‘Trolley’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Everyone Really Who They Claim To Be?

The k-drama “Trolley” is headed for its second half, starting this week. The first eight episodes ran at an evenly paced speed, with occasional sharp turns in the form of stunning revelations. Episodes nine and ten of “Trolley” are nail-biting. The moral compass is up for a toss, and as the situation closes in on our characters, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to maintain a stable outlook. Hye Joo and Joong Do’s loving relationship is up for a test after Joong Do’s career begins to intervene in their private lives. Soo Bin’s involvement with Ji Hoon’s death is also raising quite a few eyebrows. Let’s take a look at the drama that unfolded this week on “Trolley.”


Spoilers Ahead

‘Trolley’ Episode 9: Recap – Is Joong Do Really As Sincere As He Shows To Be?

The ninth episode of the series starts with Hye Joo who finds Ji Hoon’s phone in Joong Do’s studyroom. She goes through a shock and collapses on the floor after reading the texts between Ji Hoon and Soo Bin. She goes to speak to Soo Bin but finds the room empty and Soo Bin gone. Yeo Jin soon comes over, and Hye Joo breaks down crying. She frantically calls Joong Do, but he does not answer the phone. Hye Joo is rushed to the hospital after she collapses from the shock. Yeo Jin hands the red phone to Joong Do, who is by his wife’s side. He apologizes to Hye Joo for keeping her in the dark. Woo Jae wanted to paint Soo Bin as the culprit for everything that happened with Ji Hoon.


We see that Soo Bin visits her mother and confronts her. Soo Bin asks her mother why she did not contact Soo Bin after the news of her pregnancy. Soo Bin accuses her mother of playing favorites as well. Soo Bin eventually leaves after her mother threatens her.

Seung Hee is not yet done with her share of troublemaking. She visits Seung Kye’s father and tries to persuade him to team up against Joong Do. Seung Kye’s father mentions that the girl was working as a call girl, so Seung Kye’s act of filming the girl can be viewed with a different perspective. Seung Hee ponders if she can use this information against Hye Joo and her family. Joong Do talks to Yeo Jin about his cold behavior towards Soo Bin. He expresses his anger at the situation and also mentions that he deleted one text from the phone as well. Soo Bin realizes that she left her phone with her mother. When someone calls Soo Bin’s phone, her mother answers it. A new girl comes to collect the phone later.


Ki Young decides to lighten the mood and takes Seung Hee on a date. But Seung Kye’s father throws a wrench in Ki Young’s plans. He is livid after finding out that a video of him abusing Joong Do in the hospital has gone viral. It is the same video that Woo Jae filmed secretly. Subsequently, Sol’s grandmother visits Joong Do and accuses him of using her situation and her granddaughter’s death to his advantage. He tries to explain his situation, but to no avail. Woo Jae then brings out the “I told you so” card and tells Joong Do that he should not have visited the hospital against Woo Jae’s advice. Joong Do is home and is in pain, as was evident in earlier episodes as well. Hye Joo and Joong Do kiss, and Hye Joo expresses her trust in Joong Do. But in a small flashback, we see that Joong Do had told Woo Jae to hold on to the hospital abuse video just in case they need it in the future. In the present, Soo Bin calls her phone, and it is answered by a strange man.

‘Trolley’ Episode 10: Recap – What Role Does Soo Bin Play In Ji Hoon’s Life?

Hye Joo checks Ji Hoon’s phone but finds no reply there. Joong Do is leaving for the office, and Hye Joo hugs him goodbye. Woo Jae and Joong Do stop by the oil mill and meet the much calmed-down grandmother. She admits that she has not forgiven Joong Do completely but then goes ahead and praises him for his work. She also tells him to make use of her story if needed. She softens up more after Woo Jae speaks a few warm words to her. She encourages Joong Do to push ahead with the Digital Sexual Crime law. Woo Jae knows that they will need more cases to solidify their claim. He does not explicitly mention it but realizes that perhaps they will have to use Hye Joo’s past.


Meanwhile, Yeo Jin’s ex-husband resurfaces. He was in prison after having killed Yeo Jin’s daughter, Chae Eun. Yeo Jin and Hye Joo’s bond only strengthens with this situation. Hye Joo offers Yeo Jin shelter and support against the man and also warns him to stay away from Yeo Jin. Soo Bin, on the other hand, is also in a difficult position. She is being blackmailed by the strange man for 1 million Won in exchange for the phone. At Yeo Jin’s restaurant, she sees the cooking staff stealing money. When Yeo Jin comes back, Soo Bin demands 2 million Won from her. Ki Young and Seung Hee are not yet done either. They meet with Seung Kye’s parents to come up with a plan. Seung Hee is in a dilemma as to whether she can reveal the information that the girl was a sex worker or not, but she is anxious to see Hye Joo again nonetheless. Ki Young asks her to leave everything and take off to Australia, but she refuses, stating that she cannot leave her mother.

Hye Joo receives a phone call from Soo Bin, except it is not her. The strange man who blackmailed Soo Bin is the one calling. He arranges to meet Hye Joo and pretends to be Ji Hoon’s friend. He tries to tarnish Soo Bin’s reputation by calling her a thief and a bad person. He also mentions that he had warned Ji Hoon against dating Soo Bin. He also reveals that the baby really was Ji Hoon’s.

Ki Young contacts Joong Do, offering him evidence against his mother-in-law in the land speculation case. He also meets Assemblyman Kang. Mr. Kang knows Hye Joo’s secret as well, and this lands Joong Do in a difficult position. On the other hand, Soo Bin gets in touch with the strange man and informs him that the money is ready. In a flashback, we find that this friend learns that Ji Hoon allegedly got Soo Bin pregnant, broke up with her, and then committed suicide. In the present, Hye Joo is worried that Soo Bin might get Ji Hoon’s message about him committing suicide. She wants to protect Soo Bin despite Joong Do’s resentment towards Soo Bin. Joong Do, on the other hand, decides to go public with Hye Joo’s case. He learns that he cannot trust anyone and going public with Hye Joo’s case will keep the ball in his court. Hye Joo heads out for a walk and meets Yeo Jin at her restaurant. Woo Jae soon joins, and they share a drink, but clearly, there is a lot unsaid between them. Yeon Seo faces trouble at school after Soo Bin’s incident. At home, Joong Do calms her down and assures her that everything will be fine. Toward the end of the episode, we see that Hye Joo comes home and gives her consent to Joong Do to go public. When she steps out of her house the next morning, she is met with a flood of reporters waiting for her.

Concluding Thoughts

Episodes 9 & 10 of “Trolley” brought several secrets to the fore. In addition to saving his political career, Joong Do is also in the crosshairs to maintain his relationship and promise to his wife. Hye Joo’s past is catching up, and it is dangerously close to destroying everything she holds dear in her present life. Despite being a man of his word and a statue of honesty, when it came to choosing, Joong Do did choose his career. He is a politician, after all, and one with very high ambitions. He had promised Hye Joo not to involve her in politics but eventually came to her with a proposition to go public. Yeo Jin harbors secrets of her own, and Woo Jae seems to be more involved with her than was first hinted at. Soo Bin and Ji Hoon’s situation is also a little perilous. All of these matters, which seemed seemingly disconnected at first, are finally converging and are on a path to shake the very peaceful foundation of the Nam family.


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