingly golden opportunity for Eduardo and everyone involved. The allure of the cocaine packages holds the promise of a one-stop solution to fulfill their long-held dreams.

The rationale behind their decision lies in the belief that this unconventional windfall could be the turning point they need to escape the cycle of poverty and create a new life. Despite their reservations, each of Eduardo’s friends eventually decides to join him in this venture. The underlying reason for their agreement lies in the fact that they all have aspirations that they hope to fulfill. This newfound opportunity to achieve their goals outweighs their initial doubts, and with time, Eduardo forms a team to establish and operate their smuggling business.


But Eduardo’s already troubled life takes another unexpected turn when he is involved in a tragic accident. As fate would have it, one of Eduardo’s friends, Silvia accidentally hits Gianluca with her car. The unexpected incident adds a layer of unpredictability to the narrative, serving as a reminder that life can be capricious and beyond human control. Unaware of Gianluca’s true identity and desperate to avoid the consequences of possessing a large amount of drugs, they make the difficult decision to dispose of his body in the ocean. Reporting the accident to the police would not only expose their illegal activities but also potentially implicate them in Gianluca’s death.

What Consequences Do Silvia And Rafael Face As Arruda’s Deceitful Actions Unfold?

In this riveting twist of events, Arruda, a notorious criminal, and Silvia’s father, becomes entangled in Eduardo’s illicit drug dealings. Aware that Eduardo and his associates have concealed a significant stash of drugs, Arruda’s insatiable hunger for power fuels his desire to snatch it. Arruda has consistently sought control over the drug trade, but Eduardo’s resistance to reporting to him is understandable. Arruda is known for shortchanging others and keeping exorbitant profits for himself, making Eduardo wary of his intentions. However, when Silvia falls victim to a cocaine overdose, it leads to her hospitalization. Seizing this opportune moment, Arruda cunningly dons the mask of a saint, feigning kindness and compassion towards his daughter.


Throughout this tumultuous period, Rafael, Silvia’s boyfriend, is consumed with worry and fear for her well-being. Pretending to be a benevolent figure, Arruda acts like he is trying to protect Rafael when he opens up about their secret drug stash. However, Arruda’s greed for power knows no bounds, as he mercilessly betrayed Rafael, killing him in cold blood to solidify his position of authority. But Silvia discovers the true nature of her father, realizing that he solely focuses on himself. In response, Silvia collaborates with Eduardo to devise a plan to retrieve the drugs. With the assistance of Silvia’s friends Ian and Bruna, they set a trap for Arruda, leading to a dramatic shootout involving the Scandinavians. Ian met them at the party, where Silvia overdosed herself. Since Silvia wants to take revenge against her father, Ian finds this as the perfect opportunity. 

Silvia’s lack of remorse or guilt stems from her deep understanding of her father’s deceitful nature. She experienced abandonment firsthand when he left her behind during her childhood, and now he is once again willing to sacrifice her well-being. This realization strengthens Silvia’s resolve to take control of her own life and distance herself from her father’s destructive influence. With Eduardo and Carlinhos’ support, they successfully manage to switch the drugs in time, ensuring their safety and undermining Arruda’s plans. However, Arruda still manages to escape, leaving behind a lingering sense of potential danger. Throughout her journey, Silvia cannot help but reflect on Rafael, who was driven by ambitions and dreams that her father ultimately shattered with his actions.

Why Does Eduardo Escape And Seek Refuge With His Uncle Joe?

As Eduardo finds himself in a whirlwind of trouble, he becomes entangled in the aftermath of the missing drugs. Monti, the supposed owner of the drugs, arrives in the Azores to get what he has lost. Using his connections on the island, Monti learns that the remaining stash is with Eduardo, intensifying the danger surrounding him. To ensure Eduardo’s safety, Jeremias makes the difficult decision to send him to live with his uncle Joe. Tragically, Jeremias is killed in the process, leaving Eduardo burdened with grief. With Arruda, Monti, and Detective Frias all relentlessly pursuing him, Eduardo finds himself constantly under immense pressure. The weight of his choices becomes apparent, and he realizes that he has immersed himself in a complex and challenging ordeal. Despite the overwhelming circumstances, Eduardo knows he must confront these adversaries head-on.

