‘Trolley’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Low Will Joong Do Stoop?

If you thought that the tension in the K-drama “Trolley” couldn’t get higher, then you might need to reassess your initial assumption. This week, instead of taking it a few notches higher, the show simply went off the charts on the revelation scale. Hye Joo finds out the truth about Soo Bin; the mystery behind Ji Hoon’s death is also revealed; and lastly, a shocking truth about Joong Do comes to light. With the finale week coming up next week, things have really been shaken up. Let’s find out what transpired in episodes 13 and 14 of “Trolley.”

Spoilers Ahead

‘Trolley’ Episode 13: Recap – Was Soo Bin Telling The Truth?

Hye Joo asks Joong Do about his whereabouts during the night of Ji Hoon’s accident, but he refuses to tell her anything. His refusal added to the suspicion she had in her mind. Seung Hee writes a post detailing her brother’s death, and it immediately goes viral. It adds to the pressure on Joong Do’s bill proposal as well. Seung Hee also learns all about Ki Young’s activities and is more scared and angry. On the other hand, we have Daehan Party Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok teaming up opposing party’s with Assemblyman Kang. Kang wants Joong Do’s bill not to be passed, and Woo asks for his cooperation in passing their other bill proposals. When her daughter Yeon Seo herself questions the legitimacy of Hye Joo’s story, Hye Joo becomes much more determined to tell her story to the public, as Joong Do was asking.

Hye Joo receives a phone call from the doctor who treated Soo Bin. The doctor reveals the truth about Soo Bin’s pregnancy, and everything is finally out in the open. Parallelly, we see that Soo Bin’s story is also straightening up. After facing threats from the stranger again, she decides to make things right with Hye Joo. She also meets with Woo Jae to discuss the matter. Hye Joo confronts Joong Do about his affair, and after Soo Bin’s confession, she is much more shaken. She asks Yeo Jin and Joong Do to get out of the house.

‘Trolley’ Episode 14: Recap – Was Ji Hoon’s Death In Vain?

Talk about clearing the air in one fell swoop! This episode untied several knots in the story of “Trolley” so far. Sure, it also left a whole new bundle of questions in its wake, but the problems posed so far are finally heading toward a conclusion. Hye Joo is shocked to learn from Soo Bin that Ji Hoon did meet Joong Do before his death. The events that transpired on the day Ji Hoon died are finally coming out in the open. It turns out that Soo Bin was not pregnant with Ji Hoon’s child. He was only helping her get away from Jung Dae, her boyfriend. He’d also offered to do the drug deal for her. Jung Dae is the JD we have been seeing all this time. Ji Hoon does meet with Joong Do and threatens to tell Hye Joo about his affair with Yeo Jin. Ji Hoon soon leaves, and Joong Do asks Woo Jae to tail him. Woo Jae finds out that Ji Hoon is dealing drugs and tells him to throw the drugs in the river. Ji Hoon does so but then goes back to retrieve them and drowns. That is how he dies. It was purely an accident. Hye Joo is still in the dark about his death, but Joong Do knows now.

Meanwhile, Hye Joo and Joong Do are in a tiff over his secrets coming out in the open. She refuses to attend the TV show to come clear of the accusations by Seung Hee, but eventually, she does attend. During that appearance, the scene cuts to a flashback between Yeo Jin and Woo Jae, where she tells him that she was raped by Joong Do five years ago. In the present, Yeo Jin tries to take her own life by taking several pills.

Final Words

For a person who advocates honesty and truth above all else, Joong Do sure has a few nasty things in his past. After the shattering revelation by Yeo Jin in the last episode, it really raises a lot of questions about Joong Do and his “honesty is the best policy” behavior. Yeo Jin had been suffering because of that, and it clearly explains the psychiatric hospital records that we saw in last week’s episodes. Ji Hoon’s death turned out to really be an accident, and the last episode also worked a great deal in Ji Hoon’s favor in clearing his name. Soo Bin’s clear conscience finally shone through. Her confession lifted some weight off Hye Joo’s shoulders about Ji Hoon. Seung Hee is still living in the past. She is embittered because of what she had to go through after her brother’s death and wants the same suffering for Hye Joo. Everything that has happened so far is cascading down on Hye Joo. The events are getting more and more messy with the plethora of revelations, one after the other.

Joong Do’s personal life is already in shambles, and it looks like his political career will also take a hit. While his bill proposal is already internally facing strong opposition and criticism, his actions will definitely haunt him for the rest of his life. Hye Joo’s peaceful life, which she wanted all this time, is also crumbling to pieces with each passing moment. Things between Seung Hee and Ki Young are not well either, and perhaps they might get separated after all. Every person involved in the story is going to be severely hit as their past comes back to haunt them. It remains to be seen how they cope with the aftermath.

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