‘Tulsa King’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Is Targeting Dwight Manfredi?

Episode 2 of “Tulsa King” dealt with Dwight trying to get back to his daughter Tina after 18 years, but he failed. The apology seems to be too late. Meanwhile, he gets closer to the throne as the new king of Tulsa, thanks to his new business deal with Jimmy, the weed supplier for The Higher Place. On the other hand, Armand Truisi, a.k.a. Manny, is tracking Manfredi due to something that happened in the past that involved both of them facing each other. “Tulsa King” Episode 3 ups the stakes as Manfredi targets a new business while being targeted himself.


Spoilers Ahead

A Business Worth Laughing

An ATF team, including Stacy Beale, has a standoff at Edgar Dumont’s house, but before the team can get its hands on him, he blows himself up along with his house, but not before letting his dogs out safely. Caolan Waltrip, the head of Black Macadam (a criminal motorcycle gang), who was Dumont’s former cellmate at the Attica prison, had also arrived at the scene to warn Dumont, but it didn’t work. Or, Waltrip’s warning might also have been a signal to Dumont that there was no way out but death. Keeping in mind how such gangs work, they would rather die than spill the beans to the cops. Thus, Dumont does the same. After the house blows up, Waltrip leaves the place on his bike. The ATF loses a strong witness.


Dwight Manfredi is driving his Lincoln with Tyson beside him. Dwight needs to remember the rules of the road for his upcoming road test. Inside the car, Tyson asks Dwight about his thoughts regarding Tyson’s future in five years. Realizing that Tyson wants to be with him, Dwight makes it clear that he cannot be a capo (a position of power in the Italian mafia) if that’s what he thinks. It takes a “bad guy” to be initiated, but Tyson isn’t one.

Both arrive at The Higher Place, where there is a party going on. There, Dwight finds out about a new form of inebriety, N2O, aka laughing gas. It has become a party drug that is sold by the nitrous guys, who aren’t really a part of the community. Looking at how much people like it, an idea comes to Dwight’s mind. That night, at the Bred 2 Buck Saloon, he talks to Mitch about N2O and how it can bring in huge profits at the upcoming music festival, Ogallala-Land. A new door has been opened, it seems.


The Road Test

The next day, Dwight goes for his road test. Manny, who is in his car, is keeping an eye on Dwight from a distance. On the way to the Department of Public Safety, Tyson again brings up his “capo” theory, and again Dwight reminds him of how he cannot be what he wants to be for his own safety. At the Department of Public Safety, Dwight meets Paul Cheevers, his driving instructor. The test begins, and Dwight is doing great. They stop at the signal, and Dwight asks how he has been doing. Paul replies that he is doing excellent. The next moment, a sedan stops beside them, and the masked driver brings out a gun and fires at them. Dwight pushes Paul’s head down as well as his own to avoid the bullet. The bullet shatters the right window but passes through. The man takes off. Dwight is not one to let go of this easily and decides to catch the guy, if not ram him down. Unfortunately, the sedan manages to escape as the Lincoln gets blocked by another truck. Paul is hurt badly and is bleeding from his forehead. Dwight has caught a glimpse of the number plate and notes it down on the windscreen using Paul’s blood (he really is a hardened criminal). A police car arrives at their location. Paul is admitted to a hospital, while Dwight is taken to the Tulsa police station for a run-through of what happened.

At the police station, Dwight Manfredi is questioned about his past. Clearly, the cops know who he is, but Dwight has done his time in prison. Yet to avoid speaking about his past in a way that might compromise him and the Invernizzi crime family, he puts the whole thing on Paul, saying that the man who fired at him might have had a grudge against Paul, who, Dwight thinks, failed a lot of people in the road test. Somewhere else in Tulsa, Manny sets his sedan on fire.


When In Doubt

Dwight is still at the police station when Stacy Beale walks into the room. She tells Officer Mulroney, one of the two officers who interrogated Dwight, that he is involved in a bigger investigation led by the ATF. Later on, as they are having dinner at a restaurant, Stacy tells Dwight about her past and how she ended up in ATF Tulsa from Customs New York after she misjudged the US Airways Flight 1549’s landing on the Hudson in 2009 for a terrorist attack. Putting an associate on the line turns out bad, be it in a crime family or the police department. Both end up in bed at Dwight’s place, hotel Mayo.

