Carlinhos In ‘Turn Of The Tide’ Season 1, Explained: Did He Leave For America With Eduardo?

In the era of streaming platforms like Netflix, captivating shows have become a staple in our entertainment consumption. Audiences crave unique and engaging narratives that transport them to different worlds, evoking a range of emotions. Turn of the Tide, a recent addition to Netflix’s lineup, exemplifies the power of storytelling and how a group of friends can add depth and intrigue to a series through their personal perspectives. The series revolves around the life of Eduardo, a young man living in the poverty-stricken island of Azores. However, what sets this series apart is the way it explores the collective experiences and dynamics of Eduardo’s group of friends, particularly his close companion, Carlinhos. Carlinhos plays a significant role in shaping the narrative and injecting unique elements into the storyline.


Carlinhos, portrayed by the talented actor André Leito, provides a contrasting personality that adds both humor and depth to the group dynamic. His witty remarks and lighthearted nature offer a refreshing balance to the otherwise challenging and tense situations that the characters find themselves in. Carlinhos becomes an essential ally for Eduardo, providing support and companionship during their challenging journey. Whether it’s devising strategies, offering emotional support, or providing comedic relief, Carlinhos proves to be an indispensable friend, adding significant value to the overall narrative.

Spoilers Ahead


Carlinhos’ Backstory

Carlinhos is a beloved and positive member of the group who has a compelling backstory that unveils the challenges he confronted due to his sexual orientation. In a society where acceptance can be elusive, Carlinhos endured bullying and discrimination, amplifying the difficulty of his journey. However, what sets Carlinhos apart is his unwavering belief in finding genuine love and acceptance, defying the setbacks he has faced. Carlinhos maintains his optimism through his inherent conviction that there are individuals who will genuinely appreciate and love him for who he truly is.

This resilience demonstrates his refusal to allow the negativity he has encountered to define his self-worth. Carlinhos deeply understands the significance of being treated with respect, and he yearns for authentic connections rather than being exploited for others’ ulterior motives. Moreover, Carlinhos’ positivity and ability to uplift his friends make him a pillar of strength for everyone. Despite the disappointments he has endured, he consistently chooses to inspire and motivate those around him, spreading only joy and encouragement. Carlinhos deeply values friendship and actively supports his friends in their endeavors, serving as a source of support for them.


Carlinhos’ Friendships

Carlinhos has consistently placed his closest friends, Eduardo, Silvia, and Rafael, at the forefront of his priorities, granting them unmatched significance in his life. Irrespective of the circumstances, Carlinhos has remained steadfast in his commitment to them. Despite Eduardo’s unrequited affection for Silvia, Carlinhos admirably refrained from taunting or demeaning him, instead embodying the role of a compassionate friend who listens attentively when needed. He always reminds Eduardo to seek a love that will wholeheartedly embrace his true self. During Eduardo’s initial disclosure about the submerged drugs, Carlinhos emerged as the sole individual who truly grasped the depth of Eduardo’s words, demonstrating profound empathy for his predicament.

Carlinhos’ exceptional character shines through in his dedication to Eduardo. In a world where genuine empathy can be rare, Carlinhos’s enduring presence and uplifting spirit have solidified his role as a trusted confidant. Even in the midst of Silvia’s distressing situation, when Rafael inexplicably disappeared, leaving her feeling abandoned during her dire cocaine overdose, Carlinhos emerged as the sole voice of reassurance and hope. While others might have speculated on Rafael’s intentions or doubted his return, Carlinhos was the only person who believed that Rafael would come back to offer his sincerest apologies to Silvia.


Carlinhos’ Relationships

Carlinhos, with his remarkable singing talent and deep passion for music, has always found solace and fulfillment in the choir. In this creative pursuit, he discovers a connection with the pastor from his church, a relationship that transcends the conventional boundaries of a typical mentor-student dynamic. Together, they share secrets and intimate conversations, recognizing the common struggles they both carry in their hearts. However, the pastor harbors a sense of guilt and shame, fearing the judgment and consequences that could arise if their relationship were exposed. Despite their shared affection, he is hesitant to openly acknowledge their bond. Carlinhos, on the other hand, develops feelings for the pastor and desires a more genuine and open relationship between them.

One day, when the pastor fails to appear for his usual prayers, Carlinhos becomes deeply concerned. His worry leads him to search for the pastor and, eventually, discover him in a state of drunkenness. Carlinhos gives some drugs to the priest, supposedly to get his energy back, but it lands him in the hospital. It becomes evident that the father’s actions with Carlinhos have left him burdened with guilt and self-reproach. However, instead of condemning or rejecting him, Carlinhos imparts a powerful message to the pastor: that God’s love is all-encompassing and forgiving. He reminds the pastor that, despite his mistakes and feelings of guilt, God does not abandon his children. Even so, Carlinhos is burdened by the weight of his emotions as he finds himself in a heart-wrenching situation where he must confront the complex dynamics of his relationship with the priest. Though their connection has been marked by mutual understanding, Carlinhos realizes that continuing their relationship may not be in the best interest of the priest.


With a heavy heart, Carlinhos musters the courage to have a heartfelt conversation with the priest, expressing his love but also acknowledging the potential harm their relationship could cause. Despite his own heartbreak, Carlinhos recognizes the priest’s position of authority within the church and the potential consequences their connection could have on the priest’s reputation and standing.

Carlinhos’ Loyalty

Throughout Eduardo’s tumultuous journey, Carlinhos stands by his side, offering support when others turn their backs. Carlinhos proves to be an invaluable source of strength, refusing to surrender even when faced with the ruthless clutches of the drug mafia, Monti. When Monti abducts Carlinhos, he underestimates the depth of loyalty within this unassuming friend. Carlinhos endures unimaginable hardships and refuses to divulge Eduardo’s whereabouts, and even when he gives up, he doesn’t abandon Eduardo. When Eduardo executes a daring plan to outwit Monti and escape the Azores, Carlinhos embarks on a journey with Eduardo to America, leaving behind the treacherous past and seeking a new beginning.


Carlinhos’ kindness and warmth towards others can be attributed to his own experiences of being disregarded and overlooked by people in the past. As someone who has faced discrimination and bullying, Carlinhos knows firsthand what it feels like to be dismissed and not given the attention he deserves. Rather than allowing bitterness or resentment to consume him, Carlinhos chooses to understand the pain of being ignored or treated as less than others, and this fuels his desire to treat others with kindness. Carlinhos knows the value of making someone feel seen, heard, and appreciated, as he once longed for that same validation himself.

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