Joe Cunha In ‘Turn Of The Tide’ Season 1, Explained: Did He Find The Drugs?

Turn of the Tide would have been an incomplete masterpiece without the inclusion of Joe Cunha, a character of utmost significance in the life of the main protagonist, Eduardo. Joe serves as a vital catalyst in shaping Eduardo’s journey throughout the series.


Spoilers Ahead 

Joe’s Early Life

Joe Cunha’s past was a tumultuous and troubled period of his life. Once engaged in a life of crime, Joe resorted to robbing people in the United States, employing a daring and dangerous technique that involved the use of explosives. This reckless path ultimately caught up with him, leading to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment. For over seven long years, Joe had to confront the consequences of his actions and reflect on his mistakes. As the years went by, Joe underwent a transformative journey within the confines of the prison walls. This period of incarceration served as a crucible, shaping Joe into a man who yearned for a chance to have a different life.


At the time of his release, Joe faced a pivotal moment in the form of his final hearing in court. Hoping to continue his life in the familiar surroundings of the United States, he made a heartfelt plea to the judge. But the judge’s decision was resolute, and Joe found himself compelled to return to Portugal, his homeland. Despite his pleas and the attachment he had developed to his life in America, fate had other plans in store for him. Settling into the serene and secluded atmosphere of one of the secret islands of the Azores, Joe embarked on a new chapter of his life.

Joe’s Confrontation With The Past

The past has an uncanny way of resurfacing when least expected, and for Joe Cunha, it was no different. After years of separation and silence, a phone call from Eduardo’s father, Jeremias, shattered the illusion of a clean slate. The weight of their shared history came crashing back into Joe’s life, reminding him of the mistakes and choices that had shaped their destinies. As Jeremias pleaded for help, expressing his concerns for Eduardo’s well-being, Joe found himself torn between the past and his responsibility towards his nephew. The bond between Joe and Jeremias was forged through their shared experiences and struggles, and it did not diminish over time. Despite the years of separation and the scars of their past, there remained an unspoken understanding, a connection that transcended time and distance.


Joe and Eduardo found a profound bond through the memory of Eduardo’s mother, Fátima. The love that Joe harbored for his sister, who was no longer alive, served as a powerful driving force behind his unwavering commitment to protecting Eduardo, the only remaining connection to Fátima. Joe’s perspective on life was undoubtedly distinct, characterized by a willingness to embrace unconventional approaches and challenge societal norms. Unlike the typical uncle figure, Joe possessed a unique nature that set him apart. This idiosyncratic outlook on life extended beyond his fishing methods, as he encouraged Eduardo to confront his challenges head-on and fight for what he believed in.

While Joe was aware of Eduardo’s involvement in the drug business, he didn’t immediately intervene or attempt to dissuade him. Instead, he wanted Eduardo to learn from his own experiences and make choices that would help him survive. In Joe’s eyes, it was essential for Eduardo to break free from the patterns of his father, who had chosen to flee instead of facing his problems. Choosing to get involved in the drug trade, Eduardo had taken a different path, albeit a risky one. But Joe saw potential in Eduardo, believing that he would find solutions to all his problems.


Joe’s Guilt 

Joe was always burdened with regret and guilt over his inability to be there for his sister, Fatima when she needed him most. The pain of leaving her behind during her illness haunted him, and he carried the weight of her loss in his heart for years. Joe wanted to take Fatima to America for advanced medical treatment, but he respected Jeremias’ decision to stay in the Azores. When Eduardo was being pursued by both the police and drug lord Monti, Joe witnessed the worry etched on Eduardo’s face. He saw this as his chance to rectify the mistakes of the past and protect his nephew.

Deep down, Joe understood the value of family and the importance of being there for loved ones in times of need. This time, he was resolute in his determination to send Eduardo to America, believing it to be the best chance for his nephew to make a fresh start. He was ready to change and ensure that history did not repeat itself. Joe made a conscious choice to put Eduardo’s needs above his own, reaffirming his commitment and seizing the opportunity to protect the only family he had left.


Eduardo, deeply affected by the tragic loss of his father at the hands of Monti, made a pivotal decision that mirrored the transformation happening within him. He chose not to abandon his uncle Joe, recognizing the significance of their bond and the role Joe played in his life. Eduardo understood that leaving Joe behind would be an act of betrayal, one he couldn’t live with. Driven by his love and desire to protect his Uncle Joe, Eduardo made a clandestine decision to hide the drugs, leaving them behind as a potential source of future earnings for Joe. By doing so, he ensured that the police couldn’t find any evidence against Joe, effectively freeing him from the clutches of legal troubles and also presenting him with an opportunity for a new beginning.

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