The next morning, Stacy leaves after returning a smile in return for Dwight’s request to let him know if she finds out who tried to kill him. After that, Dwight calls Chickie, telling her about the attack and asking if Vince has anything to do with it. The anger in Dwight’s voice is picked up by Chickie, who reassures him that Vince is not involved. The issue between Dwight and Vince is now solved.


Stacy Beale and her team are at the ATF station, looking up Edgar Dumont’s associate, Caolan Waltrip. Waltrip has major armed robberies to his name and spent six years in prison. He resumed his work after being released. His team includes Robbie Trucotte and Carson Pike, two of his closest friends. There is also Rochelle Roxy Harrington, a former munitions expert who now serves as Waltrip’s advisor. With Dumont dead, Waltrip, Trucotte, and Pike are the three that the ATF needs to focus on.

Ten Grand For A Ranch

Dwight arrives at the hospital to meet Paul, who is still recovering from his head wound. He offers Paul some flowers as well as $10,000 for a favor. He then gives Paul a piece of paper with the four digits of the car, a blue Chevy Caprice, that the shooter was driving and tells him to find out more about the car from the Tulsa DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Later on, as Dwight is having a meal at a restaurant, Tyson arrives in the Lincoln, which is now a wreck with a broken window, bullet holes, and a smashed front. At the table, Dwight offers Tyson money as severance, but Tyson is not willing to leave at all. He has made his decision despite Dwight trying to remind him how dangerous it can be for him and his family. This is his choice. With that settled, Dwight tells Tyson that a new car is required—not a Lincoln and not black. Moreover, Dwight needs it for free. He and Tyson both share a laugh.


Stacy Beale arrives at Dumont’s now-burnt house, perhaps looking for clues. Instead, she finds a dog and brings him home.

Dwight gets a call from Paul at the Tulsa DMV, who informs him that the car he is looking for was dumped and tagged by Tulsa Sanitation at an abandoned lot. Dwight and Tyson arrive at the spot in their new car, a maroon SUV. They find the burnt car but thankfully, they find a canister of a liniment used to reduce inflammation in horses (thanks to Tyson’s Google). They also find a burned piece of cloth with the initials F and R. The result, again on Google, brings up the name Fennario Ranch. Dwight decides to head there alone.


‘Tulsa King’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does Dwight Manfredi Find The Guy Who Tried To Kill Him?

Dwight Manfredi arrives at the Fennario Ranch and meets the boss, Miss Devereaux. He introduces himself as Marconi, a private investigator, and asks her about a car that was set on fire and shows her the piece of cloth with the initials of the ranch. He asks her if there is anyone at the ranch who could do that or perhaps shoot someone for her. It doesn’t take more than a minute for Deveraux to see through Dwight’s disguise, and she cannot let him just ask around other people about it while being on her property. So basically, Dwight has to leave. Tyson is at his house preparing for his little speeches as the new underboss of the Tulsa King. Outside, his father hears him, and it just adds to his concern.

The sun has almost set. Dwight is in his car outside the ranch, waiting for any suspicious movement. His phone rings, and it is Stacy. She wants to meet, but Dwight apologizes, saying he has plans. She tells him about the dog and that she has decided to name him Chance. At that moment, a car comes out of the ranch. Dwight tells Stacy that he’ll have to call later and disconnects. Inside the car, Armand Truisi’s face is clearly visible. He follows Armand as he heads home. Dwight Manfredi has found his shooter and his address. It seems that Dwight remembers Armand Truisi. He is not one to forget a face, especially the face of someone who has tried to kill him. We have to wait to find out what Dwight does now. It will definitely throw light on whatever happened between him and Armand. A sneak peek at “Tulsa King” Episode 4 after the credits show that Armand will end up on Dwight’s team. The N2O business belongs to Caolan Waltrip, and he does not intend to have competition. On the other hand, Dwight Manfredi isn’t backing down. It’s time for war.


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