But when Arruda resurfaces to haunt them once again, Silvia takes decisive action and kills her own father to protect herself and Eduardo. Silvia’s actions reflect her deep desire for a better future for both herself and Eduardo. As they navigate the treacherous landscape, they gradually formulate plans to sell the remaining drugs with the help of Uncle Joe and Feliciano (Jeremias’ friend), who owns a canned tuna business. This business opportunity brings a glimmer of hope, but beneath the surface, Eduardo remains burdened with guilt.


How Does Eduardo Ensure His And Uncle Joe’s Safety?

Life in the Azores becomes increasingly difficult for Eduardo. Following Rafael’s death, Eduardo and Silvia find solace in each other and develop a romantic relationship. Yet Silvia reaches a point of exhaustion and yearns for an end to the chase. Even the prospect of going to America fails to excite her, as she believes that life will be no different there. Silvia’s emotional turmoil is compounded by the recent deaths of her father and Rafael. Being constantly pursued by the police, Eduardo reaches out to Uncle Joe, seeking to call off the drug business and find a way out. However, instead of granting his request, Joe decides to continue the business and send Eduardo to America. But things become complicated when Detective Frias arrests Joe.

At the same time, Carlinhos is held captive by Monti, and Eduardo finds himself trapped and faced with an incredibly difficult choice: to flee or to surrender. But Eduardo devises a plan where he approaches Detective Frias and simultaneously calls Monti to arrange a meeting, promising to hand over all the drugs. Monti agrees, and in the ensuing shootout, Detective Frias fails to kill Monti. When Monti discovers that the truck containing the drugs is empty, he realizes Eduardo has deceived him. Eduardo escapes the Azores with Carlinhos, as Silvia has a change of heart and decides to stay behind.


Does Eduardo Leave The Azores? What Happens To Monti?

At the end of Turn Of The Tide, Silvia discovers that she is pregnant and chooses to remain in the Azores instead of accompanying Eduardo to America. Joe is finally relieved as the police do not find any drugs in the canned tuna, but at the same time he is devastated, believing that everything is lost. Until a surprising twist occurs. Throughout Turn Of The Tide, Eduardo will surprise the viewers with unexpected turns, and this time, he leaves a secret note for his uncle, revealing the location of all the drugs he had left behind before departing for America. Eduardo selflessly takes upon himself the burden of blame, protecting Joe and his friends from the consequences of their actions. This act of sacrifice ensures the safety of Carlinhos and Uncle Joe while Eduardo’s long-cherished dream of going to America finally becomes a reality.

Unaware of Monti’s survival, Eduardo might believe that Detective Frias has apprehended or eliminated him. Little does he know that Monti remains at large, and his primary objective now is to locate Joe and Silvia. But Silvia’s pregnancy adds leverage and benefits for Monti, as he can exploit her connection to Eduardo. Nevertheless, Eduardo still yearns for his father’s presence, and he realizes that moving forward is the only option, as it is what his parents would have wanted for him. If Eduardo had never stumbled upon the drugs, his life would have followed a different path. Without the sudden opportunity to venture into illegal activities, Eduardo would have continued his routine life as a fisherman in the Azores. While he would still face challenges and hardships, they would be more related to the inherent difficulties of his circumstances than the dangerous world of drug dealing.


Eduardo’s focus would likely have been on supporting himself and his father, using other legitimate avenues to improve their financial situation, such as seeking additional employment or pursuing further education to enhance his job prospects. The absence of the drugs would have spared Eduardo and his friends from entanglement with criminals like Monti and Arruda. They would not have been exposed to the risks associated with the drug trade, and Eduardo’s friendships would have revolved around the familiar circle of Rafael, Carlinhos, and Silvia without the added complexities and dangers.

Turn Of The Tide effectively portrays the harsh consequences that befall those caught in the grip of desperation. Eduardo’s choices to involve himself in the drug trade have exacted a heavy toll, resulting in the deaths of numerous individuals along the way. As the series concludes, it becomes clear that Monti and Frias will continue to pursue Eduardo, leaving him with the looming threat of their return. Overall, Turn of the Tide captivates viewers with its compelling storyline, filled with suspense, drama, and a glimpse into the darker side of human nature. The characters within the series bring the narrative to life, showcasing exceptional performances that leave a lasting impression on the audience.


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